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20 Dec - 25 Feb 2018


1,000,000 havvens




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
Havven Bounty Campaign


Welcome to the Havven bounty campaign! This post will detail how the program will work, and how you can benefit from contributing.

There are 1,000,000 havvens available in the bounty (1% of the total number of havvens). 

The 7 areas in which you can participate are the following:
• Twitter (25%)
• Content Creation (20%)
• BTCT signatures (15%)
• BTCT translation (10%)
• Reddit (10%)
• Medium (10%)
• (10% is being withheld for a future event)


To participate in any part of the bounty, you must first add your email to the Havven mailing list. This can be done at our website. You must also join our telegram channel.
Both of these must be joined before participating. 

We will provide view-only Google Sheets where participants can track their process at a later date. 

The Havven token sale is currently scheduled for February 2018. Please see the BitcoinTalk announcement thread for updates.


Twitter (25%)
Show your support for Havven in crypto Twitter. 

• Your Twitter account must have at least 200 real followers
• Follow the Havven account on Twitter
• Like and retweet at least 10 Havven posts before the Token Sale
• Make three unique posts with the #havven hashtag before the Token Sale
• Posts must be relevant, e.g. relating to a feature of the Havven network
• No more than one post per week
• Your posts/retweets must remain visible until the end of the Token Sale
• All Tweets should be in English
• You cannot retweet more than once on the same day

To participate in the Twitter bounty please fill out this form:


Content Creation (20%)
Spread the word about Havven by writing articles or blog posts, or show people what Havven is all about in a video. 

• Content must be original. Any plagiarising of other websites’ material will result in disqualification from all bounties. 
• Content must be mid- or high-level in quality.
• Articles and blog posts must be 500 words or longer. 
• Videos must be two minutes or longer.
• Articles, blog posts, and videos must all display the Havven logo, link to the Havven website, and provide an accurate explanation of how the Havven system operates. 
Any entries that fail to do these three things will not be eligible. 
• You must provide a valid email address so the Havven team can contact you to correct any mistakes if necessary. 
If you make mistakes and do not implement the changes within a week of posting, you will be ineligible.
• The quality of the content submitted will be judged by the Havven team, and high quality submissions will receive higher stakes. 
The categories are the following: Good (5 stakes); Very good (10 stakes); Excellent (20 stakes). 

To participate in the content bounty please fill out this form:


BitcoinTalk signatures (15%)
Add a Havven signature to your BitcoinTalk profile to show your support.

Add the forthcoming signature to match your BitcoinTalk rank. The higher the rank, the more stakes you will receive:
— Jr. Member (10 stakes)
— Member (12.5 stakes)
— Full Member (15 stakes)
— Sr. Member (17.5 stakes)
— Hero Member (20 stakes)
— Legendary, etc. (25 stakes)
• Please note that this portion of the bounty program is closed to Brand New members and Newbie members.
• Add a Havven avatar to your profile for an extra 10 stakes.
• Add link
• You cannot have another platform’s logo as your avatar to participate in the signature bounty.

If you are a skilled signature designer, we will grant 50 stakes to whoever designs the signatures for this part of the campaign.
Please comment if you are interested.

To participate in the Signature bounty please fill out this form:


BitcoinTalk translations (10%)
Help non-English speaking people to learn about Havven by translating the ANN post and the whitepaper, and manage that translation’s ANN thread.

Required languages:
— Chinese 
— Japanese
— Korean
— Russian
— Indonesian
— Spanish
— Portuguese
— Hindi
— German
— French
• Translations must be original. Any evidence of automated translations will result in disqualification from the Havven bounty program. 
• Translations must be mid- to high-level quality. Any poor-quality translations will be deemed ineligible. 
• Translations must be completed within 5 days of being assigned a language. 
If a translation is not completed within this time then it will be passed on to the first waiting translator.

To participate in the translation bounty please reserve in the comments section below and fill out the following form with your preferred language and examples of past work: 
Translators will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis (as long as they are approved by the Havven team).


Reddit (10%)
Join in with the Havven discussion on Reddit. 

• Subscribe to the /r/havven subreddit. 
• Make ten comments on the /r/havven subreddit. All comments must contribute to discussion. 
The legitimacy of contributions will be judged by Havven team members. 

The Havven subreddit has not yet been created. 
Any Reddit members with sufficiently high karma can earn 50 stakes by creating a Havven subreddit and subsequently communicating with the Havven team around it.

After you have made ten comments, please fill out this form:


Medium (10%)
Participate in the Medium conversation.

• Follow the Havven account on Medium. 
• Continue following the Havven account until the Token Sale.
• Clap all existing Havven articles.
• Clap all Havven articles posted until the Token Sale.

To participate in the Medium bounty please fill out this form:


Bounty Rules
• Individuals can enter only once. Any attempts to enter more than once will result in instant disqualification.
• All bounty allocations will be distributed within one week of the Token Sale, which is currently scheduled to take place in late February. 
If for some reason the Token Sale does not take place in late February, bounty tasks must be completed until March 1. 
• Havven team members reserve the right to add new regulations around the bounty as they arise.