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28 Dec - 10 Jan 2018






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  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

EDIT: Just want to put the link to our funding thread here for quick reference:

ALL BitcoinTalk users are welcome to participate in YuTü's Twitter campaign. Campaign ends on January 10, 2018 (GMT).

Must have at least 100 real or alien Twitter followers to participate.

You can utilize any or all Twitter accounts in your control - preferring if you post multiple Twitter accounts within a single post, adjusting what's in CODE below accordingly/to your liking (don't sweat it if opting to multi-post).

How to participate:

1 Follow YuTü on Twitter  
2 Post in this thread the following information:

a. Your Twitter Account Link:
b. Number of Twitter Followers:
c. ETH Wallet Address:

d. List URL of Tweets:

Copy/paste and tweet the following once or every calendar day (GMT):

Check out #YuTüCoin (YTC): Tokenizing #YouTube channels of opted-in YouTubers:

Payout schedule:

Payments will be in the form of the ERC20 token YuTüCoin (YTC), hence requiring your Ethereum wallet address. All payments will be remitted on January 11, 2018, one day after the close of this campaign on the 10th.

Rewards are for each tweet multiplied by the number of tweets/days per Twitter account.

Number of Twitter followers dictates the number of YTC you'll receive per tweet as follows:

25 YTC for 100 -> 250 Twitter Followers
50 YTC for 251 -> 1,000 Twitter Followers
75 YTC for 1,001 -> 5,000 Twitter Followers
100 YTC for 5,001 -> 10,000 Twitter Followers
150 YTC for over 10,000 Twitter Followers

Please inquire if your have any questions or concerns, else follow the simple rules above and start tweeting.

Thanks in advance for your participation.