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16 Dec - 25 Feb 2018






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Introducing the Crypto Trust Network

Protecting you from cryptocurrency fraud

Hello bitcointalk, we're happy to announce the launch of the Crypto Trust Network! 

Crypto Trust Network, or CTN is a platform backed by a large, expereienced software development company with a highly skilled team - we are offering tools allowing crypto companies such exchanges, wallets, merchants and debit card provides to help protect their customers from fraud, theft and loss.

The CTN's key feature is a metric known as the 'CTN Trust Rating' is calculated by taking data analysis, breach reports and blockchain transaction data and combing it with machine learning.

This allows our integration partners to instantly flag high risk transactions and blacklist stolen cryptocurrencies.

[Whitepaper] [Website] [Bounty] [YouTube] [Reddit] [Medium]

We're launching a token sale to kick-start this ambitious, industry leading project alongside this we're offering a very generous bounty program so you can earn CTN tokens, the currency of the network.

Helping us spread the word by making posts, articles, videos or tweets you can earn CTN tokens 

Bounty Rewards 

1. Blog/Article/Medium Post |
Normal quality/reach Up to 20 CTN
Above average quality/reach Up to 50 CTN
Exceptional quality/reach Up to 50+ CTN
Mention/partial 1-50 CTN

2. YouTube/Video 
Normal quality/reach Up to 30 CTN
Above average quality/reach Up to 75 CTN
Exceptional quality/reach Up to 75+ CTN
Mention/partial 1-50 CTN

3. Bitcointalk/Fourms posts + translations
Normal quality/reach Up to 15 CTN
Above average quality/reach Up to 25 CTN
Exceptional quality/reach Up to 25+ CTN
Mention/partial 1-25 CTN

4. Twitter Posts & follows |
Follow + hashtag + Post (up to 3) 200-500 followers 3 CTN per post
Follow + hashtag + Post (up to 3) 500-100 followers 5 CTN per post
Follow + hashtag + Post (up to 3) 1000+ followers 7 CTN per post
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For more information, questions and to see what we're all about please check out

For questions about the bounty please contact us at: and submit via the form on our website