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24 Jan - 26 Apr






  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects


1% of all BCZ tokens created
150,000 BCZ / 15,000,000 BCZ

Bounty Starts from Feb 1 - Apr 26 5pm AWST

Join Our Campaign And Be Rewarded!


Pre-bounty signature generation contest:

Produce signatures for Bitcoin Zero to win 1000 Stakes

The rule is simple, the best looking signature set wins!
Contest starts from Jan 25 - 31, 2018 5pm AWST.

Winner will receive 1000 Stakes

Participants must produce all signatures for different ranks listed below to qualify for the contest. 
Signatures that lacks design in one or more ranks will not qualify.

Jr. Member
Full Member
Sr. Member

Bitcoin Zero is inviting you to join our bounty campaign.

Bitcoin Zero, will hold a BCZ contribution event from 1st of February 1, 2018 till April 12, 2018. 
A twelve weeks long bounty program to provide our contributors the opportunity to earn rewards from generating awareness of the BCZ platform.

Bounty Campaign:


Official BCZ Social Media Platforms:

Facebook Twitter BitcoinTalk l Telegram l Reddit

General Rules:

Bounty stakes will be distributed after each week and will be calculated at the end of the campaign.
All posts must be in English.
All posts must be available for public viewing.
Any inquiries about the bounties will need to be posted in this thread.
Posts must be coherent, constructive and on-topic. Off-topic posts, spam, low-quality posts and copy paste posts will not qualify as a point and are strictly prohibited.
Posts must be at least 50 characters long.
All participants must have a BitcoinTalk account in order to participate and report their activities on the Bitcoin Zero Bounty thread.
You are required not to remove your avatar and signatures during the duration of bounties, participants caught by the moderators changing their signatures and avatars will be disqualified from the bounty.
Participants caught with dishonesty with their report and tort behavior will be permanently removed from the bounty.  
Your BCZ tokens reward will be distributed within 8 weeks after the bounty campaign has concluded.
Participants can only like and comment recent posts (within the scope of weeks any likes from old posts will not count as a point).
Advertising your posts and contents to receive likes and generate awareness are allowed.
Participants can only comment, like and post from the approved FB group, you may request a group to be listed as long as it has 10k+ members.
BCZ Team reserves the right to change the rules of this bounty campaign to balance the mechanics.
The bounty campaign must have a minimum of 100 participants.

Reward System
The more effort you make, the higher your rewards.

Peer to peer support 
Participants are encouraged to support each other to further increase the awareness generated by each post. Participants can earn stakes by liking, sharing, commenting on each others’ posts as long as they post it in FB groups, Subreddit, BitcoinTalk threads.

You can request to add a supported group by signing this form:

Request A Group To Be Approved 

Please be polite and do not spam these groups.
Spamming and anti-social behavior will result in disqualification from the bounty.

BCZ approved Facebook Groups:

Totally Crypto
Cryptocurrency Investing
Cryptocurrency for beginners
Cryptocurrency Investing
Crypto Warriors
Cryptocurrency Collectors Club for Beginners
Cryptocurrency News & Investing
Captain Altcoin
Crypto For Blokes

Stakes calculation Peer to peer BitcoinTalk:
Max stakes per week = 100 Stakes
Weekly stakes without bonus = 70 Stakes
Bonus stakes = 30 Stakes

Stakes calculation Peer to peer Facebook: 
Must be public post
Max stakes per week = 100 Stakes
Weekly stakes without bonus = 70 Stakes
Bonus stakes = 30 Stakes

Stakes calculation Peer to peer Reddit: 
Max stakes per week = 100 Stakes
Weekly stakes without bonus = 30 Stakes
Bonus stakes = 30 Stakes

BitcoinTalk Campaign

BitcoinTalk Rules:
Only one account per person is permitted.
Account with negative trust will unfortunately not be eligible to participate.
Participants are not allowed to change their banner during the duration of the campaign. Premature removal of the signature banner before the concluded date of the bounty campaign will result in the disqualification of the participant from the bounty reward
BitcoinTalk accounts with negative trust are not eligible for the bounty

Stakes calculation BitcoinTalk:
Official BCZ BitcoinTalk Thread
Max stakes per week = 56 Stakes 

Content creators (Videos, Posters, Blogs, Articles and Contests)

Content Creation Rules:
Original content only (you can upload the same videos on different platforms if you own it, however, you can only choose the platform which has the most likes).
Content creator stakes are calculated at the end of the campaign.
Content creators may create multiple videos as long as it is not plagiarised from other video or other creations that is not Official Bitcoin Zero content to avoid legal implications.
You may ask information about Bitcoin Zero on our BitcoinTalk and Reddit bounty threads to further help you create your videos
Media contents does not have limit as long as it passes the exposure minimum
Bitcoin Zero is not liable for any plagiarism involved in the creation of contents and holds no ownership of the videos produced by the creators
Bitcoin Zero may decide to own the contest winner video, however, BCZ team will not be liable if there is a plagiarism involved in the creation of the contest winner video.

Youtube Videos:

Youtube Videos: stakes x stakes multiplier = Final stakes per video
Max stakes per video = 1000 stakes
Starting stakes 100 stakes

Facebook and Other Platform Videos:

Facebook and other platform Videos: stakes x stakes multiplier = Final stakes per video
Max stakes per video = 1000 stakes
Starting stakes 100 stakes

Articles and Blogs:

25 stakes for every blogs: stakes x stakes multiplier = Final stakes per blog/article
Max stakes per blog/article = 250 stakes
If the blog or article has view counter and likes then the table below apply

Social Media Campaign: Facebook & Twitter

Social Media Rules:
To participate in the Twitter campaign the participants must Follow our Official Twitter page
For Facebook, the participants must Like the Bitcoin Zero Official Facebook page
Participants must not unlike or unfollow our platform, while the bounty is ongoing, participants caught doing so will be disqualified
Participants must keep all their BCZ tweets, posts, and likes until the winner has been announced for auditing purposes or you may risk losing your rewards
Twitter must be at least 5 months old to participate
Facebook must be 1 year old to participate
Only 1 account per social media platform may be used by the participants
Twitter and Facebook must have at least 100 followers or friends
Twitter and facebook account needs to have at least 80% real followers (participants caught having too many fake followers will be disqualified)
Participants will only receive stakes by liking, sharing, commenting recent posts not longer than 1 week

Twitter Campaign: 

Official BCZ Twitter Page
Max stakes per week = 50 stakes
Participants must Like, and Retweet Official BCZ posts 2x a week to receive the stakes participants must use BitcoinZero hashtags #BCZ #BitcoinZero. 

Facebook Campaign: 
Facebook pages are allowed to join, however, only 1 account or page may be used for the campaign
Participant’s Facebook profiles friends list must be public in order to qualify for the Facebook campaign

Official BCZ Facebook Page

Participants must Like, share(public) and comment Official BCZ posts 2x a week to receive the stakes.

Max stakes per week = 65 stakes
Max Bonus Stakes = 40 per week

Reddit Campaign

General Rules Apply

Official BCZ Reddit Account

Max stakes per week = 70 stakes
Max stakes per day = 10 stakes

Participants can post about Bitcoin Zero on Subreddits to earn more stakes. 

Telegram Campaign

General Rules Apply

Official BCZ Telegram Account
91General Rules Applies.

To participate in the Telegram Campaign, Participants must join us on our Official Telegram Account, Participants will receive 25 Stakes per week as the result of joining us. Participants must not leave our Telegram during the course of the bounty or all their accumulated stakes from telegram will be void.[/list]

How To Report Your Activities:

Participants are expected to report only ONCE per week.
Week 1 activities may only be reported in week 2, and week 2 activities may only be reported in week 3 and so on.
Participant #'s will be assigned in the spreadsheet which will be produced by the BCZ team prior the start of the bounty.

Important: Participants are required to fill up their participant #s when reporting

How to Report:
Participant #:
Week #: 
Peer to Peer BTCTalk:
Peer to Peer Facebook:
Peer to Peer Reddit:
BitcoinTalk Campaign:
Content Creation:
Facebook Campaign:
Twitter Campaign:
Reddit Campaign:

How to Submit Your Signature For The Contest:

To qualify for the contest, participants must produce signatures for; 
Jr. Member
Full Member
Sr. Member
Hero Legendary

Participants must produce all signatures to qualify.
Contest winner must also be available to contact until the winning signature has been put to use by the campaign participants.

To report simply post your signatures in this thread with this format.