Status Closed

6 Dec - 13 Jan 2018


360,000 GIFTOs




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
**Gifto Bounty Campaign IS NOW LIVE!!!**


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We are excited to announce the launch of our GIFTO Bounty Program! Promote our GIFTO Token Sale and get GIFTOs for Free. We would like to benefit our GIFTO users directly through this Bounty Program. Participate in the GIFTO Bounty Program now!

The GIFTO Bounty Campaign consists of 5 categories:
1. Telegram Campaign
2. Twitter Campaign
3. Youtube Campaign
4. Written Content Campaign
5. Meme Campaign
In addition, we have a Bonus Bounty Campaign to reward exceptional individuals to reward GIFTO Telegram Community members who make outstanding contributions to help grow our community on Telegram and other outreach channels.


Cheesy Cheesy Gifto Bounty Program is opened to everyone, including those who have took part in Program 1 and 2 as well. Kiss Kiss



Telegram Campaign
Telegram is the primary community channel for the GIFTO Token Sale. Do join our Telegram supergroup to be part of the GIFTO community and receive new updates.

100,000 GIFTOs

What must be done
Step 1 : Join and stay in Telegram
Step 2 : Fill this Google form -
Step 3 : Use 'Add member' function to invite 1 friend to the telegram and get him/her to fill in the google form as well.

10 GIFTOs when you first join our Telegram group
10 GIFTOs for both you and your friend when you invite him/her to our channel.

1. Only one Telegram registration per user
2. Only one friend invited will be counted
3. Must remain in the Telegram group chat until the ICO ends
4. Any abuse will result in an account ban and Bounty applications
5. No spam or foul language against Gifto communities.
6. Do not discuss the bounty in telegram. 


Twitter Campaign
GIFTO will constantly post updates on our GIFTO Token Sale on Twitter. Only one Retweet will be accounted in the Bounty distribution per day. You can continue to Retweet until the GIFTO Token Sale is over.

100,000 GIFTOs (Leftover Bounty will be given to top individuals)

What must be done
Step 1 : Follow Twitter
Step 2 : Retweet a Tweet from the GIFTO Twitter account
Step 3 : Leave a comment with no less than 15 words.
Step 4 : Fill this Google form -

      500-1000 followers get 10 GIFTOs
1001-1500 followers get  12.5 GIFTOs
   1501-2000 followers get  15 GIFTOs
2001-2500 followers get  17.5 GIFTOs
   2501-5000 followers get  20 GIFTOs
      5001+ followers get  22.5 GIFTOs

• Only applicable to Twitter users with more than 500 followers
• Only one Retweet per day will be accounted for the Bounty Program
• The tweet/retweet must be appropriate and not devalue GIFTO
• The applicant must be following the @GIFTO_IO account
• Any abuse will have all Bounty applications suspended.

Youtube Campaign
Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions which ranges widely in quality, we will implement a tiered system to evaluate these submissions.

100,000 GIFTOs (Leftover Bounty will be given to individuals with exceptional performance)

What must be done
Step 1 : Create a video based on the conditions given below.
Step 2 : Fill this Google form -

Tier 1 (Outstanding): 5,000 GIFTOs
Tier 2 (Average): 2,500 GIFTOs
Tier 3 (Poor): 250 GIFTOs
Note : Users who submit a qualified youtube video will get at least tier 3 = 250 GIFTOs

• No negative smear campaigns about the GIFTO Token Sale and videos must not devalue GIFTO
• Video is at least 30 seconds long
• Videos that follow our brief guidelines here will be prioritized for rewards
• Any abuse will result in suspension of all Bounty applications

Written Content Campaign

GIFTO will reward written content on quality reviews about Uplive and the GIFTO Token Sale across media platforms such as blogs, forums, Facebook, Reddit, Steemit, and more. As a guideline, you can include:
1) GIFTO Token Sale Review (top 5 reasons to invest, etc)
2) Tutorials on the entire gifting process on gifto demo version (e.g. send gift to creators, iamges show different animation of gifts)
3) Walkthrough of Uplive. (e.g. how gift effect looks like in uplive streaming, how broadcasters performs, other games in uplive)
4) How GIFTO could change content creators’ life.
5) And other positive, interesting ideas to tell the GIFTO and Uplive story

50,000 GIFTOs (we will have a special reward for the best 3 posts so do put in your best effort!)

What must be done
Step 1 : Create an article based on conditions given below.
Step 2 : Post your article on main content platform such as blogs, forums, Facebook, Reddit, Steemit, and more.
Step 3 : Fill this Google form -

Tier 1 (Outstanding): 100 GIFTOs
Tier 2 (Average): 50 GIFTOs
Tier 3 (Poor): 10 GIFTOs

• The content should be original. Plagiarizing, copying, or translating existing content is prohibited and will lead to disqualification
• 500 characters minimum for posts/articles.
• You can use our official images, logos, graphics, from our website and in the gifto thread
• Links to gifto website and or gifto social media must be included.
• Medium, Steemit, Newbium and other general/free blogging platforms are allowed but only one post on those platforms per user accepted.
• Ownership of your blog or media must be proved.
• Blog post should remain online till the end of the bounty campaign
• Low-quality articles and videos will not be accepted.

Meme Campaign
GIFTO will reward creative memes about GIFTO Token Sale which are shared in our Telegram channel.

10,000 GIFTOs (we will have a special reward for the best 3 memes so do put in your best effort!)

What must be done
Step 1 : Create a meme based on conditions below.
Step 2 : Fill this Google form -

20 GIFTOs for each qualified meme

• Must have the word GIFTO or GIFTO & Uplive logo
• Deliver a positive message of GIFTO
• No profanity and the meme must not devalue GIFTO
• Any abuse will have all bounty applications suspended