Status Active

30 Jan - 15 May


3’500’000 WBT




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

Official Channels

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The Website

Token Distribution

The amount of WBT that will ever be issued is limited to 100’000’000. They will be distributed right after the Token Sale event ends.

Token sale

“Pre-sale” and “Token sale” events will start on Q1 2018, and will last for one month each.
During both events, pre-sale and token sale, 66,000,000 WBT will be distributed at a price 0.000718 ETH. An additional 20,500,000 tokens are reserved for project development and marketing needs, 3,500,000 WBT will be split among bounty campaign participants. Founders will reserve 10% of all issued tokens for themselves. Please take a look at our smart contract or ask our support if you have any questions.

Unsold tokens will be burned.

Participants spreadsheet:

You will receive your WBT after the token sale event ends. Be sure you have access to your wallet, which supports the ERC20 standard. This way, 3’500’000 WBT will be sent to bounty hunters proportionate to the number of stakes they’ve got.

- Your forum account rank must be at least a Full Member (for signature and translation bounty campaigns participants only);
- Every participant must join our Telegram chat;
- Every participant must be a registered user (use “Join” button);
- After the requirements are met, you can enroll the bounty campaign on MY ROUTE page by pressing the REGISTER button;
- Wait for an approval and tell the world after you succeed in the bounty thread on BTT.

- Bounty manager and the Whalesburg team reserve the right to make changes to the terms at any time.
- Any offensive or inadequate behavior promoting Whalesburg will lead immediate disqualification.
- In case of any complaints, please comment on this post.

Participants form:


2 stakes for a small article of 500-1000 words;
4 stakes for an average article of 1000-2000 words;
10 stakes for a big article of 2000+ words.


- Article must be public and indexed by Google;
- Article must contain 1 link to our website and 1 link to our WP;
- Article must be unique ( maximum 20%).


- Spam, abuse, and insults;
- Use of Google Translate - we will check it with a native speaker;
- Articles on private resources or behind paywalls.

Participants form:


- Whitepaper translation (will be reviewed with a native speaker) - 100 stakes;
- Website translation - 50 stakes;
- Announcement (ANN) translation - 20 stakes;
- Announcement (ANN) thread moderation - 5 stakes per week.


- Participants must reserve a slot according to their language and get a confirmation from our bounty manager.


- Using Google Translate and other online translators is not allowed. Participants using Google Translate will be instantly disqualified.
- We expect ANN translators to take the responsibility of moderating their threads by keeping them active with translated official announcements, news and regular updates.
- Only one translation per participant can be reserved. Applications for the translations to multiple languages will not be accepted.

Participants form:
Twitter link:


- From 5000 to 9999 followers - 3 stakes;
- 10000 followers and more - 8 stakes.


- Multiple accounts registrations;
- Spam, abuse and insults.

 Terms and conditions:

- You must be an official Whalesburg’s Twitter follower;
- You must have at least 5000 followers;
- You must have at least 80% of real followers (can be evaluated with;
- Your privacy settings must be “public”;
- Like & retweet every Whalesburg’s tweet;
- The number of your followers will be fixed at the beginning and doesn’t change during the campaign;
- Post self tweets using hashtags #WBT#whalesburg#mining#cryptocurrency#tokensale at least 5 (five) times per week;
- Stakes will be added in the rewards sheet from Sunday to Sunday;
- You must post links to your tweets and retweets in this thread once a week.

Participants form:


Sr.: 20 stakes per month;
Hero: 25 stakes per month;
Legendary: 30 stakes per month.


- Upload and apply to use the Whalesburg signature and avatar on your Bitcointalk profile;
- You need to make at least 14 posts per week to get stakes;
- Each post must be more than 200 characters long;
- Bounty and announcement thread is out of competition.


- Trust level < 0;
- Multiple signatures;
- You can’t change signature and avatar during the week;
- Posts on the following discussion boards:
Politics and Society, Off-topic, Archival, Auctions, Lending, Beginners and Help;
- Spam, abuse, and insults.