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18 Dec - 20 Feb 2018






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Join our Twitter bounty to receive $10 equivalent of HORSE tokens. Low cap ICO with a working dApp product.

The World’s first DAPP to bet on the price of Cryptocurrencies


Ethorse is an Ethereum Smart Contract based DApp for betting on the price of Cryptocurrencies and win from everyone who bets against you. Users bet on a coin/token that has the highest price increase % among all the other competing ones in a specific time period. Bets are placed and rewards are claimed using Metamask plugin or Mist. Being completely secured by the blockchain, no one has control over the race or user funds once a contract is deployed and a race is announced.

How to join
1. Follow Ethorse team -
2. Post at least one Tweet mentioning @EthorseTeam and include hashtag #ETHORSE. Must be an original tweet and not a copy-paste. You can use content from our website 
3. Retweet one of our Tweets.
4. Fill out this form:

1. Must be “Jr. member" or above to be eligible to join and receive tokens.
2. Twitteraudit must show more than 500 real followers. We will verify this with your username.
3. You cannot delete your tweets until the end of February 2018
4. Maximum two Twitter accounts from a Bitcointalk profile. Duplicates will be identified and disqualified.
5. Reply to this thread once you have completed the bounty and the form to verify your Bitcointalk profile.

$10 equivalent of HORSE Tokens at ICO price will be distributed within 1 week after the end of the ICO (Feb 20). Round 1 of this bounty can be closed anytime upon notice here. We will close the bounty and lock this thread once we reach enough participants.

Form to fill: