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Achain would like to invite @everyone to Join Achain community on Telegram and get 3 Achain (ACT) coins as part of a Bounty Program. 

Achain has been launched in 2015 and it has been steadly growing ever since. The team has been working hard in the last years and will continue to work hard to promote and maintain the growth of the Achain blockchain. 

Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels of experience to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications and blockchain systems. Achain is committed to building a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions.

"The first stage is to enhance the Achain network’s security and stability. Smart contracts, digital assets, and sandbox simulations are made available through the methodology of modular design. Sandbox can automatically test and monitor the environment where the newly created smart contracts operate. Thereby they ensure that those contracts run stable and safely within the Achain network. Achain splits into multiple sub-chains to meet the need for different applications in the reality, including insurance, e-documentation, cryptocurrency, record investigation, credit rating, and much more can be fulfilled by sub-chains within an interconnected, low-cost, user-friendly, and customized blockchain network. The BaaS and VEP (Value Exchange Protocol) concept and technology can not onlyunify the main chain and sub-chains but also connect the non-blockchain realities to the blockchain ecosystem. This pushes the world’s interconnections to a greater, all-encompassing dimension"

Milestones Reached 2015
Initiated Smart Contract of new generation
The first ever RDPOS Mechanism was activated
Achain Blockchain was officially commercialized

Milestones Reached 2015
The Virtual machine based on Lua smart contract was developed
Upgraded to smart contract sandbox mechanism and event mechanism

Milestone Reached 2017
Achain's Blockchain Technical White Paper was offically released
A Visualized Smart Contract development tool was realeased
Raised 3000 BTC in 61 seconds on Achain ICO
Released of open source on Github
More than 30 assets are expected to be launched

Achain wants to celebrate the 2018 New Year by launching Achain New Year Telegram Bounty Plan.

In order to get the 3 free ACT you have to:
1. Retweet:
2. Join Achain Telegram group:

Here is the form you need to use for registration and to Write your Achain wallet address:

1 ACT is around $0.33 today and its been steadly growing since its release in 2015, it will certainly have a higher value in the future as our plans are for the long term and real growth (
You can download the PC Wallet from Achain's website or the Mobile Wallet Kcash that supports Achain (ACT) coins 

The Bounty Starts on 30/12/2017 and ends on 02/01/2018.
The Achain (ACT) coins will be credited to your wallet on 03/01/2018.

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