Skara Blade Remains

Status Closed

30 nov- Mar 2018






  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
Skara Bounty Program


To learn more about Skara please visit: 

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The Bounty program will consist of 2% and will be available for bounty participants.

Translations & Forum Moderation: 10%
Twitter: 20%
Facebook: 15%
Blogs/Youtube: 30%
Bitcointalk Signature:25%

Translations & Forum Moderation
10% of total bounty pool

1. Choose the language you want to translate to.
2. Fill out this form.
3. See if you were accepted to the spreadsheet  here.

[ANN] Bitcointalk thread hasn’t been translated into your translation language yet, you are able to contribute and earn stakes. In order to do so the user must send an email to to confirm the translation and make sure no one else is doing it yet.
Translations must be original.
No use of translation tools will be accepted.
Translators are expected to remain engaged in a discussion about SKARA on an additional thread specific to their language.
Must translate official posts into a new thread.
User gets 250 stakes for translation.
Once user translated he receives an extra 10 stakes per moderation comment on his thread.
Telegram moderation will be monitored and warded at the Skara team’s discretion.
If an award is justified a minimum of 10 stakes and a maximum of 100 stakes will be issued in a single week.

20% of total bounty pool

1. Fill out this form.
2. See if you were accepted to the spreadsheet here.

Account must have real followers, updated regularly, and free of bots.
Users must engage actively on Twitter.
Only one account per person. Any finding of multiple accounts will result in a ban.
Must share at least 7 posts per week of (@SkaraTBR).
30-250 Followers : 75 stakes/ week.
250-1000 Followers: 125 stakes/ week.
1500+ followers: 150 stakes/ week.

15% of total bounty pool

1. Fill out this once you liked Skaras Facebook form.
2. See if you were accepted to the spreadsheet here.

Only people with 300+ followers will be awarded a stake.

Blogs/ Youtube
30% of total bounty pool

1. Once you wrote a blog post please submit to this form.
2. See if you were accepted to the spreadsheet here.

Content must be original, reposting and copying of other content is not allowed.
Author must have at least 100+ views for blog post or 1000+ views for youtube.
Post must be at least 1,000 characters long or video must at least be 5min long.
Only one blog post per author.
Stakes awarded based on impact and quality.

Bitcointalk Signatures
25% of total bounty pool

1. Copy paste the correct signature into your profile.
2. Submit to this form
3. See if you were accepted to the spreadsheet here

Signatures must remain on the profile until after the token generation event and a final count of participation has been recorded.
SKARA must be the only signature on your profile.
No other campaigns allowed.
Posts with your account signature must be articulated well and contribute to the discussion thread.
Posts should be at least 100 characters long.
Must post at least 7 times per week throughout the duration of the campaign.
Jr Members: 40 stakes /week.
Member: 75 stakes /week.
Full member: 100 stakes / week.
Senior member: 150 stakes/week.
Hero/Legendary member: 200 stakes/week.