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7 Jan - 27 Jan






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NextGEN Gaming Cryptocurrency

- Presale and ICO Cycles -
Presale: 1.6.2018 - 1.9.2018 (3 Days / Min. Amount to Purchase: 10,000 GAMEX / Price per GAMEX: $0.10)
1st ICO Cycle: 1.9.2018 - 1.12.2018 (3 Days / Min. Amount to Purchase: 150 GAMEX / Price per GAMEX: $0.15)
2nd ICO Cycle: 1.12.2018 - 1.17.2018 (5 Days / Min. Amount to Purchase: 200 GAMEX / Price per GAMEX: $0.20)
3rd ICO Cycle: 1.17.2018 - 1.27.2018 (10 Days / Min. Amount to Purchase: 250 GAMEX / Price per GAMEX: $0.25)
GAMEX Distribution to Investors: 2.1.2018

- AirDrop Program -
* Get up to 600 GAMEX which worths $150!

- Announcement Thread -

Hey everyone,

While our team already working on marketing and advertisement mostly over local aspects, we also want to open a bounty and referral program with keeping it as simple as it can be. So, you won't see some rule sets and conditions here, not that much anyways.

- First, check our website please and get a hold of the project ->
- Our Bounty Program Reward is 2% of our total ICO sales and will be paid in GAMEX tokens. So there is no minimum or maximum limit for our bounty hunters to earn.
- Referral Program, rewards the referrer with the 10% of referred investor's total purchase amount. There is no limit for this one too, you will be credited with each referred purchase.

- We are currently in Presale period which is intended for our working partners and friends. It's still open to public to get tokens but min. token amount to buy is high (10.000 GAMEX min.).
- We have 3 ICO cycles. First one starts January 9 and it's duration is 3 days. With each cycle, price and min. token amount to purchase rises. You can see these details on our website.

- Bounty Program Reward distribution will be calculated with point system that we have in mind. Taking more responsibility with this program will reward the participant more.

Currently we are looking for;

- Forum signature creator for each forum user rank
- Active forum posters with positive history and good attitude
- Translators to translate our questions and answers section (We don't use white paper)
- ICO listing hunters to add our project to such lists behalf of GameX
- Social media account managers for Facebook, Instagram and Reddit which includes the creation and management of whole account behalf of GameX. Officialy core team will manage Twitter only.

As you can see, most of the roles we mention requires more responsibility and are long-term positions. With mutual success, we plan add these individuals to our team after ICO period. Regardless of outcome, each work will be credited.

Each day we will ask of you to report your work here or via private message if the information is sensitive. 

You may apply for these roles here and please start your work after we confirmed your application.

Bounty Point System

- Translation: 8 Points for each Q&A (We may add new Q&As, so points will continue to be added to your pool)
- Forum Signature Creation: 100 Points (One time)
- Forum Posting: 5 Points for each post (No spamming, no aggressive marketing)
- Social Media Posts: 15 Points for each
- Using GameX Avatar: 25 Points (Each day)
- Using GameX Signature: 40 Points (Each day)
- Adding GameX to ICO Listings: 150 Points for each
- Creating and Managing Social Media Accounts: This will be decided privately with the applicant

Your earned GAMEX will be calculated and distributed with accumulated points againts others.

Thank you