Status Closed

2 Dec - 13 Dec


1000 XMAS




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

XMAS Bounties

Main Thread:

A couple of translations have been reserved in the main thread. I was not aware of this new bounty sub-forum

OP Translation Bounties - 1000 XMAS


•   Show us some examples out of your translations portfolio
•   Translate all OP images. Use photoshop or similair to color the current text area, and place the translated text in place.
•   Get them here:
•   Update your work minimum two times when we release project resources. (wallet, explorer etc.)
•   Google translation will not be accepted as a valid translation.
•   If you reserve a translation, you have 24 hours to complete your reserved task before the reservation is cancelled.
•   Post your translated topic in here.

Translations bounties are paid on the 13th of December. We will contact you for your XMAS address.

Arabic - Reserved : sayedtaha - 02-12-2017 18:09
Chinese - Reserved: Blues017 - 02-12-2017 16:50
Russian - Reserved: Strashila - 02-12-2017 16:50
Spanish - Reserved: Minator1 - 02-12-2017 16:50
Hindi (Indian) Reserved: erikalui - 02-12-2017 16:50
Italian - Reserved: mondobitcoin - 02-12-2017 16:50
Indonesian - Reserved: endaiin  - 02-12-2017 16:50
Filipino - Reserved: yuno - 02-12-2017 16:50
Vietnamese - Reserved: DavidDuc - 02-12-2017 16:50

Twitter Campaign - 200 XMAS
Maximum 100 participants
Starting on the 3rd of December.

More info on the 3rd of December.

Twitter Campaign

Sign up on our website :
Sign in and go to the "Campaign" page
Submit your twitter handle and tweets and follow the rules..


•   Follow @BlockPioneers.
•   Minimum 200 real followers.
•   Account followers audit must be minimum 85%.
•   Make 10 original tweets about Christmascoin. Not more than 2 tweets per day.
•   Tweets must contain #Christmascoin, $XMAS, #ICO,
•   Tweets must be a minimum of 70 characters.
•   Each Tweet is worth 20 XMAS. You are paid out a maximum of 10 Tweets.
•   Cheaters will be disqualified.
•   The campaign is full/over once we reach 1000 tweets, or when the Crowdfund period ends. (10th of December)
•   Your balance is available for withdraw on the 16th of December.