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20 Jan - 3 Mar






  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

──────Main branch ─────

Bounty campaign will going until 03 March 2018. 

Total Paymon tokens supply (PMNT): 1,000,000,000 (1billion). 

Distribution for bounty-campaign is 3% from total tokens supply.

To participate in the bounty you must meet all of the requirements listed below for each of the categories has its own requirements. After this you need to fill out the forms that are specified in each campaign. 

Detailed information for Bounty-company Paymon

We distributed tokens, as follows:

0,6% Installing the app:

-0,5% tokens: the first 20,000 users. 
-0,1% tokens: bonus referral program. 

-2,4% social and media:

01., (activity and signatures)— 30% 
02. Youtube — 20% 
03. Facebook — 10% 
04. Twitter — 10% 
05. Блоги и СМИ (ЖЖ, Slack, Medium, Golos,Steemit) — 10% 
06. Instagram — 5% 
07. Telegram — 5% 
08. Translations — 20%

Important! Tokens will be added to your Ethereum address, that we will create and bind to your Email address. Or you can add your own Ethereum address in investor account on our web site.. 

General terms: 

1. One user can participate with only one account. In the event that we will find any double registration, participant will be removed from the campaign. We reserve the right to remove participants from any program at any time, with the confiscation of accrued tokens for fraud or sending spam to the Paymon Bounty campaign. 

2. To participate in the Bounty campaign, you must be at least 18 years old.

Signatures and avatar

Avatar can only be used by members of the Bitcointalk forum with rank: Full Member, Sr.Member и Hero/Legendary. 

You can download Avatar here: or simply click here 

Participant who wearing Avatar will be rewarded with 133 additional Paymon tokens per week. Avatar changing is prohibited until end of Bounty company. . 


1. All information is available on the site. To go to the site you need to click "participate" at the top of the screen, or go over this link 
2. This topic will be supplemented 
3. All information on social networks is on the site and is available on this link

Dear participants of Bounty-campaign and our users, important information! 

We updated and made the terms of the Bounty program more
understandable. All those who registered before 18.01.18 and to this day are active in our soc. networks must fill out the registration form of the participant in a new way. This is necessary to ensure that you additionally receive tokens for each action you performed and could themselves monitor the control of potential payments. 

To everyone who has been added to the table to date, will receive the number of tokens equivalent to your actions with an additional reward. 

By this decision, we want to simplify the conditions of our Bounty-company and make it as transparent as possible, and we apologize if someone causes this inconvenience. 

For more details and - mail 
@paymon_bounty - telegram