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50 000 000 SNP




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

General bounty conditions:

1. You must join our Slack team or Telegram group to participate in the bounty program!
2. Fraudulent behavior will result in ban from bounty campaign. It’s easy - be honest, get tokens.
3. Bounty tokens will be distributed up to 4 weeks after the end of token sale and token distribution.

BitcoinTalk Signature & Avatars - 22,500,000 SNP (45%)

BitcoinTalk is a vibrant community whose members will likely become part of the Snip community. To encourage BitcoinTalk users to spread the word, we’re rewarding users who will use the Snip signature and avatar.
Importantly, we are looking only for active users who are contributing to the to the forum and providing valuable insights.

The rewards will be given according to the user’s BitcoinTalk rating:

Hero/Legendary : 10 stakes / week
Sr. Member: 8 stakes / week
Full Member : 6 stakes / week
Member: 4 stakes / week
Jr. Member: 1 stake / week

A bonus of 2 weekly stakes will be rewarded for setting the Snip avatar in the profile.

Terms & Conditions of the Signature campaign:
1. To receive the weekly stakes each participant needs to post at least 10 posts per week with the Snip signature. The only eligible section is “Alternative Cryptocurrencies”.
2. Posts must be constructive and On-topic. Spam or low-quality content will result in disqualification.
3. Newbies and users with negative trust can not participate in the campaign.
4. Once a week, participants will be required to post a link to their contributions as a reply to this thread.

Signatures and avatar are attached below

Sign up here:


News Snippets - 15,000,000 SNP (30%)

The Snip platform is based on user-generated content, discovered and shared by the community. A key part of the bounty campaign is to actually open the platform to writers and start rewarding them for creating great news stories.
Judgement of a post’s quality will be a combination of subjective analysis of the Snip team and response from the community (replies, retweets, etc):

High quality story - 10 stakes
Medium quality story - 3 stakes
Low quality stories will not receive recognition and will not be published or rewarded.

Terms & Conditions of the News Snippets campaign:
1. Snippets have to be original and in English. Copying content, even small parts, is strictly forbidden.
2. To bid on a topic you must reply with the subject in the bounty thread. Participants should check the thread to see that a story topic isn’t taken.
3. The topic should be of interest to a wide group of people. The written snippet should be less than 200 words, with a preference of less than 150 words.
5. The sources on which the news story is based have to be clearly written, including a percentage of tokens that you believe each original outlet should get (10% is the minimum for the combined figure).
6. Snip will publish the snippets on the platform with attribution to the writer. You’re welcome to retweet these posts to increase engagement.
7. Please read the writing guidelines before starting:

Please sign up here and submit the snippets to with the title "Snip News Snippet".

Twitter Campaign - 5,000,000 SNP (10%)

Twitter is a vibrant platform with users who value interesting and engaging content. We’ll be rewarding users who share our content on Twitter and help more people know about Snip.

The reward will be according to the number of real twitter followers you have:

300-999 real followers - 1 stake per retweet with a maximum of 10 stakes weekly (up to 10 retweets)
1000-2,999 real followers - 2.5 stakes per retweet with a maximum of 25 stakes weekly (up to 10 retweets)
3,000+ real followers - 5 stakes per retweet with a maximum of 50 stakes weekly (up to 10 retweets)

Please respond to this thread once a week with the number of tweets you retweeted. The reply format should be "Twitter username: <X>, No. RT: <Y>"

Sign up here first.


Snip Ambassadors - 2,500,000 SNP (5%)

Users of BitcoinTalk will likely have many questions regarding the Snip platform.
If you read our white paper and blog posts, perhaps you’re fit to answer questions that arise in various threads.
We’ll reward users with up to 5 stakes per answer according to the quality of their answer and complexity of the original question, as judged by the Snip team.

Please submit weekly updates with your responses as a reply to this thread. The reply format should be "Snip Ambassadors: <list of links to posts>"

Sign up here:

Translations - 2,500,000 SNP (5%)

We hope to expose Snip to as wide a community as possible. Therefore, we will reward translations of the ANN thread and management of the local community ANN thread.
We expect the translation to be top notch and the translator has to be fluent in English and in the selected language.

The translation languages are divided into 3 tiers, based on the popularity of the languages.

Tier 1 (8 stakes): Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Spanish
Tier 2 (5 stakes): Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Japanese
Tier 3 (2 stakes): Malay, Vietnamese, Korean, Tamil, Urdu, Persian, Polish, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Romanian, Dutch, Uzbek, Pashto

Terms & Conditions:
1. Translation has to be high quality and not solely based on machine translation. Low-quality translations will be disqualified.
2. Translation has to be delivered in a reasonable time.
3. Stakes are distributed per each week the translation is live so hurry up!

Doc version of the announcement post can be found here:

Please sign up here and reply to this post to reserve your translation.

Current reservations:

Bonus - up to 2,500,000 SNP (5%)

This will be reserved for any creative ideas which promote Snip and help spread the word.
If you have an idea for something great, message the user “ranreichman” on BitcoinTalk with details, or contact us on Slack or Telegram