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27 Nov - 15 Dec


1.000.000 BFI




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

Bitfintech (BFI) is built on Ethereum blockchain technology which enabling seamless smart contracts and permission applications on Ethereum blockchain.


Coin Name: BitFinTech
Trade Code: BFI
Platform: Ethereum
Total Supply: 26.888.888 BFI
Total Sale For ICO: 10.888.888 BFI  
ICO part 1: 5.888.888 BFI price $ 0.6 (bonus 8% purchased)  
ICO part 2: 3.000.000 BFI price $ 0.8 (bonus 6% purchased)  
ICO part 3: 2.000.000 BFI price $ 1     ( bonus 5% purchased)  
Direct bonus: 10%
Facebook Bounty campaign : 1.000.000 BFI
Token Sale Price: 0.8 $ / 1 BFI
Target Price After ICO : 18$
Target Price Market Cap : $50
Token Sale will be open from Nov06 2017 to  Nov29 2017
Anticipated IPO: Dec 2017

The BFI token contract address is : “0x0474D1D1f9fb6b6Db80b150512dBF12f6564C49e”
Token Symbol: BFI
Token Name: BitFinTech
Token decimals: 18
For complete transparency, our token contract is fully verified on here :

We will donate 5% of sales to the top 10 leaders on the world.
A total of 300,000 BFIs will be used as charity funds for the homeless, the elderly and orphans in certain countries.
3% of total BFI will be used to develop ecosystems, marketing, team development and market partnership.




Slack :
Facebook :


Total bounty reward amount available for the FACEBOOK bounty: 1.000.000 BFI

Register here to participate -

List of accepted participants -

BFI Facebook :

Each member of Facebook Bounty campaign should have at least 50 friends.

Follow , Like us on Facebook: 50 stakes per week

Share Page and Share post: 100 stakes per week
A member, who has not hit Like, or has not shared posts during one week, or unfollowed BFI official page is not eligible for a reward.
BFI token for facebook campaign will send on 15 Dec 2017.