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17 Dec - 28 Feb 2018






  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
Bounty Programme
We have allocated 1% of the total token supply for bounty, that is we will be giving out
1.2 Million TNS tokens for bounty hunters. The valuation of the entire bounty
programme would be $416,640.
To distribute bounty tokens fairly among the bounty hunters, we think the best
approach would be to give out a stake for each activity. Every bounty programme has a
different percentage of weight and each activity that you need to perform will let you
earn stakes. Bounty programme will last till the main ICO ends. Once the main ICO ends,
tokes will be calculated for each stake and then these tokens will be sent to your
Ethereum account.
To participate in any bounty programme you need to fill a form for participation and
then post the proof of your activity in the bounty thread as instructed. Your activity will
be evaluated by the bounty-manager, if the rules are not followed correctly, the bounty
hunter can get ban from the entire bounty programme. Transcodium team reserves the
right to modify terms of bounty as well as to add / delete any bounty programme in
You must join our telegram group to get support from our team during the bounty
programme. You should also notify us about your activity on the bounty thread.
Following bounty programme are available to participate in.

Bounty Campaign Sections are:
1. 15% Translation Campaign LIVE !
2. 20% Content Creation Campaign (Articles, Reviews, Publications, Videos) LIVE !
3. 5% Reddit Campaign (Coming Soon)
4. 10% Twitter Campaign (Coming Soon)                    
5. 10% Facebook Campaign (Coming Soon)
6. 20% BitcoinTalk Campaign (Coming Soon)
7. 15% Reserve for future bounty (Coming Soon)

What are stakes?

Example: Facebook campaign participants will receive stakes every week during the campaign. At the end of the campaign each member’s bounty amount of TRANSCODIUM will be calculated this way:
Total amount of Facebook Campaign TRANSCODIUM / Total amount of all bounty campaign participant’s stakes) * Member’s stakes

F.e.: (60,000 / 1000) * 100 = 6 000 TRANSCODIUM

15% of total Bounty Pool will be paid for translations and to moderators

Here are the files for translation:
• Ann Translation
• Website
• Whitepaper

To participate:
1. Join TRANSCODIUM telegram:
2. Please, post in this thread to reserve your translation
a. Code:
b. Bitcointalk username:
c. Language:
d. WhitePaper/Thread/Website:
e. Portfolio:
f. ETH address:
3. Fill in this form if you have been Pm'd: HERE
4. Check this spreadsheet for additional information as spots fill up: SPREADSHEET
Feel free to ask any questions in TRANSCODIUM Bounty telegram channel.

• ANN : 100 Stakes  
• Whitepaper: 300 Stakes 
• Website: 100
• Moderation/Management ANN: 5 Stakes per Valid Post

• Chinese Simplified : (ANN, Whitepaper and Website ) - reserved by:            backed up:
• Korean : (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by:            backed up:
• Japanese : (ANN , Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by:            backed up:
• Spanish : (ANN , Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by:            backed up:
• German : (ANN , Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by:            backed up:
• Italian : (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by:            backed up:
• Vietnamese : (ANN,Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by:            backed up:
• Romanian : (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by:            backed up:
• Greek : (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by:            backed up:
• Hindi : (ANN and Website) -  reserved by:            backed up:
• Polish : (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by:            backed up:
• Russian: (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) -  reserved by: gslgroup  backed up:
• Swedish: (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) -  reserved by:            backed up:
• Turkish (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) -  reserved by:            backed up:
• Filipino: (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by:            backed up:
• Indonesian: (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by: Maiyah  backed up:
• Portuguese: (ANN, Whitepaper and Website) - reserved by: r_victory  backed up:

Rules and Terms:
• Translations need to be proper in grammar and vocabulary.
• Translations must be original, no Google translate. If we will find that the text is translated with the help of automated translation tools, translator will be blacklisted, and no payments will be made
• We do not need any Single Post Dead Thread. If you failed to keep the thread active and up to date, your reward can be reduced to 50% of the actual payment or you could simply be disqualified.
• If there will be a lot of mistakes in translation, translator will be blacklisted, and no payments will be made
• Translators must do the the task for their language (described above).
• Translators are expected to remain engaged in discussion about TRANSCODIUM on an thread specific to their language.     
• Translations have to be done professionally.
• For stake counting, only the posts of the OP are counted towards Moderation activity.

20% of total Bounty Pool will be paid for video makers, article writers and etc

Blog posts, articles and videos campaign. Content bounty will be distributed to the creators of the posts, reviews and press releases about Transcodium.
Anyone can participate just create a 500+ words long text about Transcodium and publish it on your website. The better your text is the more stakes you will receive.

Before you start writing please complete this campaign participation form to let us know your details and also know the website(s) on which you are going to publish your text.
Remember that before the stakes are awarded to you, the text must be approved

To participate:

1. Join Transcodium telegram:
2. Fill in that form: LINK
3. Check this spreadsheet for additional information as spots fill up: SPREADSHEET
Feel free to ask any questions in Bounty telegram channel.


All blogs and media content will be divided into 4 different categories, and will be rewarded as follows:
• Excellent: 150 Stakes
• Good: 100 Stakes
• Medium: 70 Stakes
• Normal: 40 Stakes

Rules and Terms:

• All texts must be published online and accessible to everyone.
• Your text must be unique.
• We don’t allow websites with no audience or new websites; the website where you choose to publish your text, must be at least 2 months old and must have user activity.
• Your text must consist of 500 words at least.
• Video must be at least 2:00 minute long. Shorter than that will not be accepted.
• Your post must include at least 2 links: to website, Transcodium ANN thread, other Transcodium social media or to the other articles about the project.
• Make sure you have full understanding of the Transcodium project. Read the Transcodium project
• Whitepaper first you can find it on our website 
• All content will be judged on the basis of quality, traffic, views and influence.

Some ideas for the posts:

– Explain the Transcodium. Why it's unique and beneficial? 
– What are the benefits of Transcodium in comparison with competing projects?
– When will Transcodium ICO start and why should one participate?
– Any good texts regarding Transcodium project
– You can conduct an analysis of the Whitepaper, etc.

Please make sure that your text is technically correct, and doesn't have typos and errors.

NOTEALL SPREADSHEET will be updated at the end of the ICO. And the token distribution will be done within 2 or more months span of time to predict the value of the coin when it hits exchanges. Hope you understand.