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14 Dec- 30 Dec


7,000,000 BTW




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
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For more information about Bitcoin White, kindly visit our main thread: Here 
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Bitcoin White is running a bounty campaign to help promote their project.

7,000,000 BTW Tokens have been reserved for the bounty pool for the eligible participants.

▶ Bounty campaign will start on Dec. 14, 2017
▶ Bounty campaign will end when the ICO ends.
▶ Bounty distribution will be done within 4 (four) weeks after the ICO ends.
▶ Download the Wallets here:

Bounty Campaign General Rules
▶ All the Bounty Reward Stakes are made at Bitcoin White’s discretion and Bitcoin White Team reserves all right for changing it. 
▶ In case any spamming or manipulation in form of fake likes, shares etc is found, Bitcoin White Team and the Campaign Manager is authorized to disqualify the participant and will now be not eligible for any rewards.
▶ All the stakes in each category will be accumulated and will be awarded to the participants after the bounty campaign has concluded. 
▶ The Bounty rewards will be distributed to the participants, within 4 (four) weeks after the conclusion of the Initial Coin Offering.
▶ All rights are reserved by Bitcoin White Team and Campaign Manager for changing bounty campaign rules and regulations at any given time.

Bounty Campaign Registration
▶ Fill up a specific form for the specific bounty campaign category you will be participating.
▶ The registration requires the following:
A Bitcoin White address which will receive the Bounty Rewards in BTW Tokens.

▶ Relevant Social Media Accounts.

For Twitter, Facebook and Youtube Campaign.
Participants can receive tokens for performing automatic tasks. 
At the moment there are tasks of two types - like on YouTube and retweets.

Participants must precisely follow the instructions below:
▶ Join our Telegram chats:
BTW 1 CORPS @BTW_Community
BTW 2 CORPS @BTW_2corps
▶ Register your BTW wallet on our BOT: @BTCWHITE_BOT
▶ Wait Further Instructions from the Telegram BOT

To perform tasks on Twitter, 
▶ Participants must once bind their account on Twitter, use the command /twitter_bind

When executing tasks on YouTube,
▶ BTW Team generate a link since authorization is needed

To start the tasks,
▶ Enter the /quest command and look at the list of tasks,
▶ Select the task from the list and use the command /quest [job number from the list]

Successful task will be rewarded automatically by the BOT

Allocation: 500,000 BTW TOKENS

Signature Campaign will be stake based.
What are stakes?
Example: If the total amount of BTW Tokens that will be distributed at the end of the campaign is 4 million BTW Tokens. This amount will be distributed proportional to the number of stakes the person has gained over the course of the campaign. For instance, if the total number of stakes gained for the signature campaign is 32000 and the user has gained 13 stakes. Then he will receive [4,000,000 * 0.20 *  (13/32000)] = 325 BTW Tokens

Signature Campaign Registration
We are only accepting Members, Full Members, Senior Members and Hero/Legendary ranks.
Fill up the form (found below) with all these necessary informations:
Wear the appropriate signature codes based on your ranks, the Bitcoin White avatar and personal text.
Check the Spreadsheet to see if you're accepted/rejected.

To Participate on Signature Campaign, Reply on this thread using the format Below: 

Bitcointalk Username: yourUsernameHERE
Starting Post Count: 999999999
Bitcoin White Address: Get Wallet Address Here:

Signature Campaign Participants List: HERE

Bounty Stakes Calculation for Signature Campaign:
▶ Member = 20 Stakes per WEEK
▶ Full Member = 40 Stakes per WEEK
▶ Senior Member = 50 Stakes per WEEK
▶ Hero/Legendary = 60 Stakes per WEEK

Signature Campaign Rules & Qualifications:
▶ All participants must wear Bitcoin White's avatar (except for member ranks) & Personal Text
▶ All participants must make 15 posts per week
▶ All participants posts must be on topic and contructive and must must at least contain 75 characters (Symbols like @#$!&#%*~ etc. does not count). Posts in any signature campaign, bounty threads, Games & Rounds, Off topic, Lending, Auctions, Politics & Society, Beginners and help, Archival, Investor based games, or Micro earnings will not be counted.
▶ Spam posts and any posts that we're deleted by mods will NOT be counted.
▶ We will only count upto 5 local board posts. Excess post on local sections will not be counted.
▶ Any Participant NOT posting a minimum of 15 posts per week for 2 consecutive weeks will be removed from the campaign and will not be eligible for any payment.
▶ Any Participant can only enroll 1 (one) bitcointalk account in this campaign. Any participant that is found enrolling alternate accounts, the main and alternate account of that participant will be removed from the campaign and will receive no payment at all.
▶ Negative trust rated accounts will not be accepted. Any participant that receives a negative trust rating while enrolled will be removed from the campaign and will receive no payment at all.
▶ All participants is NOT allowed to advertise any other company/websites/campaigns in their signatures. Only signature from Bitcoin White. Violating this will result to disqualification/removal from this campaign.
▶ Participants will not be able to rank up unless there is an available opening and unless we say so.
▶ Participants may not change their payment addresses. All enrolled participants will use the same address for the entire campaign duration.

Bitcoin White Avatar & Personal Text

Personal Text: Decentralized Application Platform