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4 Jan - 13 Feb


1000000 BHCH




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

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BchConnect rewards bounty hunters in the following campaigns.

                                                                         1.Translation Bounties. ( Only selected members )
                                                                         2.Avatar and Signature bounties. 
                                                                         6.Telegram Bounties
                                                                         7.Blogs and media bounties


Bounty Rewards : 

            >20 coins -- Translating the announcement thread and posting it on Bitcointalk in the corresponding language category  
             >10 coins -- every positive and constructive post in your thread.

How to Join the Translation bounty : 
            Reserve the language by filling this form: Apply Now.
             Check if you are listed in this table:  Will be updated soon
             PM if you are listed and start your work.

Rules : 
            Using Google Translate and other online translators is not allowed. Participants using Google Translate will be instantly disqualified.
             There can be reserved only one translation per one participant. Applications for translation to multiple languages will not be accepted.

List of Languages to be translated : 
Turkish NEW
Russian NEW

BitcoinTalk Avatar  Bounty

Bounty Rewards : 

            Earn coins for every post you make depending on your User Rank:
             >Legendary/Hero:  6 coins per Post
             >Sr. Member:  4 coins per Post
             >Full Member:  3 coins per Post
             >Jr.Member:  2 coins per Post 

How to Join  :  
            Each member needs to post at least 10 posts/week having the Avatar, by the time the ICO ends in order to be eligible for a reward.
             Change Avatar and text at Your Profile in accordance with your rank (specified below)

            Every week fill the form with your progress here :  CLICK HERE
             Check your rewards in the spreadsheet (will be updated soon ): Will be updated soon 

Rules : 
             The Avatar should be kept until the end of the ICO.
             Only Posts that are useful, positive and constructive will be eligible.
             A post must have a minimum length of 50 Characters to be counted.
             Payment will be done after stake calculation, after the end of the ICO.
             Only user with rank of Jr.Member and above can join.


Bounty Rewards : 

            Coins will be counted according to number of your followers:
             >250 followers : 1 coin per tweet/retweet
             >750 followers : 2 coins per tweet/retweet 
             >1500 followers : 5 coins per tweet/retweet 
             >10.000 followers: 10 coins per tweet/retweet

How to Join  :  
             Follow us here @bchconnect
             Make at least 5 retweets/tweets a week, with a maximum of 10 tweets/ retweets a week

             Every week fill this form(Click here) with your progress. 
             Fill the spreadsheet with your progress only ONCE PER WEEK 
             Bounty rewards for selected members will be updated once a week. 

Rules : 
            Must be Jr. Member or higher ranked user on bitcointalk.
             Must make at least 5 tweets or retweets or maximum 10 tweets or retweets per week
             Spam will not be tolerated!
             Posts should be during whole week every day(donʼt post everything in 1 day)


Bounty Rewards : 

            Coins will be counted according to number of your friends:
             >300 friends : 1 coin per post/share
             >750 friends : 2 coins per  post/share
             >1500 friends : 5 coins per post/share
             >10.000 friends: 10 coins per post/share

How to Join  :  
            Follow us here @bchconnect
             Make at least 5 posts or shares a week, with a maximum of 10 posts/shares a week

             Every week fill the spreadsheet  with your progress(Click here)
             Fill the spreadsheet with your progress only ONCE PER WEEK 
             Bounty rewards will be updated every week here - Will be updated soon. 

Rules : 
            Multiple accounts registrations.
             Spam, abuse and insults.
             Your Facebook account must have at least 300 real friends.
             Posts should be during whole week every day(donʼt post everything in 1 day)


Bounty Rewards : 

            Coins will be counted according to number of subscribers to your account:
             >500-1000 subscribers : 50 coins per video review/tutorial
             >1000 -5000 subscribers : 100 coins per  video review/tutorial
             >5000 - 10,000  subscribers : 200 coins per video review/tutorial
             >10,000 - 20,000 subscribers : 250  coins per video review/tutorial
             >20,000 Custom plans - Contact us at the following Form <spreadsshet>

Rules : 
            The video should be positive and constructive. 
             It should be atleast 5 minutes long. 
             The video should be a tutorial or a review about BchConnect ICO.
             The views of the video should be in the same range of your subscribers. 

             Fill this form (Click here) with the video links whenever your qualify for the reward. 
             Approved you-tubers will be listed here <spreadsheet (will be updated soon )> 

Blogs and Media Publications :  

Bounty Rewards : 

            BchConnect rewards writers, bloggers, journalists, and video editors with BHCH tokens for publishing quality content about the                 BchConnect Lending Platform.For this campaign, we only accept blog posts, articles, and videos (Please provide an English brief                 to us in Telegram for non-English content).

             >Legendary : 500 coins
             >Awesome : 400 coins
             >Great  : 250  coins
             >Good :   150 coins
             >Normal : 50 coins

How to Join  :               
             Fill this form with the links whenever you qualify for the reward - Apply Now
             Approved members will be listed in spreadsheet (will be updated soon ) 

Rules : 
            All content must be original. Plagiarizing, copying, or translating existing content, including content published by                                     website/whitepaper , is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.

             You can, however, use our official images, logos, graphics, and other branding materials from our website and in the ANN thread.
             Articles must be longer than 700 words.
             The article or description of the video must contain at least one link to our website and one link, either to the Whitepaper or to the official                       ANN thread.
             Blogging platforms like Medium, Steemit, Newbium, etc. are allowed but only three posts per person are accepted on these platforms.

Telegram bounties :  

Bounty Rewards : 

            Rewards are based on the group member count. 
             Posts should be positive and constructive. 
             Posts should explain about our ICO sale, Affiliate ICO bonus and Lending programs.  
             Maximum 500 coins per week. 

How to Join  :               
             Fill out this spreadsheet (Click here) with the screenshot of your post, group telegram link, your username
             We will verify and update the selected members in this spreadsheet (will be updated soon ) with rewards. 

Rules : 
            The group should have atleast 500 Members. (do not create fake groups, We will verify the member count frequently)
             Maximum 500 coins per week. 
             Minimum 10 posts per day in different groups.