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1 Jan - 15 Feb


1,470,000 FXT




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The Fuze Project & Team

FuzeX aims to revolutionise the way people pay. Our FuzeX Card, Wallet and Ecosystem allow for real-time cryptocurrency to fiat exchange which means that you can spend your cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere you like. Our team consists of a passionate group of blockchain professionals, payment specialists and business and marketing strategists, that are determined to make cryptocurrency easier to use and easier to spend.

The Fuze Card & Wallet

Store up to 15 cryptocurrency accounts, 10 credit or debit cards and 5 rewards cards all in one clever e-card. Real-time exchange also means that you can spend your cryptocurrency anytime and anywhere you like. It's also secure, two-factor authentication (PIN on card & password on app) for secure private key management.

FuzeX Website, White Paper & One Pager

White Paper
One Pager

FuzeX Social Media Channels



General Rules:

Please read the FuzeX White Paper before starting any bounty activity. Wink

To participate in the bounty program you must be at least 18 years old.
The aim of this Bounty is to raise project awareness, encourage community engagement and participation in the FuzeX Token Pre-Sale.
This Bounty is for the Pre-Sale ONLY, and will run until the end of the Pre-Sale. (15.02.2018, Midnight GMT)
All bounty program announcements will be released on our official slack channel (
To be added to the “Bounty Program Channel,” please PM @tom.fuzex OR @song.fuzex (only) once you join our Slack channel.   
This FuzeX Bounty Program has already started, and ends on the 15th of February 2018 at 00:00 GMT (The last date of Pre-Sale).
The reward for the bounty activities are a stake of FXT tokens (See Below). Reward news will be confirmed every Monday and the tokens will be gradually allocated to a user’s wallet within 6 weeks after the end of the total FuzeX Token Sale (Exact date TBD).
If there are less than 6 participants in each category, the category will not be valid.
Please be careful inputting your wallet address. Wallet addresses cannot be altered once the FuzeX Bounty Program starts. This is for our participants security and to eliminate the risk of fraudulent activity. No requests for wallet address changes will be accepted.
If any of the criteria set forth are not adhered to OR participant behaviour is deemed to bring the FuzeX brand name into disrepute, participation in the FuzeX Bounty Program will be terminated immediately.

Joining the FuzeX Bounty Program:

To join the FuzeX Bounty please read all the terms and general rules outlined here AND the google documents (Joining Pages) carefully
All bounty program announcements will be released on our official slack channel, so please join it before applying. ( Join Here.
To be added to the “Bounty Program Channel,” please PM @tom.fuzex or @song.fuzex (only) once you join our Slack channel.
To join the Bounty Program please click here, OR go to our website (, scroll directly to the bottom and click on the "Bounty" button, and then fill in the relevant forms.
Translation work requires prior approval from the FuzeX team. However, for the other bounties, there is no need for prior approval - so fill in the relevant forms and go for it.
To join the FuzeX Bounty please read all the terms and general rules outlined here AND the google documents (Joining Pages) carefully.



A total of 1,470,000* of the FXT tokens will be available for this FuxeX Bounty Program. The tokens will be distributed for the following 5 Categories: 20% (294,000FXT)
Contents (Blogs, YouTube Videos, etc.): 30% (441,000FXT)
Social Media (FaceBook, Twitter, etc.): 30% (441,000FXT)
Translations: 15% (220,500FXT)
Link Sharing: 5% (73,500FXT)


Plus we’ll offer a FuzeX Card & Fuze Card (Magnetic Strip ONLY) to the most active participant in each category and a Fuze Card (Magnetic Strip ONLY) to the runner-up.


When applying/joining, more detailed information can be found regarding exact requirements on the related google documents and forms. Please read these carefully


NOTE:*Token allocation is calculated as a percentage of the total allocated FXT tokens (0.15%). As this is calculated using a percentage the total amount is subject to change.
Please be aware of this before undertaking the FuzeX Bounty Program.



Participants will not receive their bounties until the full Token Sale process has finished (First half of 2018). We aim to provide bounties within 6 weeks of the end of the Token Sale process.
This is the first of several potential FuzeX Bounties. This is a long term project and we're looking to work closely with our Bounty community to raise awareness of FuzeX and promote the brand. If this Bounty goes well, we'll look to work closely with a core group of participants in other future FuzeX Bounties.
This FuzeX Bounty is for the Token Pre-Sale only. Dates for the Token Sale Bounty will be released.
Token rewards will be calculated using the following formula: (Total amount of allocated FXT tokens for the category/Total amount of all bounty category participants’ stakes) x Each participant's stakes.
Due to the Christmas & New Year holiday season, the bounty calculations for Week 1 & Week 2 (25th December to 2nd January 2018 ) will be calculated and added during Week 3. Communication during this time will be available but limited due to the FuzeX office being closed (26th Dec~2nd Jan 2018).
When joining the bounty program (above), please read ALL of the related information and white paper as other term and conditions apply.
The FuzeX team reserves the right to change any rules, or make any changes if necessary at any time.