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Status Closed

30 Nov- 25 Jan 2018


15,000 CRDS




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects



Credits (CRDS) Original Bitcointalk Thread:

Discord Invite:

Bounty for generating a standalone CPU miner for Credits: 15,000 CRDS

Signature Campaign

The signature campaign is stake-based.
That means that the total bounty reward will be divided by the total number of stakes and then you will receive a reward based on your own number of stakes.

The campaign will last for 8 weeks, starting the 4th of December, and the total bounty reward is 40,000 CRDS as voted upon by the community.

1. Members: 1 stake/week
2. Full Members: 2 stakes/week
3. Sr. Members: 3 stakes/week
4. Hero/Legendary: 4 stakes/week

Bonus: You will get 0.5 additional stakes per week for wearing the CRDS avatar.


Signature Campaign Rules:
1. All members need to post at least 7 posts per week minimum.
2. At least 4 posts per week need to be in the alternate cryptocurrencies section.
3. Posts need to be constructive and at least 75 characters long. We will check each and every post. No SPAM will be tolerated.
4. Users with negative trust are not eligible to join.
5. Users found using multiple signatures will be disqualified.
6. Users cannot change/remove their signature at any point during the campaign. If they do, they will be disqualified but still receive rewards based on how many stakes they accumulated up to that point.
7. Posts in the following boards will not count: Games and Round, Politics and Society, Off-topic, Auctions, Lending and posts in signature campaign threads.

Once you have added the appropriate signature code, please fill in this form:

You can check your status here:

Article Campaign

Each article is paid directly in Credits based on the popularity of the website and the quality and coverage of the article.

The articles will be reviewed individually and will be graded in 2 ways and the reward will be given based on the sum of the two. The maximum reward is 5000 CRDS and the minimum is 500 CRDS.

The first grade is given based on the popularity of the website (i.e. the number of daily users, the average time spent on the website (where data is available), etc.) and the second one is based on the quality and coverage of the article (i.e. originality, readability, number of words, number of key elements mentioned, etc.).

The first grade is given on a scale from 0 to 30 and the second one from 0 to 10.

Number of Credits = 5000 / 40 * [sum of the two grades] 


Grade for popularity: 7
Grade for quality: 9
Total: 16

Number of Credits = 5000 / 40 * 16 = 2000 CRDS

If the minimum reward (500) is not met the article is not accepted.

Article Campaign Rules:
1. The article must have a minimum of 300 words.
2. The contents of the article must be original and not just a copy & paste of our main thread on Bitcointalk or our website.
3. It must include key elements that relate to Credits such as CPU-Only Mining, Masternodes, Argon2d Algorithm, Community involvement (important matters are voted upon).
4. The article might receive a bonus if our need for more developers is mentioned as we are constantly looking for new people with skills in programming.
5. The website must have a meaningful user base and at least 100 daily unique visitors.

CREDITS Translations:

In case you have done a translation for Credits or you want to do a new one, contact us. 
If you have done the translation in the past, you have to update it and then claim the reward.
The bounty is set to 300 CRDS.

Indonesian - rozee
Dutch - Must be updated, 150 CRDS bounty.
Romanian - andrew2k
Greek - loremipsum
Hindi - erikalui