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Translation Bounty:-

Text translation = 30 SAGA (~$330*)
Header image modification & translation = 5 SAGA (~$55*)
Main, Features, Roadmap image modification & translation = 15 SAGA (~$165*)

Rules, Terms and Conditions:-

NO google translation, otherwise no payout!!! We will compare wording with google translation output.
All image files in PSD (Photoshop) format.
You may not require to modify the image files but it is a plus to win the translation job if you do.
No deadline of translation application but we may select winner anytime if we like your previous jobs did.
Must complete the job within 7 days once you have appointed.

Original thread at

You can check for all the PSD image files.

Please reply to this thread with details:-

Bitcointalk profile link: <url>
Translation language: <language>
Able to modify & translate header image PSD file: <YES/NO>
Able to modify & translate main, features, roadmap image PSD file: <YES/NO>

We want languages as following:-
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) - Available
Español (Spanish) - Available
中文 (Chinese) - Available
Deutsch (German) - Available
Français - Available
Italiano (Italian) - Available
Philippines - Available
Русский (Russian) - Available
Türkçe (Turkish) - Available

Signature Design Competition:-

100 SAGA (~$1100*)
Only ONE winner
Saga team decides the winner, we reserved the rights to cancel this competition if we do not satisfy with all signature design submitted.
Warm reminder: Eye-catching has more chances.

Rules, Terms and Conditions:-

You must deliver signature for 5 different member ranks - Jr. Member, Member, Full Member, Sr. Member, Hero/Legendary.
URL links - Website, ANN, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Github. Order by priority. You may discard other URL links if cannot fit.
Logo must be included in Sr. Member and Hero/Legendary.
Deadline submission by 14 Jan 2018 23:59:59 GMT.

Please reply to this thread with details:-

All 5 signatures for different member ranks in "code".
Screenshots of all 5 signatures.

* Calculates based on 1 SAGA = $11

BTW, we are recruiting bounty manager for signature and other campaigns, please PM me (bitcointalk ONLY, don't PM me elsewhere) if you are interested!

Please do NOT PM me at discord and telegram, I have no time to answer thousands of you, please be considerate  Undecided

And if your language not in the translation list, do not PM me too, it is less popular in bitcointalk, sorry about that!