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We love YouTubers and we would like to be the first program that rewards YouTubers for the hard work they do promoting lending programs. 

Libracoin will reward YouTube promoters with 250 libra coins for promoting Libracoin on YouTube. 

Here is the criteria to enter or qualify for the bounty. 
Promoter must have a YouTube channel with a minimum of 1k subscribers (enable display of the number of subscribers that are subscribed to your channel, do not hide number of subscribers)
Calculating reward - 250 Libracoins @ $0.6 = $150. With a target price of $10 when launching the exchange $150x$10 = $1500 stand a chance to a possible $1500 earning

To enter bounty fill the following form

Must publish a minimum of two videos giving a review of Libra Coin and a follow up update later on
Videos must not be taken down for the entire duration of the ICO stage. 
Record high quality videos with clear picture and voice recording.
Must make your purchase of Libracoin  
Videos can be published in any language 
Remember: Direct referral bonuses are paid directly in your btc wallet during the ICO stage, bonus will be deposited in your btc wallet within Libracoin system and can be withdrawn instantly as soon as they are ready or confirmed by the network. 

Target price is a projected price, actual price will be determined by the demand from the community, even though we are optimistic that the target price stated is reasonable and achievable, Libracoin does not make any guarantees that the target price will be met. 

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