Status Closed

29 Nov- 10 Jan 2018


1500000 UGT




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

What's ugChain
the decentralized game ecosystem based on blockchain technology
ugChain - We Create Blockchain Powered Applications

ugChain is an ecosystem consisting of a series of decentralized applications, and its core is a decentralized account system (DAS) based on blockchain technology. The system has built-in exclusive token UG Token (UGT), which simultaneously has the equity attribute and monetary attribute. The DAS is a decentralized account system featuring user autonomy built on the Ethereum, providing hassle-free user experience in information authorization across service providers ? by only requiring user to provide the signature with his/her private key, rather than traditional experience to register and log in with password under each centralized service provider. This architecture enables user to save his/her account by himself/herself without depending on storage of the centralized service provider. 


  • Section 1: Twitter Campaign : 33.3% allocation
  • Section 2: Telegram Campaign: 33.3% allocation
  • Section 3: Blog Campaign Campaign : 33.3% allocation

Campaign 1: Twitter Campaign

Pond:(33%) 500,000 UGT ≈ 500 ETH

- You must follow our twitter channel
- You must have at least 100 followers
- You must have at least 80% of real followers 
(Check here:
- Like & Retweet at least 4 times a week
- A maximum of 1 shares a day will be counted.
- Post at least 2 original quality tweets a week using hashtags: #ugChain #UGT #bitcoin #altcoin #blockchain
- Don't delete tweets/retweets before the campaign ends

Not allowed:
● Multiple accounts registrations
● Spam, abuses and insults

● 100 - 300 followers:   1 stake/week
● 300 - 999 followers:   3 stake/week
● 1000+ followers:     5 stake/week

How to claim:
● Fill out this form to join twitter campaign (SPREADSHEET)
● Post your work in this thread on Bitcointalk using this form:

Week 1 (30.11.2017 - 5.12.2017)
Bitcointalk username:
Twitter username:
Re - Tweet:

Campaign 2: Telegram Campaign

Pond:(33%) 500,000 UGT ≈ 500 ETH

- Participants must join the ugChain Telegram Group.
- Participants must be active during the course of the Bounty.
- Only 1 account may be used for the Telegram campaign.
- Be friendly and supportive
- Invite and add your friends to the ugChain Telegram Group will also get paid.


1 stake will be given upon joining and being active in our group. 

Users you added:
(Only the invitation will be counted[click "add member"],screenshots of successfully invitation[XXX added XXX] will be required to fill online form)

Valid 5 friends 2 stake
Valid 10 friends 5 stake
Valid 15 friends 8 stake
Valid 20 friends 11 stake
Valid 30 friends 17 stake
Valid 40 friends 23 stake

The bounty campaign will last till the end of January. In order to receive the reward, you and the user you invited must participate till the end of the campaign.

The list of channel members is being updated and analyzed once per week. Each accepted campaign member is to receive the reward in UG tokens (UGT).

How to participate:
Join our Telegram group here
Fill in the following online form

Campaign 3: Blog Campaign

Pond:(33%) 500,000 UGT ≈ 500 ETH

- Blog accounts must be at least 2 months old.
- Articles must be written in English with proper grammar and visible to the public. 
- All the proper links have to be included. (ANN Thread, website and bounty thread.) 
- A link to the Ann thread, bounty thread and website must be present in the text.

300-799 words: 1 Stakes
800-1499 words: 2 Stakes
1500 words <: 3 Stakes

How to claim:
● Fill out this form to join Blog Campaign (SPREADSHEET)
● Post your work in this thread using this form:

Week 1 (30.11.2017 - 5.12.2017)

Bitcointalk username:
Link to article: