Status Closed

1 Dec - 30 Jan 2018


8,600,000 LAB Tokens




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects


At Labrys, we are building a platform to radically change the way individuals and institutions invest in bonds. Built on Ethereum, the Labrys Platform will utilise the benefits of blockchain to forge the most efficient investment gateway to the global bond market. Through the tokenisation of bonds, we are able to eliminate middlemen, establishing a direct relationship between issuer and investor. 

The Labrys platform is a decentralised network that brings extensive efficiency gains to the global bond market through the use of smartbond technology, resulting in drastically reduced fees and settlement periods. This not only dramatically improves the bond issuance process for existing issuers and institutional investors but also creates lower barriers to entry, granting anyone in the world the ability to invest in bonds. This is made possible by utilising blockchain and smart contract technology to put bonds directly on blockchain, creating a direct relationship between issuer and investor.

Using Blockchain technology, Labrys will democratise the bond market for all investors and provide access to fixed income markets through a smartphone, tablet or PC. The Finance industry is slowly making a transition towards Blockchain technology and Labrys is leading this transition for the Debt Capital Market.


Participate in the Labrys Bounty Campaign to secure your share of LAB tokens and help build a strong community. 

LAB tokens will distributed to all bounty participants approximately 3 weeks after the ICO closes. 

Bounty Rules
(Applicable to all bounty categories)
1.  Must have a Bitcointalk account
2.  Must sign up to TELEGRAM 
3.  Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not eligible for any bounty
4.  All bounty tokens will distributed proportionally amongst Labrys bounty participants according to the amount of stakes received, for each bounty category. 
5.  Participants caught trying to game the system by submitted incorrect information for any bounty category will be promptly and permanently disqualified from receiving any bounty. 
6.  All bounty participation will be counted until the Token Sale has completed.

Bounty T&C’s:
- Double check your Ethereum wallet address before submitting as you cannot change it later. Submit an ETH address you control the private key for: DO NOT SUBMIT AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS.
- This post will be updated as the campaign progresses and stakes allocated to participants. The stakes received per activity will not change. 
- Public access to participants’ stakes will be made available soon. 
- Labrys Reserves the right to issue custom stakes in Translation/Community Managing Campaign and Publications campaign based on quality of work/content


Maximum Token Allocation2% of 430,000,000 = 8,600,000 LAB Tokens
LAB Tokens will be generated through the token sale with a maximum cap of 430 million. 
Bounty allocation calculations are based off the case that the total supply cap is reached. 
Bounties will be scaled proportionately in the event the total cap is not reached. 

Bounty category % distribution and maximum potential token allocation:
-See Distribution Table-


Maximum Allocation: 1,505,000 LAB

Rules of Participation
1.  Only one Twitter account allowed per person.
2.  You must have at least 250 followers.
3.  Follow @Labrys_io & Tweet about Labrys
4.  Tweets MUST include a brief explanation or comment about Labrys. Mention @Labrys_io AND Hashtags #LabrysBonds #Ethereum #Blockchain  (#LabrysBonds is how we will track participation)
5.  A limit of one tweet per day is allowed.
6.  Must retweet at least 10 official (and original) @Labrys_io tweets.
7.  Participation will be checked via Twitter searching using #LabrysBonds so be sure to include it in tweets and retweets. 

How to participate:
1.  Sign up to Labrys TELEGRAM 
2.  Follow and Tweet about Labrys with hashtags
3.  Fill out and submit Twitter Bounty GOOGLE FORM 
4. Participation spreadsheet will be made public shortly.

0 - 50 Followers: Not Eligible
50 - 500 Followers: 0.5 stakes / tweet about Labrys or retweet of official Labrys account tweet
500 - 800 Followers: 1 stake / tweet about Labrys or retweet of official Labrys account tweet
800+ Followers: 2 stakes / tweet about Labrys or retweet of official Labrys account tweet

Maximum Token Allocation: 1,505,000 LAB
(Small percentage allocated for local Facebook bounty cards) 

Rules of participation:
1.  Only one Facebook account allowed per person.
2.  Your Friends + Followers total must be greater than 500.
3.  Posts/Shares must include a brief explanation or comment about Labrys, mention the official @Labrys page AND include hashtags #LabrysBonds #Ethereum #Blockchain. 
4.  A limit of one post per day is allowed.
5.  Must share at least 5 official Labrys posts total.
6.  Facebook search will be used to verify participation so be sure to include #LabrysBonds in posts and shares.

How to participate:
1.  Sign up to Labrys TELEGRAM 
2.  Fill out and submit Facebook Bounty  GOOGLE FORM 
3.  Include @Labrys #LabrysBonds #Ethereum #Blockchain in your posts & shares, totals will be calculated by Labrys team and updated into Spreadsheet (made available shortly)

0 - 50 Friends+Followers: Not Eligible
50 - 500 Friends+Followers: 0.5 stakes / post about Labrys or share of official Labrys account post
500 - 1000 Friends+Followers: 1 stake / post about Labrys or share of official Labrys account post
1000+ Friends+Followers: 2 stakes / post about Labrys or share of official Labrys account post

Maximum Token Allocation: 2,150,000 LAB 

• Anyone can participate in the Publications bounty campaign by completing any of the available tasks, adhering to the rules and submitting  their entry using the form below. Better posts receive more stakes in the bounty. 
• Labrys reserves the right to withhold tokens as they relate to articles/blog posts if they feel the post is inaccurate or misleading, or if the post is deemed not have an audience.

Available Tasks
• Write a text about Labrys and post it to your website/blog/media source.
• Write a text about Labrys and post it to Medium/Steemit/Reddit (large audience only).
• Create a video about Labrys and post it to YouTube.

Rules for participation
1.  Text must be at least 500 words.
2.  Text must be original, NOT copy and pasted directly from the Labrys website, whitepaper or ANN thread
3.  Publication must include links to the Labrys WEBSITE (, FACEBOOK (, TWITTER (http:// & TELEGRAM (
4.  Before posting be sure to have a good understanding of the Labrys platform by reading the Whitepaper and Medium article.
5.  Register your participation in the publications bounty with this GOOGLE FORM 

Preferable Posts:
• Explanation of the Labrys vision and strategy.
• What bonds are and how Labrys solves the accessibility problem to bring them to the masses.
• Explanation of the size of debt capital markets Labrys looks to disrupt.
• How users will use the Labrys platform for fixed interest income. 
• How Labrys introduces the ability to earn fixed income from crypto holdings, without needing to trust a centralised exchange
• How tokenizing financial assets creates a more efficient market

• Bounties will be allocated based on the quality of publication, as decided by the Labrys team
• Participants will receive stakes ranging from 1 - 5 per publication. 
• LAB tokens reserved for publications bounty will be shared between all participants proportionally based on their stakes received

Maximum Token Allocation: 860,000 LAB

• We require participants to translate the Labrys ANN Thread into other languages and manage these threads by answering community questions. 
• We require participants to produce translated copies of the Labrys whitepaper, to be made available through the Labrys website.
• We require participants to translate the Labrys Website content.

Potential Languages: Russian, German, Vietnamese, Korean, Dutch, Indonesian (reserved), Turkish, Filipino, Polish, Chinese, French, Romanian, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Romanian, Croatian, Greek

Rules for participation:
1.  Must be translated by participant and not using a software translator (such as Google Translate).
2.  Each participant can only translate and manage one other language.
3.  Participants must have completed translations for other projects of which we can review. 
4.  It is preferable to have the same participant translate and manage that community but is not necessary.

• Translating Labrys ANN post: 50 stakes
• Managing translated thread: 1 stake per your own post 
• Translating Labrys whitepaper: 50 stakes
• Translating Labrys website: 50 stakes

How to participate:
1.  Register your interest to participate using this GOOGLE FORM 
2.  We will contact you with our acceptance of your request.

The list above will be updated as reservations are made.