Status Closed

9 Jan - 25 Apr


150000 FARM




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

We at FARM (Food And Resource Matrix) believe in a decentralised economy and cryptocurrency community. We are now starting a bounty campaign, so that participants can help us tell about FARM to the crypto community, and get free FARM coins as a bounty reward. In the FARM ICO there will be 1963000000  FARM coins issued in total. As a bounty reward we will distribute 150000 FARM coins.

To earn and receive FARM coins, at first you should fill our Google FORM on our website.

After you have filled google Form, just spread information about FARM ICO in crypto-community as wide as possible by following the simple instructions in this post. 

By completing bounty tasks you will receive FARM coins in your My Ether Wallet as per your work. 

Here is a brief guideline below of Bounty Campaign and Number of coins we will be rewarding:

JOIN TELEGRAM - For joining our Telegram Channel you will get 10 FARM coins. You need to be active in our Telegram group till ICO gets over. 

FACEBOOK LIKE AND SHARE - 5 coins for liking FB Page, 2 coins for sharing single FB Post . 

TWITTER FOLLOW AND RETWEETS - 2 coins For Following FARM on Twitter . 4 coins per retweet if you have 500-1500 followers. 6 coins per retweet if you have 1500-2500 followers. 8 coins per retweet if you have 2500-5000 followers. 12 coins per retweet if you have more than 5000 followers. 

MEDIUM ARTICLE - 50 coins per medium article . Articles should have 400-500 words on an average. Content of the article should be original. Articles should be pointing towards our website.

STEEMIT ARTICLE - 55 coins per steemit article . Articles should have 400-500 words on an average. Content of the article should be original. Articles should be pointing towards our website.

TRANSLATION FOR WHITEPAPER - 100 coins for translation of whitepaper in different languages. Reserved translations will be announced on our Telegram channel, Bitcoin Talk, and other places.

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT BOUNTIES - There will be a community manager . 1000 coins are reserved for community manager. Mail us to become Community Manager.

MEDIA PUBLICATIONS - 350 coins for publishing in reputed online media. 150 coins for publishing in non-reputed online media.

MEME, INFOGRAPHICS & VIDEOS  - 10 coins for each meme and infographic post . 150 coins for each graphical and content rich video (1.5 min - 3 min). Video content should have positive reviews and should have mentions of our website and ICO date.

BUG BOUNTIES - 5000 coins rewards have been reserved for developers who will find and inform us about any bugs in our codes.

After the ICO ends, your final amount of coins will be dropped in your My Ether Wallet account. We will distribute 150000 FARM coins in proportion to the amount of stakes each bounty campaign participant has earned in each category. For example, after counting all Twitter retweets, we will make a table where everyone who reposted will see their personal bounty stakes earned in the Twitter category and so on in other categories. Top performers will also be getting surprise bonus coins.

Here is our email, , if you have any questions regarding the bounty campaign or if you need assistance, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.

Here is our  ANN thread on Bitcoin Talk