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till 15 Oct


1 710 000 IML




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

Dear community!
We are proud to announce the Bounty 2.0 campaign for IMMLA!

We made a successful  Pre-ICO and really appreciated the impact of our bounty community in our project!

Dear participants! The rewards of the Pre-ICO bounty campaign will be added to the stakes of ICO bounty. You’ll receive IML after the end of ICO. Thanks for your support!
We go ahead! Join us and stay with us!
Please visit our website for more information:
Original ANN link:
Pre-ICO Bounty campaign (finished):

Public Sale Starts: September 15, 2017
Public Sale Ends: October 15, 2017

• Stakes will be counted every week, on Wednesday in the spreadsheets;
• The stakes will be distributed after ICO;
• We leave ourselves the right to remove you from campaign if we think that you are cheating or spamming;
• Stakes are removed when the person is removed from campaign;
• We can refuse to let you participate in our campaign for any reason;
• If you don't meet the minimum amount of posts, you will not receive any stake for the current week, but you will remain in the campaignю

Bounty campaign lasts until October 15
You will get your stakes before October 30
Bounty Manager - immla  (owned by IMMLA)

Bounty campaign token allocation:

Facebook and Twitter bounty:
122,148 IML (~10,000 USD, 33.6 ETH)

Translation and community management campaign bounty:
488,591 IML (~40,000 USD, 134.2 ETH)
Signature and Avatar Campaign bounty:
610,738,3 IML (~50,000 USD, 167.8 ETH)

Blog bounty:

366,443 IML (~30,000 USD, 100.7 ETH)
Reddit bounty:
122,148 IML (~10,000 USD, 33.6 ETH)


Facebook and Twitter Bounty Campaign: 122,147.7 IML (~10,000 USD, 33.6 ETH)
How to join Facebook and Twitter Campaign:
1.    Fill this google form:
2.    Check the spreadsheet to see if you are accepted here: IMMLA FB/TW spreadsheet
3.  Make 1 comment on this thread at the end of the week (Sunday 23.59 UTC time) with all your posts and repost links

Tier 1 - 300+ Friends/Followers - 5 stakes/week /per account
Tier 2 - 750+ Friends/Followers – 7,5 stakes/week/per account
Tier 3 - 1500+ Friends/Followers – 10 stakes/week/per account

Rules for Facebook and Twitter Campaign:
- You must be at least Junior Member to Join
- Negative trust accounts are not allowed to join
- Participant profile must be public
- You can participate in one or both media: Facebook or Twitter
- You must make 10 unique facebook posts and (or) 10 unique tweets per week with the #IMMLA in English
- You must make 3 reposts from the IMMLA twitter/facebook account
- Only 2 posts and 1 repost per day will be counted!!!
- You need to make posts every day, not all of them in one day
- Maximum of 1 facebook and 1 twitter accounts per person
- Posts must be INFORMATIVE and contain info about advantages of IMMLA. We'll not accept posts like "#IMMLA Great" or "#IMMLA  ". We want you to produce content - not rubish.
- Minimum Twitter audit 85%
- Make 1 post on this thread every Sunday until 23.59 UTC with all your posts and reposts
- All later reports will be not counted
About counting:
 1.     All posts and tweets will be checked during the week
2.     Information about accepted weekly posts/reposts will be available in the spreadsheet by every Tuesday

488,591 IML (~40,000 USD, 134.2 ETH)
In this campaign we have special conditions: 1 stake = 1$
How to join the translation campaign:

1.    Fill this google form:
2. Check the spreadsheet to see if you are accepted: IMMLA Translation spreadsheet

Translator must have experience in bitcointalk threads, ICO site and WP translations. Please send us the reference links.


- Please do not submit a request to translate unless you are truly fluent in the relevant language and at least relatively fluent in English. Software translations will not be accepted.
- Translators may only apply to translate only ONE language. Applications to translate multiple languages will not be accepted, so please make sure to apply for the language you are strongest in.
- If accepted as a thread translator, translated thread MUST be completed and submitted within 72 hours of acceptance. Further details will be provided to individual translators upon acceptance.
- If you have any questions about the translations bounty campaign, please contact us using IMMLA Telegram:  IMMLA Telegram Translations

1 stake = 1$:

- IMMLA site translation: 150 stakes
(Russian, Spanish, German, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Hindi). New version of IMMLA site will appear appr. on August 28. We accept site translations  until September 4.

- IMMLA [ANN] thread translation and community management:  150  stakes
 (Russian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, French). We accept IMMLA [ANN] Translations till September 4.
- 5 stakes plus for each response in the translated thread  (the response to the questions, active participation). Please send your questions to telegram: IMMLA Telegram Translations - we will respond quickly to all your questions.

- IMMLA Whitepaper 2.0 translation:  500  stakes (German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean)
IMMLA Whitepaper 2.0 will appear appr. on September 7. We accept WP 2.0 translations  until September 14.

After completing translations into main languages we’ll accept to propositions for translations to other languages.

610,738.3 IML (~50,000 USD, 167.8 ETH)

1.   Please fill th google form:
2.   Check the spreadsheet to see if you are accepted: IMMLA Signature/Avatar spreadsheet

Signature campaign rules:

1. We are looking for the active bitcointalk users. All members need to post at least 60 posts having the IMMLA signature by the time the IMMLA ICO ends to be eligible for a reward.
2. Users with negative trust are not eligible for the bounty campaign.
3. Posts in alternate cryptocurrencies section are required.
4. Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign.
5. Using multiple signatures at the same time is prohibited.
6. You are not allowed to use another site's avatar.
7. Users are not allowed to change their signature in the middle of the campaign
We will check your signature campaign on a weekly basis and make remarks or results every Tuesday.

Bounty signature campaign rewards:

1. Member: 1 Stake / Week
2. Full Member: 1.5 Stakes / Week
3. Sr. Member: 1.75 Stakes / Week
4. Hero Member: 2 Stakes / Week
5. Legendary: 2.5 Stakes / Week
+0.25 stakes per week, if you use IMMLA avatar + IMMLA personal text.

IMMLA avatar links:

Please set this personal text:
🌟  IMMLA ICO: Sept.15 - Oct.15 🌟

Check the status of your signature campaign application here: IMMLA Signature/Avatar spreadsheet

366,443 IML (~30,000 USD, 100.7 ETH)
Blog bounty will be distributed between the creators of the posts, reviews and press releases about IMMLA project.

Anyone can participate - just create a 600+ words meaningful long text about IMMLA and publish it on your website. The better is your text - the more stakes you will receive.
Blog contest rules:

1.   Fill the with Google form:
2.   We will check all the requests and if your website(s) is eligible - you will find yourself in this Blog contest participants list (and later you will be able to check the number of stakes you've received): IMMLA Blog Posts Campaign

1. All the texts must be published online and accessible by everyone.
2. Your text must be original and meaningful.
3. We don’t allow websites with no audience or new websites; the website where you choose to publish your text, must be at least 2 months old, and must have the user activity - at least 1000 user per month (we’ll check it with SimilarWeb service).
4. Your text must be 600 words or more..
5. Your post must include at least 2 links: to website, IMMLA ICO ANN thread, other IMMLA social media or to the other articles about the project.
6. Make sure you have the full understanding of the IMMLA service. Contact IMMLA Support to get more information about service. Read the IMMLA project Whitepaper first - you can find them on our website (
Some ideas for the posts:
- How will IMMLA change the logistics all over the world or in your country/region?
- Why IMMLA is the best choice for transportation companies and cargo owners?
- How blockchain changes logistic systems on the example of IMMLA?
- Any good texts regarding IMMLA project.
Just make sure that your text is technically correct, and doesn't have typos and errors.
Before making the text fill in this blog contest participation form to let us know your details and also, to know the website(s) on which you are going to publish your text.

Blog contest bounty
Texts creators receive 10, 20, or 30 stakes depending on the quality of their posts. IMMLA team makes the decision on the quality of the post, and this decision is final and not negotiable.
Blog contest bounty tokens will be distributed proportionally among the participants according to the amount of received stakes.

122,148 IML (~10,000 USD, 33.6 ETH)

Stakes  will be based on participation and post content.

Every post or repost = 1 stake

How to Apply:

1.   Your Reddit account should be at least 20 days old and have 10 posts or 20 comment karma.
2.   Must subscribe to
3.   Fill the with Google form:
4.   Check the spreadsheet to see if you are accepted: IMMLA Reddit spreadsheet
5.  Make 1 comment on this thread
at the end of the week (Sunday 23.59 UTC time) with all your posts and repost links


1.   Posts and comments with negative Karma will not be accepted.
2.   Any spam will not be accepted.
3.   You will receive bonus IML for comments/posts that garner at least 5 up votes
5.   For more bonuses, you should answer any questions or concerns from the community        
       to the best of your ability or link to proper content.
6.   External posts should link to either the /r/immla or
7.   Number of link posts must exceeded number of text posts
8.   All link posts during IMMLA bounty campaign shouldn't have any links to other ICO

About counting:

1.     All posts will be checked during the week
2.     Information about accepted weekly posts will be available in the spreadsheet by every Tuesday

+ Option (+5k $) Bug bounty

IMMLA announces bug bounty for its website and smart contract. Funding size for that activity is 5 thousand dollars.

Bug bounty fund will be divided into 500 stakes. The size of bounty will depend on the severity of the identified vulnerability. IMMLA team have received some bug reports and will give its creators a number of stakes.

Bug reports are accepted to the e-mail: bounty (at)