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Breaking news: UPcoin.com exchange doubles referral fees during pre-launch!


How can I benefit from it? 

Step 1: Register at UPcoin.com and get $500 to your balance account. This money will be used to cover trading fees.

Step 2: Right after registration join UPcoin’s referral program. It allows you to generate incredible income by simply referring other people! You will be able to withdraw this money, use it to purchase cryptos or simply accumulate it in your account. No other bounty program can match this offer!

Here is a detailed description of the referral program: 

First 200 users who bring 50+ qualified referrals*: you will receive a 50% commission from each transaction made by the people referred by you

Next 200 users who bring 30+ qualified referrals*: you will receive a 30% commission from each transaction made by the people referred by you

Next 1000 users who bring 10+ qualified referrals*: you will receive a 20% commission from each transaction made by the people referred by you

The number of slots available in UPcoin’s referral program is limited, so join today to start generating revenue!

How much can I earn at UPcoin?

Our trading experience shows that beginners in trading make approximately $1200/day worth of trades. Experienced traders make even more. 

Let’s say you’ve invited 50+ qualified referrals with a 50% commission off their trading fees. Here is what you can earn at UPcoin.com in such case: 

That makes a whopping $2700 USD and it’s a result of simply referring other people to join UPcoin.com! Add the $500 you receive at registration and you will get at least $3200!

You can invite 50 more referrals and easily double or even triple your earnings!

(Fig 1. UPcoin night mode, dark version)

Why should I refer people to register at UPcoin.com?

We Hear Your Voice

We have done a series of interviews with over 400 traders who have voiced their main concerns as well as needs. Here are some of the results:

Traders like sign-up rewards. Everyone who signs up at UPcoin.com gets $500 to his/her balance account. This money will be used to cover trading fees at UPcoin.com - you absolutely deserve it!

Traders demand speed! Recent load tests show that UPcoin can handle up to 5 million transactions per second. This is ten times the load that forces any of the top exchanges to shut down.

Traders need secure exchanges. UPcoin’s security system was created by professionals with a solid background in cyber security. In addition, we will launch a closed bounty campaign at hackerone.com paying white-hat hackers to make UPcoin bullet-proof.

Traders want scalable exchanges. UPcoin's distributed server network ensures high performance in 4 global regions: US, Europe, Asia and East Europe. The system is easily scalable, - it will keep running even when other exchanges can't function anymore.

Traders ask for reasonable fees. High fees run this market and it’s time to change the way it is. UPcoin offers reasonable trading fees of 0.1%/0.2%, plus we will not charge any withdrawal/deposit fees - all you pay is the payment processor fee and that’s it!

Traders want clear and understandable interface. UPcoin’s trading interface has been created by a team of professional interface designers, who put emphasis on simplicity, readability, and efficiency. It’s easy to trade at UPcoin, - even newbies like it here!

Traders deserve professional support. No one deserves long waiting times down the support queue. We guarantee a response within 24 hours or faster!

Signing up at UPcoin.com is worth the effort since is fast, secure and reliable!

Here is how you can sign up to join our referral program:

1) Sign up at UPcoin.com, access your personal cabinet and get your referral link 

2) You will keep track of all registrations made via your referral link: we will show you exact number of clicks on your link as well as a total number of registrations you generated. Everything is fully transparent and remains under your control at all times. 

3) Once qualified referrals start making trades and generating their trading fees, you will start receiving a share of their trading fees (more information available at upcoin.com)

How Your Commission is Calculated:

All your fees will be paid based on the exchange rate active at the moment of trade. You will be able to withdraw this money or use it to purchase the cryptos of your choice. A detailed report will be shown in your personal control panel so that you can keep an accurate record of your earnings. 

*A qualified referral is any user who has made at least one active trade.
NOTE: if a referral is using the bonus $500 to cover his/her trading fees, this will not be counted towards referral earnings. 

Register at UPcoin.com and join our social media!