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11 Feb - 31 Mar






  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects Official Bounty Program


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The total bounty program pool will amount to 3% of all the tokens sold during the ICO. 
Up to 1,200,000 tokens equivalent to 1,200,000$ are reserved for the Bounty Campaign. The total number of tokens for bounty pool depending on the actual amount raised during ICO. total bounty pool will be divided in the following order:

Blog & Article Campaign - 25%
Videos Campaign -  25%
Signature Campaign - 5%  {Coming soon..}
Telegram Campaign - 5%  {Coming soon..}
Translations Campaign - 15%  
Other Activity  - 25%  {Coming soon..}


General Terms

- The bounty campaigns starts February 12 and will run until the end of the token sale  
- The Bounty Manager can make slight changes in the Bounty Campaign if deemed necessary
- If your rank change during the campaign  ask in our bounty telegram chat - 
- Using multi-accounts, cheating, using someone else to do the work and spamming or any kind of unethical behavior when participating to one of the campaigns are not allowed and will get you disqualified from all bounties.
- We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign at any time if we think you are not honest, or spam the forum.
- We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign without explaining why we removed you.
- In case we remove you from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right to delete your stakes.
- We may not accept you in the campaign for any reasons.

You just read General Terms. Specific campaigns may have other added rules. Therefore, please read other campaigns rules to have specific rules.

Blog & Article Campaign  

Write a good article, review, or blog post about in your words; Post that on your website or blog.

Article writing instructions:
The article/review/blog post must have at least 500 words.
The blog//article must be public
Blog traffic should be not less than 100 people per day / 200 subscribers / 1000 article views
Your text must be original. Copy and stealing other contents bring to disqualification.
Your article/blog post has to have a good writing quality
The audience for the posted article must be crypto related or match a use for or promote the ICO to a suitable audience.
Website must have a genuine audience. New websites will not be accepted. The blog must be at least 3 months old
Article/review/blog post must contain link to the website, telegram group and official ANN thread.
Writers should familiarize themselves with the official white papers to ensure accurate depiction of's uses.
No multiple posts / article. 

For Original article  = 100-1000 tokens 
For Posting to your own blog {articles/translations} = 100 tokens  
For Repost of non-original article about in your blog = 5 tokens  

To register for Blog & Article Bounty, please, fill in the form - 

Check your participation status here 

Video Campaign

Describe and it's features
No multiple videos. 
Video must be in good resolution
The video must be public
Video must be minimum 2 minutes.
You can upload them on Youtube only.
You must have at least 50 subscribers on youtube for a video

You will receive rewards based on the quality and the audience of Video.

Inform us about your video here: 

Check your participation status here - 

Translation Campaign

Translation Instructions:
Apply to join the campaign here: 
Google Translator ( or other similar tools) work, bad quality work will get you disqualified, apply only if you are able to provide a high quality translation in the requested language.
Applications for the translations to multiple languages will not be accepted.
Participants must fill the form -   and accepted translator will get confirmation by PM.
We need active participation from translators in their local threads. Bounty will be deducted if thread became dead. 
Will be counted only the posts bringing a relevant and new update, no spam or repeated unnecessary posts allowed.
You have to provide an answer for any questions asked in your local thread, contact the team if you have doubts about an answer.
Translations have to be posted only on Bitcointalk, no other forums.
Wait for your approval in green to begin the work
You have 6 days to finish your translation from the approval moment , you will get disqualified if you don't respect the deadline.
You have to post a link to the official ann thread and official bounty thread on your local thread.
Check your participation status here 

Translation of ANN thread to your language : 500 stakes
Translation of WP thread to your language : 2000 stakes
Translation of site to your language : 500 stakes
Moderation ANN thread to your language: 500 stakes
WP + ANN + SITE Translation proofreading : 1000 stakes

• Chinese Simplified : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Korean : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Japanese : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Spanish : (ANN, Whitepaper )
• German : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Indonesian : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Vietnamese : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Romanian : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Portuguese : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Dutch : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Italian : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Bulgarian : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Slovenian : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Thai : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Danish : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Greek : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Hindi : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Polish : (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Swedish: (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Turkish: (ANN, Whitepaper)
• French: (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Filipino: (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Arabic: (ANN, Whitepaper)
• Croatian : (ANN, Whitepaper)


1.   We pay commissions in ETH!
2.   We pay 5% from every purchase made through you link
3.   Any buyer, who came through your link, get additional 3% discount, so they will search for referrers like you
4.   We pay immediately after your referral has bought SAFE tokens
5.   All payments to you are performed by the smart contract, in a seconds
6.   We made smart scripts, that links referrals to your id, even in case of no “one touch” purchase. If the referral will return to our website after 1 month, he will also be counted as yours, even without any activity during this time period
7.   During the payment process, if a referral user has any wallet integrated in a browser, no additional actions are required from his side to correctly handle your commission
8.   The referrer links can be obtained from this forum post only. Yes, it's exclusive offer!

How to participate:

1.   Join our tokens sale
2.   Transfer any amount of ETH to our sale contract (buy tokens). This is required just to activate your referral link and prove your human orgin. Any amount is accepted, even 0.0001 ETH is enough.
3.   After successful payment ?referral link’ will be shown. Click on it, enter your ETH wallet for commissions and copy your link.
4.   Promote your referral link and get real-time commission
5.   To change the wallet for commissions, repeat p3 at any time


1.   No spam activity of any kind. Your account will be blocked immediately.
2.   No complains about zero profit anywhere – all the process is automated, checked and stable. If you can’t generate any profit, then your traffic is not for this project. Just change your partner.
3.   Current commission rate: 5% to the referrer and 3% discount to the referral. We have a right to change the commission rate at any time. You will be notified at inbox in case of some changes.