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30 Dec - 31 Mar 2018






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  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
Peer-to-Peer Remittance Platform


XferMoney is a secure, transparent peer-to-peer (P2P) foreign currency exchange platform built on Ethereum blockchain to enable instant, reliable international money transfers. Platform is designed to disrupt and replace the traditional way of money transfers by connecting participants directly to exchange money and cut down the middleman, banks or brokers plus costs associated with them. Our main goal is to empower retail customers to exchange money globally with any person, business, or their own accounts in another country at a negligible cost. This should benefit all the consumers who have been paying heavy fees to the existing banks, institutions or brokers to transfer funds across borders. Our expertise in the fields of software development, blockchain, and forex exchange market give us the confidence in creating a unique P2P solution to benefit the end users and provide a better platform for currency exchange around the world. This document gives an overview of our approach.

Xfermoney Bounty Campaign

XferMoney is launching its bounty campaign and encourage people to join our community to promote the concept and benefits XferMoney is offering. In return, the promoters will be rewarded with Xfermoney tokens. A total of 6,250,000 XFM tokens (3% of total tokens) have been reserved for the bounty pool for the eligible participants.

Bounty campaign will start on January 1, 2018 (Registrations Open Now)
Bounty campaign will end when the ICO ends.
Bounty distribution will be done within 2 (two) weeks after the ICO ends.

Registration Process

In order to earn and participate in campaign: you must register to XferMoney bounty campaign here and must have :

A valid and active email account
Relevant Social Media profile links.
An Ethereum address which will receive the Bounty Rewards in XFM Tokens. (DO NOT USE Ethereum Addresses from Exchanges)
At the end of ICO we will distribute XFM tokens proportionally to your bounty stakes in each category.

Activity Submissions

Facebook and Twitter activity will be captured with the profile links provided in the registration.

For other categories, you will need to submit each activity performed via Submit Activity

Bounty Pool Distribution

Content Creation (30%)
Twitter (15%)
Facebook (15%)
Slack – Join Our Channel (5%)
Bitcoin Talk – Signatures (20%)
Translation – Whitepaper Translation (10%)

1. Content Creation Campaign

Allocation: 30% of the Bounty Pool

Content Creation Campaign Rules & Qualifications:

The content should be original, have a minimum of 300 words and can be written in any of the Xfermoney Whitepaper languages.
The content must contain minimum one supporting links to Xfermoney website (
If submitting a video; the video should be made in English and should focus entirely on Xfermoney unique features, Token Allocation/Distribution Event and platform.
Published contents/video must contain atleast one link (bitcointalk or facebook or twitter profile link) written for verification of authorship.
Our Assessor’s will judge the quality of the content (article/ blog / video) submitted and will grade it accordingly to either “normal”, “incredible” or “outstanding” category.

Content Creation Tasks:

Write/create a blog, video or an article about Xfermoney and publish it
Share or Post the published content on at least one social media website; accessible anywhere from the internet;

Bounty Stakes Calculation for Content Creation Campaign:

Normal: 100 Stakes
Incredible: 250 Stakes
Outstanding: 500 Stakes

Submit Activity – Post the published content/video link via Submit Activity by using the same registered email address every time.

2. Twitter Campaign

Allocation: 15% of the Bounty Pool

Twitter Campaign Rules & Qualifications:

Follow Official Xfermoney twitter account:
Twitter account must be 3 (months) old
Tweets about xfermoney must contain a hashtag #Xfermoney
Retweet only tweets made by the xfermoney official twitter account and are NOT more than 5 days old.

Twitter Campaign Weekly Task:

Tweet at least 5 high quality tweets about xfermoney with the hashtag #Xfermoney
Retweet at least 5 tweets from xfermoney Official twitter account.
(If there isn’t enough tweets from xfermoney to retweet, we would consider having lesser number of retweets on your reports)

Bounty Stakes for Twitter Campaign:

51-100 Real followers: 2 stakes/week
101-249 Real followers: 5 stakes/week
251-499 Real followers: 10 stakes/week
500-1000 Real followers: 20 stakes/week
1001-5000 Real followers: 50 stakes/week
5001-10000 Real followers: 100 stakes/week
10001-25000 Real followers: 200 stakes/week
20001+ Real followers: 400 stakes/week

Activity – Twitter activity will be captured with profile Id’s provided in the registration.

3. Facebook Campaign

Allocation: 15% of the Bounty Pool

Facebook Campaign Rules & Qualifications:

Like Official xfermoney Facebook Page:
Facebook account must have at least 100 Friends
Facebook account must be 3 (three) months old
Posts about Xfermoney must contain a hashtag #Xfermoney
Share and Like only the Posts made by the Xfermoney official Facebook Account and are NOT more than 5 days old.

Facebook Campaign Weekly Tasks:

Post at least 5 high quality Posts about Xfermoney with hashtag #Xfermoney
Share and Like at least 5 Posts from Xfermoney Official Facebook Account.
(If there isn’t enough posts from Xfermoney to share, we would consider having lesser number of shares on your reports) Bounty Stakes Calculation for Facebook Campaign:

10-50 Friends or Page with 100 followers: 2 stakes/week
51-100 Friends or Page with 250 followers: 5 stakes/week
101-500 Friends or Page with 1000 followers: 25 stakes/week
501-1000 Friends or Page with 5000 followers: 50 stakes/week
1001-3000 Friends or Page with 10000 followers: 75 stakes/week
3001-5000 Friends or Page with 20000 followers: 100 stakes/week
5001+ Friends or Page with 30000+ followers: 150 stakes/week

Activity – Facebook activity will be captured with your profile/Page link provided in the registration.

4. Slack Campaign

Allocation: 5% of the Bounty Pool

Slack Campaign Rules & Qualifications:  

Join the Official Xfermoney Slack Channel:
DO NOT spam and use foul language on the Xfermoney Slack Channel.
Stay in the Xfermoney Slack Channel until the end of the crowd sale.
Be active, helpful and respectful with other users.
Bounty Stakes Calculation for Slack Campaign:

10 Stakes on each Users

Activity – You will need to submit your joining activity via Submit Activity


Allocation: 20% of the Bounty Pool

 Copy the below code in your bitcointalk signature 

Each week completed will earn you the following stakes:

Legendary/Hero       20 Stakes

Sr./Full Member        15 Stakes

Member                     10 Stakes

Jr. Member                 5 Stakes

Conditions to earn stakes in this category:

Constructive posts a week minimum
At least 1 post a week must be constructive and in the Xfermoney Thread
As you apply, we define your rank, and it will not be changed
To get signature rewards, you need at least 50 posts written
We will ban and will not send XFM tokens to spammers and multi accounts
Users not posting a min of 10 posts per week for 2 consecutive weeks will be removed
Receiving negative trust or ban during your participation in our campaign will result in you being disqualified from our campaign receiving nothing
If we feel there’s a lot of spam posts you’re making you will be removed from the campaign and receive no payment
Do not change signature during campaign

6. Translation

Allocation: 5% of the Bounty Pool

Send an email to for your interest to translate in any of the following languages.
Chinese translation
Russian translation
German translation
Spanish translation
Korean translation
Japanese translation
Filipino translation
Greek translation
Indonesian translation
Italian translation
Romanian translation
Portuguese translation
Only accepted participants via email would be considered for the bounty rewards. We will be accepting two participants (Writer and Reviewer) for translation of whitepapers for each language.
Bounty pool rewards will only be distributed to the selected participants for translation.

Note: To receive the rewards for each campaign, participants should comply to below.

Participants must have satisfied the qualifications/rules & tasks required as per the instructions given in each campaign category.
Cheating in any of the campaign will result in a ban and will not receive any stakes and payment for the whole campaign.
Bounty campaign members, who use unfair methods, such as spam, artificial likes and shares will be excluded from bounty campaigns and will not receive rewards.
The campaign manager and the Xfermoney team has the rights to change any of the stated rules/qualifications on this campaign at any given time.

For any queries: you can reach out to