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1 Dec - 25 Feb 2018






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PATRIOT Mall Project bounty campaign!

Glad to share, "PATRIOT" project officially start its own bounty campaign. Our team reserved 0.5% of total tokens that will be issued under bounty purposes. In this way we have got 9,000 PPMT specially reserved for participants of bounty!

Registration and bounty itself will start on 1 of december, this friday, and will continue till the end of ICO.

Campaign includes following directions:

Telegram 22%
Twitter 22%
Signature + avatare 22%
Mass media and other portals 11%
Translation 11%
Creativity of the users 11%


To know more detalies about bounty please read following excel sheet.

2 tweets from personal account with #PatriotMT and 2 retweets from official @MallPatriot account will guarunty you 0.0225 PPMT of weekly reward.

Twitter program has multiplayer conditions, that based on your followers:

Up to 400 followers- 1х
Up to 2,400 followers - 2х
Up to 7,000 followers - 4х
Up to 12,000 followers - 8х

All the accounts of the participants will be checked with for real followers.
The special requirements, number of real followers shouldn't be less than 80% (

To participate, please fill folllowing form >>LINK<<

Mass media
This bounty is for journalists and writers who can post on top news websites. The website of publication will be evaluated through Domain Authority with’s Open Site Explorer 1 article = 0.4 PMT

Programm also has multiplier conditions, that based on domain rating, where article will be posted. Rating will be evaluated through

Rating 15-29 - 1х
Rating 30-49 - 2х
Rating 50-79 3.5х
Rating 80-100 6х

Minimum words for article to be counted - 300 words.

To participate contact us via email:

Written in name field will give participant 0.0225 PPMT/week.

Accounts of participants should be active and subscribe on the official telegram chat of the project. 

To participate, please fill folllowing form >>LINK<<

This section divided into two parts. Translation of ANN+Bounty page and translation of Whitepaper.

Translation of ANN+Bounty page:

Translation of the post will be rewarded with 10% of total PPMT reserved under tranlation.
Moderation of the translated post will be rewarded with 0.0225 PPMT/post.
Translator must keep topic updated upon information in the main topic.
Translators must translate main topic and the bounty post plus moderate thread in their own language with minimum 5 posts/week.

Translation of Whitepaper:

Translation will be rewarded with 7% of total PPMT reserved under translation
Translation should be quality.

To see required translation, please check tranlsation section in the excle sheet.

To participate, please fill folllowing form >>LINK<<

Signatures + Avatar
Bounty guarunty weekly reward for signature during the bounty campaign, based on your forum account level:

Legendary 0.27 PPMT
Hero 0.23 PPMT
Senior 0.2 PPMT
Full 0.14 PPMT
Member 0.1 PPMT
Avatar +25%

Term and conditions:

Minimum 7 posts/week, 80+ characters each, constructive posts counted only.
Posts must be constructive and On-topic. Spamming, low-quality posts, copy paste, and off-topic posts will not be counted.
Users with negative trust are not allowed.
If a user gets banned from the forum, receives a negative trust or is found spamming during the week, then he will be kicked off from bounty campaign. .
If a user is unable to meet the minimum posts criteria for two weeks in a row, then he will be out of this campaign and cannot reapply for the next two weeks.

To participate, please fill folllowing form >>LINK<<

Main rules for participants:

Post, publications and etc. will be counted once per week, on monday.
In case if you will be removed from bounty campaign, earned PPMT will be burned.
Suspicion in multi-accounts or inappropriate begavior will be leads to ban from bounty.
All earned PPMT will be transfered on participants accounts after ICO.

Link on main russian topic:
Link on main english topic: