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6 Feb - 10 Mar






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  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

UnicornGO is a cryptocollection game featuring advanced graphics and elements of full-scale gameplay. It also supports geolocation assets and augmented reality. The game is based on Ethereum and Universa and has its own currency — CANDYCOIN. 
500 000 CANDYCOIN tokens will be distributed in the Bounty Program.
The Bounty campaign will proceed till 1st of Murch. During this time, all participants will be able to earn “contribution” bounty. After the campaign has ended, we will distribute the entire award among all campaign participants within 3 weeks.

You can get stakes for publishing articles or filming youtube videos about UnicornGo
Google Form

1.   Low quality articles and videos will not be accepted.
2.   Articles and videos must be genuine. Copying graphics, text and other content is not allowed.
3.   Articles must be longer than 800 characters and at least 85% genuine, otherwise they will not be accepted. Video must be at least 2 minutes long, shorter videos will not be accepted. 
4.   In your article you must use official logo, put links for official web-site, telegram, WhitePaper. 
5.   Under the video there are must be links for official web-site, telegram, WhitePaper. Also you must use the following hashtags: #blockchaingame #blockchain #ethereum #universe #gameuniverse #unicorngo.
6.   Are allowed only Medium, Steemit, Newbium, Golos, Personal blogs/websites are allowed only if they have their own unique crypto-audience. 
7.   Articles must have at least 50 views, for video - 100.
8.   Only the following languages are accepted: English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French.

Tokens per article:
High quality - 300 CANDYCOIN tokens
Good quality - 150 CANDYCOIN tokens
Tokens per video: 
High quality - 600 CANDYCOIN tokens
Good quality - 300 CANDYCOIN tokens 

+ 150 CANDYCOIN tokens bonus if article gets viewed 1000+ times
+ 300 CANDYCOIN tokens bonus if video gets viewed 1000+ times 

Payment will be made every week.

Follow UnicornGo official MediumGolosSteemit pages, also clap/like on posts and leave constructive comments (at least two sentences)

Google Form

1.One comment per post allowed.
2.Cheating users with multiple bitcointalk accounts will be disqualified.
3.Only week per week work will be counted. 

Stakes distribution:

Follow official Medium/Golos/Steemit pages - 1 stake
5 Claps/1 like on post - 1 stake
Leave a comment - 2 stakes

We need Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian translation for articles and interviews about UnicornGo for 200 CANDYCOIN tokens

You can ask all your questions in a special bounty channel of Sandra Evans: Also, there you could find out new bounty proposals.

Disclaimer: the team can change the terms during the campaign.