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10 Dec - 14 Mar 2018






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Viola.AI Bounty Program kickoff!
By being part of our project, you are helping billions of singles and couples fulfill their dreams of finding love and happiness.

Welcome Bounty Hunters!
We are launching the Viola.AI Bounty Program to welcome all our supporters — who believe in our purpose in developing Viola.AI, to write, post, share and perform other online activities about Viola.AI and the ICO campaign.

Eligible Bounty Program participants will be rewarded with VIOLA tokens based on the level of quality and volume of original social postings and engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.), presented documentations and impact of influence.

We have a dream. Our dream is to transform the global dating and relationship landscape by helping billions of people create better lifetime relationships. We believe this can be done through Viola.AI — an AI-driven, decentralized market place for the dating singles and attached couples.

By being part of our project, you are helping us fulfil our dream. By being part of our project, you are helping billions of singles and couples fulfil their dreams of finding love and happiness.

On behalf of Viola.AI Team,
Jamie & Violet

We have allocated the Marketing Bounty Pool with 1.5% of the total token supply to reward our supporters upon successful participation in the Program.
There are 6 bounty channels you may wish to apply for. Each category will have a fixed allocated bounty pool.

Bounty Allocations (Total Reserve)

Telegram: 5%
Twitter: 20%
PR: 35%
Translation: 5%
White Paper: 15%
YouTube: 20%

General Rules & Eligibility
To be eligible for the rewards, until the end of Viola.AI ICO campaign, your social media profiles must remain as a member/follower of Viola.AI social accounts along with your content posted in your selected Bounty Channels. Only Whitelisted members of Viola.AI ICO campaign are entitled to receive the Bounty Program Rewards.

All rewards will be made at Viola.AI’s discretion. If Viola.AI believes there is manipulation of the Bounty Program Rules in any form including, but not limited to, generation of artificial Likes, Shares, Clicks, fraudulent account use or spamming, the Bounty Participant will be disqualified from the Bounty Program and receive no rewards.

Viola.AI reserves all rights to changing the Bounty Program and Rules at any given time. Viola.AI will notify registered participants through email if changes are made to the Program.

1. Complete the required details in the online registration form, which includes:

an email account (registered and whitelisted in Viola.AI ICO campaign)
an Ethereum address to receive Bounty Rewards in VIOLA tokens (ERC20); and
the relevant Social Media details.

2. You must join ALL the social media groups (“The Bounty Channels”) of Viola.AI below:


You can choose to participate in one or multiple Bounty Channels as below:



Total Reserve = VIOLA tokens (5%)
1 VIOLA token for all Viola.AI followers
1 VIOLA token for every follower added to Viola.AI group


Join the Viola.AI official Telegram account HERE
Members are encouraged to actively contribute to the group



Total Reserve = VIOLA tokens (20%)
200–500 Followers: 25 VIOLA tokens per week
500–1500 Followers: 50 VIOLA tokens per week
1500–3000 Followers: 75 VIOLA tokens per week
3000–5000 Followers: 100 VIOLA tokens per week
Unused VIOLA tokens are returned to the Marketing Bounty Pool


Follow the Viola.AI official twitter account HERE
Retweet and `like` all tweets by @viola_ai_
At least 1 original tweet daily about Viola.AI along with the hash tags #violaai #ico in it (7 a week)
Twitter accounts must be cryptocurrency-related, real and with at least 80% Twitter audit score.
Participants are required to retweet and share post everyday and not all retweet or sharing in just 1 day.

3. PR


Total Reserve = VIOLA tokens (35%)
150, 300 or 500 VIOLA tokens (blogs, reviews, press releases, etc. about the Viola.AI product and ICO) as selected/reviewed by Viola.AI Team.
Unused VIOLA tokens are returned to the Marketing Bounty Pool


Original content with at least 500 words that must be published online and publicly accessible.
The website where you choose to publish your post, must be at least 2 months old, and should have user activity.
Include at least 2 links to the Viola.AI website, Viola.AI ICO thread, social media page or to third-party articles about Viola.AI.
Please refer to the White Paper ( ) where you can quote facts, product information, and other technical details.
Some ideas for the posts
Explain the Viola.AI main idea and strategy.
Outline benefits of the Viola.AI in comparison to competing projects.
Why should one participate in Viola.AI ICO?
Any other well-written posts regarding Viola.AI will be highly appreciated too.



Total Reserve = VIOLA tokens (5%)
Each translation will be rewarded 750 VIOLA tokens
Unused VIOLA tokens are returned to the Marketing Bounty Pool


Translate BitcoinTalk thread and post to the corresponding BitcoinTalk language category
Must not use Google Translate or other translation software
One language per participant
Reservation can be made first and we will approve the reservation after reviewing the portfolio
Reserve translation here and not by PM with the following format:
Bitcointalk Username:
Portfolio (5 links):



Total Reserve = VIOLA tokens (15%)
50, 100, 200 VIOLA tokens are given for each quality submission
Unused VIOLA tokens are returned to the Marketing Bounty Pool


Suggestions have to be of substantial impact.
Read our White Paper
Give at least 3 constructive suggestions on the White Paper with the following format:
Section X.X 

Suggestions (if replacement needed, what is the alternative content):

Send your feedback to with the Subject Line “Viola.AI White Paper Translation”



Total Reserve = VIOLA tokens (20%)
1 to 3 minutes long = 500 VIOLA tokens
More than 3 minutes long = 750 VIOLA tokens
Unused VIOLA tokens are returned to the Marketing Bounty Pool


In the video description, you must have one link of our official ICO campaign website, one link to our white paper, and one link of your own BitcoinTalk profile as proof of your authorship.
In order to qualify for the bounty, your video must be live on YouTube from the publishing date until the end of the ICO.
Follow our official YouTube account HERE http://[Suspicious link removed]/viola-ai-youtube.

Rewards Access & Collection
Rewards accumulated in each successful Bounty Channel participation will be summed up and awarded to the Bounty Participant at the end of the Bounty Program. Rewards will only be distributed once Viola.AI ICO has concluded. Rewards will be distributed within 4 weeks after the conclusion of Viola.AI ICO, unless otherwise specified.
The conditions in the above mentioned General Rules and Eligibility apply.
You should receive an email notification from us for further instructions on how to review your rewards. Timely updates will be communicated via our Telegram group.

As Viola.AI strives to transform the dating and relationship industry, active support is greatly valued. The Viola.AI Transformer League is an exclusive group for most supportive Bounty Participants. They can join the League by invitation only. Participants in the League will be named as Transformers to recognize their efforts and the key roles they play in supporting the transformation.
Viola.AI team will review all eligible Bounty Participants and send invitation to selected participants individually. Transformers are entitled to 50% bonus VIOLA tokens on top of what they earn in the Bounty Campaign and 25% increase to the individual cap during Public Token Sale.

If you have any questions about Viola.AI Bountry Program, chat with us on Telegram and join our growing community!

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