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  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

Links in one place:
Signature registration:
Twitter application:
Facebook application:
Slack registration:
Telegram registration:

Please DM @sandra.evans on Slack if you cannot find yourself on the spreadsheet or have been declined.




RootProject Official Bounty Campaign

Earn ROOTS tokens by participating in the RootProject bounty program.

2% of funds raised during ICO will be distributed in the Bounty Program.
This bounty program will be more important than most bounty programs.  While it is promoting a cryptocurrency designed to be very profitable, the nonprofit that administers it is a good cause – both for the people it helps and the cryptocurrency community in general.  We need to reach the corners of the cryptocurrency community that still care about the community as a whole.

Pre-ICO Date: 10th July 09:00 AM EST – 28 July, 50% premium bonus appliesy.

ICO Date: 5h September - 26th September

ICO price - 0.0001 ETH per ROOTS ($0.02)
pre-ICO price - 0.000066 ETH per ROOTS ($0.013)
*exchange rate 1 ETH = $200 was used
Bitcointalk thread: Thread
Slack: JOIN

Please DM @sandra.evans on Slack if you cannot find yourself on the spreadsheet or have been declined

Join Root Project Community in Slack

We appreciate and value our supporters and first 3000 Slack members will receive 133 ROOTS as welcome bonus.
First 1000 get 1333 ROOTS.
In order to be eligible the following rules are apply:
1.        Fill the form, one slack account per one member ONLY. (Link to the form)
2.        Cheating users with multiple slack/bitcointalk accounts will be disqualified.
3.        Users required to post at least one full sentence to chat per week.


Bounty campaign token allocation

40% Signature campaign
25% Future contests
15% Translation and moderation
10% Twitter and Facebook
10% Media and YouTube articles

Join our Slack to be first to hear about the announcements.
Participants will be paid within 3 weeks after the ICO completion. Campaign is by stakes basis.

Translation and moderation bounty:

Token allocation: 15% of total bounty pool will be allocated for Translation and Moderation bounty.
Ways to earn ROOTs:
* Whitepaper and One-pager
* Announcement thread translation and managing the thread
Thread management disclaimer: We expect from our thread translators to moderate their local thread. This will include translation official announcements, news and updates regularly. If the thread is left unmoderated, we will disqualify the translation.
Stakes per task:
-   100 Stakes - translation of the official announcement thread
-   10 Stakes per week for active moderation ( at least 10 answers per week to qualify)
-   40 Stakes per official update which we will send you
To reserve translation, please write to #translations channel. Do not PM this account on the forum. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.
Languages available:
Please contact @bybox on Slack
Translation Terms:
1.        Translation must be original, without automatic translation tools such as Google Translate.
2.        If automatic translation is detected, the translator will be immediately disqualified.
3.        Root Project Team reserves the right to change and / or apply new terms.

Twitter & Facebook Bounty:

Token allocation: 15% of total bounty funds raised will be allocated for Twitter and Facebook Bounty
Ways to earn ROOTS:
* Retweet official Twitter account updates
* Repost official Facebook account updates
* Tweets mentioning @RootProjectCo and/or #RootProject hashtag and/or website link
* Facebook posts mentioning Root Project Facebook page and/or website link
Stakes per task:
Stakes number will depend on Twitter followers number / Facebook friends:
Retweet / Repost:
-          200-500 Followers: 1 stake/post
-          501 – 1000 Followers: 2 stakes/post
-          1001+ Followers: 4 stakes/post
Original tweet / Post:
-          200-500 Followers: 2 stakes/post
-          501 – 1000 Followers: 4 stakes/post
-          1001+ Followers: 8 stakes/post
How to join the bounty campaign:

Fill the form:

Application form:

Twitter & Facebook Terms:
1.        Stakes updated weekly - Monday is the first day of the week
2.        Only 1 Facebook and 1 Twitter account allowed per member.
3.        Only 1 tweet / retweet / post / repost will be counted per day, so maximum 4 actions per day will be counted per one forum member per day
4.        Your account have to me not private
5.        Twitter account followers will be based on an audit from - minimum 90% real followers will be accepted
6.        If we observe any type of cheating, bounty participant will be immediately disqualified.
7.         Detected multiple accounts will be disqualified and reported to the forum administration.


Media and YouTube Bounty

Token allocation: 15% of total bounty pool will be allocated for Blog & Media Bounty
Ways to earn ROOTS:
·          Write / film quality reviews about Root Project
·          Write articles / film about Root Project
·          Write articles / film about ICO details
The articles can be published on:
·          Blogs
·          Websites
·          Forums
Bonus: Write for us! If we like your style of writing, we will consider you joining our team and write articles for our official blog
Stakes per article:
High quality: 100 stakes
Good quality: 50 stakes
Stakes per video:
High quality: 200 stakes
Good quality: 100 stakes
+ Bonus up to 200% if article / video gets viewed 1000+ times.
To join the articles and YouTube bounty campaign:
Fill the form:
Spreadsheet with all blogs / articles:
1.        Low / mediocre quality articles /videos won’t be accepted
2.        Articles accepted in any language
3.        Participants engaged in plagiarism will be disqualified
4.        Articles must be longer than 100 words
5.        Articles must link to the website
6.        Articles must have bitcointalk username at the bottom of the article
7.        Only 1 article allowed for Steemit / Medium
8.        Up to 3 articles allowed for .com / .net and other premium domains
9.        If required stakes number is not reached, a hard cap on maximum payment will be imposed.

Meme campaign:

Rules: Submit your meme related to RootProject to the slack channel #Memes. By the end of the ICO, we will host a thread on our official subreddit where users would be able to vote for their favorite meme:
1st place: 11,111 ROOTS
2nd place: 5,555 ROOTS
3rd place: 2,222 ROOTS
4th place: 1,111 ROOTS
5th place: 666 ROOTS
Rules: user is allowed to submit only 1 meme per day

Signature / avatar campaign

Token allocation: 40% of total bounty pool will be allocated for the Signature campaign.
Signature campaign:
Weekly campaign rates:
   •   Legendary Member : 3.0 Stakes
   •   Hero Member : 2.5 Stakes
   •   Senior Member : 2.0 Stakes
   •   Full Member : 1.5 Stake
   •   Member : 1.0 Stake       
   •   Junior Member : 0.5 Stake
Avatar campaign:
Weekly campaign rates:
 0.25 stakes for using RootProject avatar
To join the bounty campaign:

Fill out the Google Form:                   
Follow our spreadsheet:
1.       Must not have negative trust
2.       Must make 10 posts per week while wearing signature
3.       Posts should be at least 100 characters per sentence.
4.       Spamming, and other nefarious behaviour will result in disqualification
5.       Multiple accounts are not allowed
6.       There is no restrictions where to write posts.
7.       Stakes distributed every Tuesday.
8.       If your rank changes during the campaign, please PM @signatures via slack
For the use of our avatar, you get 0.25 extra stakes/week.