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7 Feb - 20 May






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  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
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Welcome to the official PLENTIX Bounty Campaign

Bounty Allocation
 4% is allocated for bounty campaign.
 Twitter campaign -20%
 Facebook campaign- 15%
 Signature Campaign 30%
 Content Creation - 20 %
 Translation - 10%
 Telegram- 5%


 1. Negative trust members i.e. using multi-accounts, cheating, using someone else work and spamming, multiple signature for the same users or any kind of unethical behavior for the sake to involve in fraudulent activities will be banned from the campaign and payment will be denied.
 2. The bounty manager can make slight changes in bounty campaign if they consider it necessary.
 3. Reply on this thread your weekly reports.
 4. Do not quote your previous report. 
 5. Late reports will not be credited.
 6. You must join our Telegram group
 7. Make sure that there's a 2 hour interval between your post/shares otherwise it won't get counted


........ Twitter campaign █▄ Twitter ▀█ 
 You should have at least 300 followers on your twitter account
 Follow official Twitter account 
 Construct 2 own post per week.
 Retweet atleast 5 tweets per week
 Original Post should contain #Plentix

Distribution of tokens for each rank:
300-500 followers –0.5 stake
501-1000 followers – 1stake
1001 – 2000Followers – 1.5 stakes
2001 – 3000 Followers – 2 stakes
3001-5000Followers –2.5 stakes
5001+Followers - 3 stakes

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........ Facebook campaign █▄ Facebook █ 
 You should have at least 300 friends at your Facebook account.
 Like our official Facebook page 
 One account for one person is allowed.
 You’ve to share and like at least  5 posts every week with #Plentix

Distribution of tokens for each rank:
300-500 friends –0.5 stake
501-1000 friends – 1stake
1001 – 2000Friends – 1.5 stakes
2001 – 3000 Friends – 2 stakes
3001-5000Friends –2.5 stakes

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  ███  Content Creation Campaign

........ Article, Blog, and Video
For article
 Content must be original, cannot be copied from others
 Articles must contain a link to the Website and social medias as well as whitepaper
 Link to your bitcointalk account must be found
 Minimum of 500 word
For video
 Minimum of 30 seconds. 
 Link to our Ann,social media, and website should be found
 Must post on your social medias other than your youtube channe

Distribution of tokens rank:
• low quality  —  10 stakes for article; 20 for video
• fair quality —20 stakes for article; 50 for video
• high quality—30 stakes for article; 100 for video

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........ Translation Campaign █▄ ANN █
 Languanges with local boards are accepted
 You’ve to translate the whitepaper(300stakes), Ann(50stakes), bounty, (50stakes) and website(300stakes) in selected language.
 Using Google Translator will get you disqualified
 Apply only if you are able to provide a high quality translation
 After filling-up the form, reply in the thread your previous portfolio 
 We will send you a dm if you're accepted

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........ Telegram campaing █▄ Telegram 
 Join our official Telegram group
 You will get 1 stake for joining the telegram
 Wear our avatar + name extension. You'll get additional 40 stakes.
Example: BL | |

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........ ............................. Signature Campaign 
 You should be at least jr. member
 Set your Signature, avatar according to your rank and have to be kept until the end of the token sale
 Add the signature corresponding to your rank level, the avatar and a personal text.
 You should at least post minimum 15 meaningful posts per week.
 We will only count post on bitcoin and altcoin discussion and maximum of 3 in your local boards
 Posts must have a minimum length of 75 characters.
 If your rank change during the campaign, notify the Bounty Manager
 Accounts with negative trust from DT-2 or DT-1 are not allowed to enroll

Distribution of tokens for each rank:
Jr. member —1 stake
Member- 1.5 stakes
Full member- 3 stakes
Sr. member — 4 stakes
Hero/Legendary — 6 stakes

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