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20 Dec - 26 Mar 2018






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  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
Tradershub Bounty Program

Tradershub is starting its Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with Tradershub Tokens (THT).

5% of all tokens generated will be allocated to the Bounty Program. The projected value of the tokens allocated to the bounty program is worth up to 500.000$.

The program will run until the end of the Token Sale. After Token Sale is finished, the whole THT Bounty pool is to be redistributed among all campaign members based on the number of shares (Stakes) each member earned. The bounties will be paid out within 30 - 60 days after the end of the Token Sale.

Bounty distribution:

Campaign Amount
Twitter 10%
Facebook 10%
Telegram 10%
Signature 28%
Content Creation 28%
Translation and Moderation     10%
Survey 4%
Total 100%

Participation status can be checked in this spreadsheet. The participation status spreadsheet is updated weekly. 


Stakes will be paid depending on real (as determined by TwitterAudit) followers (at the start of the campaign). 

250-749 followers: 1 stake per retweet
750-1499 followers: 2 stake per retweet
1500-9999 followers:   4 stake per retweet
10.000+ followers: 6 stake per retweet

Minimum 3 retweets per week.
Maximum 2 retweets per day, and 10 retweets per week.

Follow Tradershub on Twitter
Register with this form
Register your retweets every 2 weeks with these forms:
Weeks 1-2 (25.12.2017-7.1.2018) (must be sent before 14.1.2018) Form link
Weeks 3-4 (8.1.-21.1.2018) (must be sent before 29.1.2018) Form link
Weeks 5-6 (22.1.-4.2.2018) (must be sent before 12.2.2018) Form link
Weeks 7-8 (5.2.-18.2.2018, if applicable) (must be sent before 26.2.2018) Form link

Participants must follow Tradershub official Twitter account
You must have Jr. Member or higher rank in bitcointalk
Your Twitter audit score must be equal to at least 85% and only real followers from the last audit will count
Twitter followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign

Translation and moderation

This Bounty consists of the following tasks:
Translation of ANN + Bounty thread
Moderation and assistance in Tradershub Telegram group
Website translations to the following languages: Chinese, French, Hindi, Russian, Spanish.

ANN + Bounty threads: 20 Stakes
Website (+ occasional updates):     100 stakes
Telegram moderation: 250 stakes

Register with this form.
After being accepted further communication will conducted via email.

Moderation and assistance in Tradershub Telegram group: Participation is limited. Complete the registration form and make sure you include an email address. Activity is required on a daily basis. More will be agreed upon in an email conversation with the moderator.
Participants are required to keep their local threads alive by posting and translating regular updates, news or any important announcements. A single post thread will be rejected.
Automatic (Google Translate or similar) translations will be rejected.
Unnecessary or repeated posts will be rejected for stake counting.
Only posts written by the OP will count.
The last day for submitting Translation Bounty works is January, 11th, 2018. Translations submitted after January, 11th, will not be accepted. Please, make sure to send us your translation works in time.
By signing up, you are committed to updating your translation to the end of the Tradershub ICO campaign.


1 stake/week for all participants.

Join our Telegram group
Post a message in this thread to verify your account and use the post number in the application form.
Fill and submit this form

Only one reward per Telegram and Bitcointalk user.
You must be active in the Telegram group at least once per week.
Accounts with less than 10 posts at Bitcointalk or inactive for a long time will be rejected.
No discussing the bounty campaign in the main telegram group.

Signature, avatar and personal text campaign

Distribution of stakes according to user level:

Jr. Member: 1 stake/day
Member: 2 stakes/day
Full Member: 3 stakes/day
Sr Member: 5 stakes/day
Hero/Legendary:   7 stakes/Day

Add signature of your level, avatar and personal text
Fill and submit this form

Signature, avatar and personal text must be kept until the stakes have been calculated after the end of the Token Sale (allow around two weeks for these calculations).
A minimum of 10 meaningful posts must be made within one week. Off-topic, spam and meaningless posts will not count.
Posts must have a minimum length of 70 characters.
Participants must have at least Jr. Member rank in the forum.
It is prohibited to use several signatures at the same time.
It is prohibited to change signature during Signature Campaign.


Stakes will be paid depending on friends/followers. 

500-1000 Followers/Friends: 1 stake per week.
1001-2000 Followers/Friends: 2 stakes per week.
2001-3000 Followers/Friends:   3 stakes per week.
3001 Plus Followers/Friends: 5 stakes per week.

Follow and like our Facebook page
Fill and submit this form.
Register your shares every 2 weeks with these forms:
Weeks 1-2 (25.12.2017-7.1.2018) (must be sent before 14.1.2018) Form link
Weeks 3-4 (8.1.-21.1.2018) (must be sent before 29.1.2018) Form link
Weeks 5-6 (22.1.-4.2.2018) (must be sent before 12.2.2018) Form link
Weeks 7-8 (5.2-18.2, if applicable) (must be sent before 26.2.2018) Form link

Participants must follow and like Tradershub official Facebook account
Participants must share and like Tradershub’s posts
Accounts with fake friends/followers will be disqualified
Friends/followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign

Content Creation (Blogging, Youtube, Forums) 

Blog about Tradershub, promote it in other forums or create YouTube videos and earn some tokens. 

Stakes (per post/video) earned depending on quality (decided by Tradershub after review):
Rejected:   0 stakes
Low: 10 stake
Medium: 100 stakes
High: 200 stakes

Reposting an article to a different site will earn an extra 25% of the stakes (1 repost allowed per post/video)

Complete and submit this form (once your videos are uploaded or your articles are posted).
Post a link to your article/video in this thread.

The blog/forum must be focused on a relevant topic (at the sole discretion of Tradershub)
Blog posts must have at least 250 words and forum posts must have at least 100 words.
Blogs/forums in languages other than English may also be accepted (at the sole discretion of Tradershub). Please contact me ( first to check.
The blog should exist for at least 3 months.
Site visibility on a stand-alone domain - at least 3000 visits per month (provision of access to traffic counters is mandatory)
YouTube channel audience - at least 300 followers
Videos have to be meaningful and related to Tradershub: the Token Sale, aspects of the Whitepaper, related technology, etc.
Videos/articles with fake views will be disqualified
Only original content will be accepted
The blog post should contain at least 2 links to any of the following sources: website, Tradershub BitcoinTalk thread; Tradershub Medium/8N9qAU]Tradershub Telegram/8hnF7g]Tradershub Facebook/f3wNuE]Tradershub Linkedin/WXMRRQ]Tradershub Twitter
Spamming/posting in wrong subforums will not be tolerated. Posts deleted or closed by the forum’s administration will not count.

Tradershub Survey for Crypto Traders

If you have experience in trading cryptocurrencies, we would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to let us know how we can better serve your trading needs an therefore deliver a better product. We are interested in your personal views and practical experience as a cryptocurrency trader. 

The survey should take about 10–15 minutes of your time. As a token of appreciation we will reward each participant with a supply of Tradershub Tokens worth an estimated $100.

If you are interested in participating in our survey, the first step you need to do is to apply here: /eErWqt]https://[Suspicious link removed]/eErWqt

From all received applications, a limited number of candidates (200) will be selected and notified via e-mail. Priority will be given to those who apply earlier.

General rules:

The Tradershub Team reserve their right to make changes to the terms at any moment
Payment addresses will NOT be changed after submission
Any kind of offensive or inadequate behaviour when promoting Tradershub will result in immediate disqualification from the Bounty campaign
The Tradershub Team decisions are final
For queries or complaints please fill and submit this form
This thread is self-moderated. We want to promote a positive and open discussion. Disrespectful and inflammatory posts may be subject to moderation.