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IPStock is a platform which implements visual digital content registry on blockchain and license management with smart-contracts. It will be easy to control content copyrights & authenticity, manage licenses and avoid legal risks. The platform will help to get rid of traditional (non efficient) intermediaries. Our goal is to significantly reduce costs for the final consumers, increase artists’ profits and let the market grow.

Get in touch with us: Twitter 🌟 Telegram 🌟 /ico.IPStock]Facebook🌟 Medium

General Terms

Token Sale starts on March 1st, 2018 and will be finished on the 30th of April 2018. We shall reserve 600’000 IPS tokens (2% of the sale amount) as bounty budget for our bounty program, which we will distribute to everyone who supports IPStock before and during the Token Sale. Also, you can use your individual referral links to earn more.There are several ways to be engaged and reap rewards, with the bounty budget divided thus:

Social Scout (40%)
Brave Scribbler (40%)
IPStock Veteran (20%)
Referral Maniac (is separately taken into account)

Bounty participants are welcome to follow IPStock program with any combination of channels and services listed below. We will distribute all bounties within 1 week after successful Token Sale is over.

Acceptance criteria for Bounty Campaign

List of participants will be updated once per week. After the Token Sale is finished and before IPS tokens are distributed, the list of participants will be checked again to ensure that everything is accurate. If your account activity appears fraudulent (you will be informed), you can contact us and we will resolve the issue quickly. If you are suspected of fraud, you will be removed from the participants list.


Accepted language: English only.
Zero tolerance to harassment, accusations and other improper language messages.
Hashtag required: #IPStock #IPStoken #IPS #TokenSale #Blockchain plus hashtag in your native language.
You must use email which you registered on, if you are not registered yet, please do it.
Fill the form for each case with link to your account, post, tweet, article etc.
Fake accounts prohibited. Only real people

Campaign Member Types
There are several ways to be engaged and reap rewards.


Follow and tweet or RT the IPStock Twitter and earn IPS

[img url][/img]

Please note: 
Retweets with no hashtags will not qualify for IPS.
RTs will only earn IPS if the original Tweet is less than a week old.

Fill the Form

Facebook (or any other social media)
Earn IPS for publishing reviews and feedbacks about IPStock and its Token Sale in any social media post.

[img url]*fQklBL9St0pQvzadWa9W2A.png[/img] 

To qualify for IPS your post must:

Follow us on /ico.IPStock]Facebook.
Have unique content, not copied and pasted from elsewhere.
Contain a link to one of IPStock’s channels (Token Sale Website/ico.IPStock]FacebookIPStock TwitterTelegram).

Please note: reposts to your timeline with no hashtags will not qualify for IPS.

Fill the Form

You can help us create an article on Medium, WordPress, or any other public blogging platform and earn: 110 IPS tokens. For example, you can write an article about IPStock and its Token Sale on Coindesk, Bitcoinist, CoinTelegraph or in any other media relevant to finances and cryptocurrency or stock images market.

To qualify for IPS tokens your article must:

Have unique content, not copied and pasted from elsewhere.
Be at least 1,000 characters.
Contain a link to our Token Sale Website (

Please note:
Your blog must have a minimum of 300 followers.
We welcome articles in English only.

Fill the Form

You can get 2% of IPS tokens purchased following your promotion. To qualify for IPS tokens purchaser must use your individual referral link which you could found and use after registration on


You can earn IPS tokens by uploading and submitting your artwork (photos and vector images) through our service
For each 10 artworks uploaded to and submitted to agencies you will earn 1 IPS token.

Complete the following steps and earn:

Register on the website
Upload & submit your artwork to stock agencies through the service.
Apply for your reward.
Your account must have a minimum of 100 submitted works.

Fill the Form

How to Claim Your Reward

After the Token Sale ends, your final amount of IPS tokens will be available in your personal account and will be transferable to your ERC-20 compatible wallet. After the Token Sale еnds we will need 1 week to distribute bounty tokens between participants.