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Hello all! Here at the Divi Project our goal is to make cryptocurrency easy and accessible for everyone. We are working tirelessly on web, desktop and mobile wallets, which will give users a simple interface with name masking technology of addresses - allowing users to send money as easily as typing in a friend's email or username, and a one click cloud install masternode system, a marketplace, easy exchange between currencies from within one's wallet and more! 

Through our tiered masternode and governance system, we will make sure masternodes are always affordable for all, keeping the system truly decentralizd. We would love to start building our community strong and are now offering a bounty you can enter in several times a week, to help aid in awareness. Remember, this is a bounty where everybody wins!


This bounty campaign will run for a period of one month. All you need is to post a link to your submission with an erc20 address and you will be verified and sent Divx every Friday after your posting. 

In order to bring attention to the cause of Divi, we would like you to do some research and create some quality, related content to help others in their own understanding. You can make something on the serious side, or it can get as creative as you like. Here are some guidelines, but you’re welcome to get innovative:

Youtube Videos 
-$100 in Divx for first 30 videos; $50 thereafter (only 1 entry per person). 
-Video must be shared either on social media or somewhere in the Divi community and links to this provided.
-Must be quality content and related, but doesn't necessarily have to be only about Divi.
-Innovative ideas may receive a small bonus as well as most viewed/shared videos.

Steemit/Medium Articles 
-Each week, all articles of quality will receive $25 and the two best will receive $50.

Twitter tweets
-If over 100 followers = $1 in Divx for you
-If over 500 followers = $3 in Divx for you
-If over 1000 followers = $5 in Divx for you

Facebook posts/shares
-If over 100 friends = $1 in Divx for you
-If over 500 friends = $3 in Divx for you
-If over 1000 friends = $5 in Divx for you

-Please note that you can either retweet a tweet made by Divi, or share a post made by Divi on Facebook, conversely you could also create your own tweet or your own facebook status with Divi in mind. You are allowed up to 3 times each, per week.

Payout every week from date posted. Amount of Divx will be based off dollar amount. Dollar amount taken at 11:59 P.M. EST before payout. 
Ex: If $5 = 1 Divx and you have 1000 followers + send a nice tweet - Then you get 1 Divx

Divx is temporary while the Divi blockchain is being built and will be swapped for Divi coins in Q2. 
Please come and join us, we will be waiting with the solution to all your crypto needs!

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