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13 Jan - 19 Feb






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  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

LEONID Bounty Program

In a new cryptocurrency with good program to complete in the financial world
Leonidcoin System is “Peer to Peer” network.. That means the data are
connected without computer.
All Transactions are safe because it is well kept using blockchain protocol
The Transfer system of LEONIDCOIN is safe and anonymouse.

Website    |  Github  |  Facebook  |  Telegram  |  ANN Link | Whitepaper


facebook Campaign

Post about Leonidcoin and earn tokens on Facebook 
1. Like and follow LeonidCoin Fanspage 
2. Post about Leonidcoin. 
like and follow the LeonidCoin Fanspage. please not use fake account
make sure your account is public
Maximum  posts or this bounty is 10 posts per week. 
Maximum  posts or this bounty is 1 posts per week.

Rewards for Post
-4000+ Friends/Followers   150 LNDC
-3000 Friends/Followers   100 LNDC
-2000 Friends/Followers   80 LNDC
-1000 Friends/Followers   50 LNDC
-500  Friends/Followers   20 LNDC

Open Bounty for 500 account


Tweet or retweet posts on twitter containing ALL of the following hashtags: #LeonidCoin #ICO .

1. Follow @leonidcoin on Twitter
2. Tweet or re-tweet content from or about the official @leonidcoin
3. Please send me a message and give me information such tweet link or profile 


You must be a @leonidcoin follower.
Your Account must be at least 3 months old.
Only Tweets containing all of the listed hashtags qualify. 

Rewards for Tweets
-100k Followers   150 LNDC
-50k Followers   100 LNDC
-10k Followers   80 LNDC
-5k Followers   50 LNDC
-1000 Followers   20 LNDC

Rewards for Re-Tweets
-100k retweet   600 LNDC
-50k retweet   300 LNDC
-10k retweet   120 LNDC
-5k retweet   60 LNDC
-1000 retweet   25 LNDC
-100 retweet   10 LNDC

YouTube Bounty

Requirements for YouTube videos and video sharing:
Maximum of 3 videos
channel minimum 1 month old and general
Video must be longer than 2 minutes
The video description should contain a link to
Videos that have no human voice will only receive half of the bounty listed.

-10.000 subs   1000 LNDC
-5.000 subs   500 LNDC
-1000 subs   100 LNDC
-500 subs   50 LNDC
-250 subs   25 LNDC
-100 subs   10 LNDC

Open Bounty for 50 Channel Youtube

Translation Campaign

Rules : 
-Follow on Facebook
-Registration in leonid website
-Don't use translation bot to participate in Bounty Campaign
-Please send me a message and select a language that you want to translate
then give me the translation link you are working on  and send me your website id

Total Bounty Translation : 2,500 LNDC COIN
coin will you get 250/translation

Translation of ANN thread