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14 Dec - 31 Dec






  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects



CAMPAIGN duration from today till 31 Dec 2017

DERO Website:

* Account must be at least 2 months old.
* Wear the signature.
* Make a minimum of 12 posts during the payment period.
* Posts in Off-Topic, Games & Rounds and in this thread does not count towards the 15 post minimum.
* No negative feedback from another reputable member on the forum.
* No post bursting! (Making majority of the posts in one or two days).
* Do not participate in any other signature campaigns, if you do you'll be removed without notice.
* Don't use alts. If it's found out that you are you'll be permanently banned.
* Make constructive posts that adds to the conversation. Spam & low quality posts will not count.
* Only Junior Members, Full Members, Sr. Members, Hero Members and Legendary Members are eligable to join this campaign.
Two payments: First on 23 DEC and second on before 4 Jan 2018.
* Posts in any bounty thread will not counted including this thread.


Jr. Member
Signature 40 DERO

Signature - 50 DERO

Full Members:
Signature - 75 DERO

Sr. Members:
Signature - 100 DERO

Hero Members:
Signature - 150 DERO

Legendary Members:
Signature - 200 DERO

* Reply in this thread using the below form , you will recieve a PM if not accepted or any error else you will get your reply quoted as accepted in the thread:
Bitcointalk username & UID: 
Current number of Posts:
Member status Junior/senior/etc.
DERO Address for payments: 

Open Positions:
Jr. Members - 20 open slots.
Members - 16 open slots.
Full Members - 13 open slots.
Sr. Members - 17 open slots.
Hero Members - 10 open slots.
Legendary Members - 12 open slots.