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Status Closed

26 Jan - 31 Mar






  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

SCAMNetwork ICO Bounty Program

The SCAMNetwork (SCAM) is holding an ICO from the 18th of February to the 31st of March. We at the SCAMNetwork believe that those who raise awareness about scams and actively fight scams should be rewarded. In order to reward our fellow anti-scam supporters, we are organising a bounty token giveaway, where 1% of the total amount of SCAMs that would come into existence would be given away to our participants. 

Telegram bounty
In order to reward our early community members, we are holding a Telegram bounty. 
To get the bounty, participants must do just three simple things:
1) Join the official group (
2) Join the official announcement channel (
3) Sign up for the whitelisting at:

There would be $40000 worth of SCAM Tokens up for grabs in this category! Each successful candidate would get $10 worth of tokens.

We would also be conducting other bounty programs in our official Telegram group, so stay tuned for more!

Twitter bounty - 40%
We are also holding a Twitter bounty for our Twitter fans!
The tokens would be given away based on stakes. Bounty received = Total stakes earned/total stakes earned by the community

  >100 followers >500 followers >700 followers >1000 followers >2500 followers >5000 followers >10 000 followers
Per Like and Retweet of SCAM tweets 1 stakes 2 stakes 3.5 stakes 5 stakes 6.5 stakes 8 stakes 10 stakes
Tell us what you like about SCAM (Limited to 5, only 1 tweet a day per person) 10 stakes 20 stakes 35 stakes 50 stakes 65 stakes 80 stakes 100 stakes

Twitter bounty participants must always be following the official SCAM token twitter page at

Community Manager bounties

We are looking for Community Managers for Reddit, Telegram and Kakao! All community managers would get 2000 SCAM tokens worth $2000 for their efforts. Please indicate your interest here:

Every user can register for the program only once, and multiple accounts will be discovered and disqualified!
Bounty campaign members who cheat by using spam and fake Likes/Retweet/Shares, will be excluded from bounty campaigns and will not receive any rewards.
A bounty collection form would be out for twitter bounty participants to fill in after the end of the ICO (18th February, 12 p.m. SGT).