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24 Jan - 14 Apr






  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects



Terms and Conditions:

All participants registered themselves after 1/30/2018 , according to the spreadsheet, are not included.
If we find any illegal means of obtaining views/audiences/followers etcetera, you will be banned immediately.
1. You must register through appropriate form and fill all the required fields.
2. You must join the Official Telegram Group.
3. You must report your progress (Except airdrop) under this thread with links to every activities you made. 
(You should make only one post and edit it for updating)
4. Every participant can only register with one account, multi-account is not allowed.
5. This campaign will run until the end of presale, bi weekly
6. The weekly time frame will start counting from the date you registered to the campaign.
7. The rank on Bitcointalk is defined when you submit the form.
8. Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not allowed to join the campaign.
9. If you receive negative trust during campaign, you will be excluded.
10. If we found that you are spamming on any social media, you will be excluded.
11. If you didn't follow the rules strictly, you are not eligible to claim your reward.
12. We can exclude anyone from participating in our bounty campaign.
13. We may adjust the rewards and requirements in the future.

Total P2pay Tokens for Social Media Campaign
1,750,000Tokens (17,500 Waves)  roughly 8.5%

The total bounty allocation is divided as the following:
Bitcointalk Signature / Airdrop 1,100,000 Tokens
Twitter - 100,000 Tokens
Facebook - 125,000 Tokens
Telegram - 125,000 Tokens
Reddit- 300,000

Signature Campaign
Rules for Signature Campaign
• Must make a minimum of 5 constructive posts per week with the appropriate signature. Post must have a minimum of 60 characters not including spaces and overused punctuations (…,???,!?!?!, etc)
• Signature must be held until the end of the campaign. If you remove or modify the signature in the middle of the campaign you are disqualified and will not be reimbursed.
• If your post count does not reach 5by Friday you do not qualify for that week.
• Posts must be in English only. 
• This program is for Jr. Members and up only.
• Posts must be in the ALTCOIN section
• Only good quality posts and posts relevant to the thread will be counted. Banned users will automatically be disqualified.
• You are required to post in this thread your current post count every week on Friday. The spreadsheet will be updated the following Monday.
• Deleted posts will not be paid.
• The campaign will run until noted otherwise.
• Negative Trust or a Scammer
• Multiple signatures
• Changing your signature during the campaign
• Posts in the following boards, Politics, off-topic, Archival, Auctions, Lending, Beginners and help, Micro Earnings will not be counted.
• Posts in any Bounty or advertising thread will not be counted.
• Spam is strictly prohibited. You will be banned from joining this program and reported.
Jr. Member   100 P2pay
Member             150 P2pay
Full Member   200 P2pay
Sr. Member   400 P2pay
Hero/Legendary  600 P2pay
Step 1 - Sign up for a Sphere Account if you don’t already have one
Step 2 - Equip the correct signature according to rank
Step 3 - Fill out this google form [here].
Step 4 - Post your post count as outlined in the format below in this bitcointalk thread by Friday.

Instructions to participate:
   1.   Add the signature corresponding to your rank level, the avatar and a personal text
   2.   Fill in the Google Form
   3.   Notify in this thread once you have the signature, avatar and the personal text on

Bitcointalk Signature Form

Air drop Rules
Players can submit their email on the website to be notified about the ICO , and additionally get 5 P2pay free after the ICO is over (if they choose to provide their Waves address on the website to customer service). In order to get qualified, please post your subscription confirmation number in twitter mentioning the

Only the first 1000 people to subscribe get a free P2Pay 

Distribution of Airdrop: per post

Jr. Member - 10 Stakes
Member - 20 Stakes
Full Member - 30 Stakes
Sr. Member - 40 Stakes
Hero Member - 50 Stakes
Legendary - 60 Stakes

- The airdrop will be concluded every 3 days.
(The 3 days cycle start counting from the day you registered)
- You must have posted more than 3 valid posts within these 3 days.
- The airdrop will be ended at the end of Presale, which is March 14th. Airdrop participants
will recieve bi weekly drops which coincide with your start date
- Any useless posts will be excluded.
- You must be at least Jr.Member to join.
- Your Bitcointalk account must be registered before January 29th 2018.
- All activities of participants will be checked manually.
- Post must has at least 50characters.
- Must wear avatar (If allowed)
- Posts any other Blockchain based lending company is not allowed and will exclude you from bounty.
- Posts under other bounty threads will not be included.
- Do not change your signature during the campaign, else you will be disqualified.

Airdrop Form
Airdrop Spreadsheet

Translation Bounty

We need the following items translated:
   1.   The website (texts and interactive user interface; we will provide localization strings)

   2.   The white paper

   3.   The announcement thread texts

Each translator is responsible for posting the translated threads and maintaining them, answering questions in them.

   •   One reservation per person
   •   You must maintain your threads, don’t let them die
   •   Do not use Google Translate (and similar tools) for work, provide high quality translations. Apply only if you are able to provide a high quality translation in the offered language
   •   Spamming your threads with repeated messages or nonsense is not allowed and will get you disqualified
   •   Translations of including white paper need to be communicated with us
   •   You must finish the translation within 5 days after receiving the materials or confirmation from us
   •   We at least need these languages: Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese (Brazil)
   •   Any other language to be discussed (please PM)

Rewards for each task:
   •   Full translation (we provide list of strings to translate): 400 P2pay
   •   White paper translation: 600 P2pay
   •   Official announcement translation: 300P2pay
   •   Post from the thread author with a relevant news: 250 P2pay
   •   Bonus if your thread has more than 1000 views: 100 P2pay

Instructions to participate:
   1.   Fill in this Google Form(#1google translator doc), make sure to accurately indicate which part(s) you want to translate
   2.   Receive the translation materials (strings list)
   3.   Notify us on full website translation and/or white paper when it is done via PM on Bitcointalk
   4.   Notify in the Bitcointalk thread when your translation of announcements is done, providing a link to the translation

Translation Form

Translation spreadsheet


Distribution of Rewards:

50+ followers - 5 Stakes / Week
100+ followers - 20 Stakes / Week
200+ followers - 50 Stakes / Week
500+ followers - 100 Stakes / Week
1000+ followers - 200 Stakes / Week
5000+ followers - 300 Stakes / Week

Extra Rewards:
Make constructive and valuable tweet regarding P2pay Beta platform (gain at least 50 likes)
70 Stakes


- Tweet should be attractive/creative/non-copy-paste
- Must follow @P2PAY_Official
- Score on 80% and above
- Maximum one tweet/retweet a day
- At least 5 tweets/retweets a week/5 likes are required per week
- Like or retweet of replies are not valid
- Tweets must include hastag #P2pay Beta platform
- Only one entry per Bitcointalk account (Newbie with less than 10 posts / account created within a week are not allowed)
Report your retweets every week in these forms (please report in the thread):


Twitter Profile Link:



Twitter Form

Twiiter spreadsheet


Distribution of Rewards:

500+  Friends/Followers - 10 Stakes / Weeks
1000+  Friends/Followers - 30 Stakes / Weeks
2000-3500  Friends/Followers - 50 Stakes / Weeks
3501-5000  Friends/Followers - 150 Stakes / Weeks

Extra Rewards:
Make constructive and valuable post regarding P2pay(gain at least 50 likes)
250 Stakes


- Must like P2pay Facebook page
- Maximum one post/share every day, extra post/share is not counted
- At least 3 post/share a week
- Every post should include at least one link to the website and hashtag #P2pay #P2pay-Beta_Platform #ICO 
- Your Facebook account must be active and not a bot, including your friends



Facebook Form

Facebook Spreadsheet


- Everyone who joined our Telegram Group can receive 7 P2pay.
Telegram Form

Telegram Spreadsheet

Reddit Campaign:
BitcoinTalk name:
Current post count:
Reddit Link:

Reddit Form
Reddit Spreadsheet