Status Closed

31 Jan - 31 Mar


25.000 DOV




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

Earn Tokens as a Reward for creating quality Reviews, Articles or Videos about DOVU that include information about the ICO.

Duration: This campaign lasts until March 31 2018.

25.000 DOV Tokens will be allocated for Content Bounty Participants .

Articles / Videos / Featurings Content Quality

High Quality: 100 stakes 
Good Quality: 50 stakes
Normal Quality: 25 stakes
Low Quality: 0 Stakes

Example of high quality content: 
Topic suggestions: Potential use cases (imaginative, yet feasible), market analysis, future of transportation, how blockchain will help mobility, etc.
Languages we’re interested in: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, French. Other languages will require approval.

The numbers of Views will be taken into account in defining the Quality.

How to Apply: 
1. Write your Article, Review or Create Your Video 
2. Fill the form: here

Check Spreadsheet: here


1. Low Quality Articles and Videos will not be Accepted.
2. Articles and Videos must represent original work. Copying other's work is not allowed and will result in a disqualification. You can use Official Images, Artworks and other Content posted on the Website.
3. In the Description of the Video you must have one link of the official website, one link of whitepaper and one link of your own Bitcointalk profile to prove it is original content.
4. Videos should be be more than 1:30 minutes long, shorter than that will not be taken into consideration.
5. The article has to include 2 official links: Official Website: Website and a link of the Whitepaper: Whitepaper and a link of your own Bitcointalk profile in the bottom of your article or in the comments to prove it is original content.
6. Article should exceed 600 words, less than 600 words will not be accepted. 
7. Medium, Steemit, Newbium, and other general/free blogging platforms submissions will be accepted, but only one per User. 
8. If the article is posted on a website, podcast or blog that has quality content, then 3 submissions will be accepted. (Examples such as Personal Blogs with Active Users, Cointelegraph, Popular Youtube Channels and so on)

Don’t forget to tag DOVU once you’ve created something beautiful
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