Mining Solutions

Status Closed

5 Dec - 8 Feb 2018


300 000 MS




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects


General information
Bounty program offers rewards for active participation in promotion of Mining Solutions products.
3% of the released tokens is allocated for the Bounty program. The distribution is as follows:

Tokens released in total: 10 000 000 
Total Bounty program allocated tokens: 300 000

Bounty tokens distribution:
Facebook - 37 500
Twitter - 37 500
Bitcointalk - 65 000
Translations - 40 000
Media/Blogging - 105 000
Other PR activity, including direct attraction of investors - 15 000

The Bounty share was divided proportionally to the fields of activity, according to how complicated the content creation process is.

(1 MS token - 0,02 ETH)


Official Facebook community:


1) The account should have been created three months ago or earlier and have no less than 100 friends
2) Participants should follow the official community page on Facebook
3) Commentaries should be no shorter than 30 letters long. Only clear comprehensible commentaries about Mining Solutions project apply. 
4) General answers and commentaries or messages unrelated to the project do not count towards the bounty.
5) Reposts should have official hashtags: #miningsolutions #minso
6) All publications should have the official Mining Solutions page link (@Mining Solutions)

Reward: 3 commentaries+1 post+1 repost=1 stake/week



Official Twitter account:


1) The account should have been created three months ago or earlier and have no less than 100 followers
2) Participant should follow Mining Solutions on Twitter
3) Tweets should be no shorter than 30 letters long. Only clear comprehensible tweets about Mining Solutions project apply.Tweets should have a link to the Mining Solutions Twitter account (@Mining Solutions) and ALL of the following hashtags: #miningsolutions #minso
4) General replies and tweets unrelated to the project do not count towards the bounty
5) Retweets with commentaries should have an original text of at least 15 letters long
6) Participant’s twitter should have no less than 10-20 original tweets.

Reward: 3 retweets+2 retweets with commentaries + 1 retweet with no commentary =1 stake/week




1) Keep the forum signature until the end of the program. The removal of the signature leads to disqualification from the program.
2) No less than 60 messages should be posted during the time of the program
3) We recommend posting at least 10 messages per week to spread them evenly over that time
4) Messages posted on forums should be constructive and directly connected with Mining Solutions project. Spam, illegible messages, copied and pasted texts and off-topic posts do not count towards the program
5) Messages should be no shorter, than 75 letters, otherwise they do not count towards the program
6) Keep the signature and messages, until the table with the posting results is complete
7) Messages posted in the Other section do not count toward the program
Rewards will be distributed as follows:

Jr. Member: 1 stake/week 
Member: 1.25 stakes/week 
Full Member: 1.5 stakes/week 
Sr. Member: 1.75 stakes/week 
Hero Member: 2 stakes/week 
Legendary: 2.25 stakes/week 
Avatar: +0.25 stakes/week




Translation is reserving by writing a post with contact information and portfolio.

1) Translate the original [ANN] post and White paper to your local language and post the translation in your local section
2) We require translation into the following prioritized languages:
-Chinese (Reserved)
Other languages:
Vietnamese (Reserved)
Indonesian (Reserved)
Filipino (Reserved)
3) Automatic means of translation are not allowed. Anyone using Google Translate or other translation services will be disqualified
4) Translation should be complete within 5 days, otherwise the text will be given to another participant
5) To be eligible for the bounty reward, you need to actively participate in your thread, update it according to the main thread and translate each new announcement over the course of the entire campaign
6) Every new announcement should be translated and posted in your thread within 2 days
7) Translated documents (White Paper, articles, press releases) should be created in the Google Docs format and posted in the commentaries in the current bounty branch

Prioritized languages: White Paper - 50 stakes, topic - 15 stakes, Other texts - 5-15 stakes (rewarded according to the teolume of the text)
Other languages: White Paper - 30 stakes, topic - 10 stakes, Other texts - 3-10 stakes (rewarded according to the teolume of the text)




1) The article should be unique and of a good quality
2) The article should be 80-100% original
3) The article should be public. Partial articles and articles released in closed media circles do not count
4) The article should be at least 500 words long
5) The article should contain the link to official website: and link to the topic:
6) We reserve the right to reject any article not directly connected to Mining Solutions projects
7) Media coverage - 3 original videos posted on YouTube and 3 blog posts from your account on a free platform (,
Cool YouTube account should have been created three months ago or earlier and have no less than 50 subscribers. The video should be between 1:00 and 5:00
9) The video should be substantial, spotlight the goal of the project and its advantages
10) Video description should have a link to the official website

In case the publications are made in any other languages than English, please, pay attention to the list of prioritized languages:

Reward: 3, 4 or 5 stakes, according to the quality of publications.. The quality evaluation is made by the Mining Solutions team.


Other PR activity, including direct attraction of investors

We welcome any PR activity aimed to spread information about Mining Solutions. The reward will be calculated on an individual basis.


The MS tokens earned during the bounty campaign will be transferred within 14 days after the token sales is compete.
Token Sale starts on December 4th, 2017
Token Sale ends on January 25th, 2018
Bounty tokens will be transferred before February 8, 2018

After the Token Sale is done, the entire token pool will be redistributed among all campaign participants, according to the shares of each participant.
Every participant should stay in the program until the end of the campaign. If a participant leaves the program before that, any earned tokens become null. The finishing date will be posted in the official topic and Mining Solutions official pages at the social networks.

P.S.Mining Solutions team reserves a right to change the bounty campaign conditions during the time of the campaign.