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8 Dec - 16 Dec






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3 week HWC Airdrop/Bounty

Project HollyWood 2 weeks successfully implements Airdrop/Bounty campaign with a steady payout and generous bonuses. During this time, the HWC project has earned a great reputation and has become very popular among users from different countries and communities. The peculiarity of the project is that it is based on the coin


Coin name: HollyWoodCoin
Algorithm: Sscrypt
Type: POS
Ticker: HWC
Total amount of coins: 26 000 000
Pre-production: 18,200,000
48% per annum
PoS Min. Age: 1h
PoS Max. Age: Unlimited
Confirmations for Mined Blocks: 40 transactions
Confirmations: 6 blocks
60 second blocks for PoS
Port P2P: 10267
Port PRC: 10268


Contract - 0x57b80367c27b93da6ad9b6499dfb914790006101
Title - Hollywood coin Token
Ticker - HWC
The number of tokens is 24,000,000
Signs after the decimal point - 8

Ahead of the third week of the campaign!
Join a proven, reliable and profitable project right now!

**Competition in social networks**

Join us in

Telegramm - https://telegram.me/hollywoodcoin
Fasebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/306516603164779/ 
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Hollywood_Coin

and repost(retweet the pinned records)

Any adequate leave a message at BitcoinTalk in the topics...

AIRDROP 3 RUS https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2544276.msg25946959#msg25946959
AIRDROP 3 ENG https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2544274.msg25946925#msg25946925

And then fill out the form to receive the bonus.

http://hollywoodcoin.us/token/ LANDING TOKEN (the SOCIAL NETWORK)
http://hollywoodcoin.us/social/ LANDING COIN (the SOCIAL NETWORK)

According to numerous requests from participants of our contests and bounty, and for your trust we are in gratitude - INCREASE PAY FOR REPOSTS IN SOCIAL NETWORKS IN the X5 TIMES

******Competition on exchanges*******

Alpha - https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/HWC_USD/
Bit-Z - https://www.bit-z.com/

Get at least 5 coins HWC, 
Send them to your local wallet HWC
Copy the hash of the translation.
Hold them in your wallet until the lottery and 
become a winner at the end of the third week Bоunty!

For the purchase of coins with a deadline of 8 December to 15 December, inclusive. 16 Dec on YouTube channel

Hollywood coin Official

(recommend to subscribe that would not miss) will be posted a video where randomised using the website RANDOMIZATOR, winners will be chosen

For the first place lucky winner will receive 200 HWC

The prize for second place – 100 HWC

Third place – 50 HWC

4th and 5th place will receive 25 HWC

Attention! Important terms: the purchased coins must remain You have on the purse to the raffle! Not eligible coins purchased before December 8
Don't forget to fill out a form and specify a hash of the transfer of funds from the exchange to your wallet

(check on the blockchain)


to get your winnings.

**New bonuses from the developers!**

In connection with the release of the new exchange, we decided to add on 3 airdrop an added bonus!!!

Buy on the exchanges

Alpha - https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/HWC_USD/
Bit-Z - https://www.bit-z.com/

any number of coins in the period from 8 to 15 December! Take a screenshot of your purchase! 
Put these coins in your wallet! Make 1 screenshot where you will see the hash of the transaction!

Post those screenshots in this thread putting your HWC wallet and the Hash of the transaction! 
16 Dec everyone who took part in the action - bought the coins and kept them until the 16th of December in your wallet will get +10% TO the PURCHASED COINS!!!!!!!!

**********AN EXAMPLE OF THE MESSAGE***********

Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2

My purse HQP2579NvAiNQxF1nDToikEAjcRsbR3nsp
My hash is send from the exchange - 5fa3dc3ffdbb12b1a02fa2847c786794d4483db31ee2b4cd055af38fa40e0fe2

*Important note! In connection with the problems of the Ether net, tokens are temporarily not sent, all those who took part in the action token, will receive their reward after repair network*