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  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
EverMarkets Bounty Program

Total bounty budget is 1% of all coins issued.  We are expected to have an uncapped token sale starting on Sept 12, but this is subject to change.

These coins are distributed as follows:
Reddit campaign 40%
Translation campaign 10%
Twitter campaign 15%
Signature campaign 25%
Special campaign 10%


Reddit campaign

40% of the bounty pool will be allocated to Reddit.

Earn tokens by creating posts and comments on these subreddits ONLY:

To participate your account should be at least 20 days old and have 20 comment karma.

We want thoughtful posts and comments.  Please try to add a unique spin to a post, or contribute productively to an existing discussion with a comment.
Suggestions for potential topics include:
 - why EverMarkets will change the world
 - how EverMarkets differ from other exchanges or prediction markets
 - how EverMarkets works

Posts and comments with negative karma will not be accepted, and may disqualify the user entirely.  We do not want low-effort or spam-like comments; these will not be rewarded and will cast our project negatively.

Payments will be based on stakes.  Reaching certain levels of upvotes will grant you stakes for that post or comment.  The pool will be split proportionately according to stakes at the end of the token sale.
10 upvotes (minimum) -> 5 stakes
20 upvotes -> 10 stakes
50 upvotes -> 30 stakes
100 upvotes -> 70 stakes
200 upvotes -> 150 stakes
Comments about EverMarkets are calculated at a 1:5 rate compared to posts.  A comment of 50 upvotes will grant 30 / 5 = 6 stakes in the pool.

To enter, please enter your reddit username, post / karma, and ETH address into this google form for any posts / comments you wish to submit:
EverMarkets Reddit Campaign
Please avoid entering a post more than once, so better to enter them near the end of the token sale period.

You also required to subscribe to our subreddit /r/evermarkets.
Only one out of every five posts or comments can be on /r/evermarkets.


Translation campaign

Earn EVR tokens by translating our announcement thread, and then moderating and managing the thread.  We will need you to keep it updated by mirroring any updates on our existing page, and then answer questions from any users which may come up.  10% of the bounty pool will be given to translators and moderators.

Translating the ANN thread (including the graphic): 100 stakes
Moderation/management: 5 stakes per valid post, or everytime there is a change which we need you to update
(Please just register for now and do not translate the graphic yet.  We will provide a blanked graphic that you can write on.)

The white paper will only need to be translated into Russian and Chinese at the moment.

Our announcement thread is here: announcement thread

The languages we will support are:
Turkish - reserved by mirallas
Polish - reserved by 4hajs
Indonesian - reserved by topbitcoin
Russian - reserved by termion
Spanish - reserved by porfirii
Tagalog - reserved by cointrader
Chinese - reserved by fanten
French - reserved by Jcga

To reserve a thread you must go onto our slack (register here) and PM @evermarkets (if you have threads you have done before please include them).  If OK, @evermarkets will note you down and you will have one week to complete the translation.  You will need to be on slack because every so often we may let you know that there is a major change to the thread which we will need you to update.
(Please be patient as @evermarkets is awake during US hours, thank you)

You must do a manual translation and it must be a high quality effort.


Twitter campaign

Help us spread the word via Twitter.  15% of the total pool will be allocated to Twitter users based on their posts.
You can either have your own original tweets about EverMarkets, or you can retweet tweets from the officlal EverMarkets twitter

Tier 3: Having 250+ followers: 2 stake / tweet, 1 stake / retweet
Tier 2: Having 750+ followers: 5 stakes / tweet, 2 stake /  retweet
Tier 1: Having 1500+ followers: 10 stakes / tweet, 3 stake /  retweet
Tier 0: Having 5000+ followers: 20 stakes / tweet, 5 stake /  retweet

How to apply:
Please follow our official twitter
Please register your twitter account at EverMarkets Twitter Campaign
Make at least 5 original tweets or retweets / week, with a maximum of 15 a week and a maximum of 2 in any 24 hour period.
Original tweets should highlight something unique about EverMarkets.
Must have 90% real followers (based on twitteraudit); we reserve the right to disqualify twitter accounts which only have bot followers.


Signature campaign

25% of our tokens are alloted to the signature campaign.  This is for active members in good standing on the forum to wear our signature.

Make at least 10 quality posts per week.
Posts in Off topic, Archival, and other signature campaign or social media bounty campaigns threads will not count.
Users who are found to be spamming will be banned from the campaign and payment will be denied.
We do not allow multiple signatures at one time, and you are not allowed to wear another campaign's avatar.
We don't pay for posts less than 80 characters in length.
Weekly posts will be counted until Friday 23:59 forum time.

Member: 1 stake / wk
Full Member: 1.5 stake/week
Senior Member: 1.75 stake/week
Hero Member: 2 stake/week
Legendary: 2.5 stake/week

Please wear our signature, then post in this thread with your bitcointalk user name, rank, current post, and ETH wallet address.  We will verify your details and that you are wearing our signature, and will reply giving you a spot if available.
We have 12 slots for members, 10 for full members, 8 for senior members, and 8 for hero / legendary members.