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22 Nov- 20 Dec


100 000 000 eDELTA




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects


What is eDELTA ?

eDELTA is a network and a token/currency that aims to provide value and financial literacy to everyone around the globe.
The goal of this project is to teach people about cryptocurrency and how to trade on the free market. The token's sole purpose is to be traded and eventually increase its value by hoarding it. Cryptocurrency and Fintech related courses will be created by the community. An exchange platform will be developed to trade local tokenized currencies and cryptocurrencies.

This bounty campaign will be managed by;u=1151276.

If you have any technical question regarding this project, please ask me with a private message .

Tokens you will get from end of campaign (20th of December 2017)

Total Supply = 100 000 000 eDELTA

Campaign 1: Telegram campaign : 50% allocation (November 22- December 20) 
Campaign 2: Twitter campaign : 20% allocation (December 19 - December 31)
Campaign 3: Facebook campaign : 20% allocation (December 19 - December 31)
Campaign 4: Article  campaign : 10% allocation (December 19 - December 31)

General Terms

1.Tokens will be distributed ending day of every campaign 
2.First Token distribution will occur on 20th December.
3.We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign at any time if we think you are not honest, or spam the forum.
4.We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign without explaining why we removed you.
5.In case we remove you from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right remove your number of tokens.
6.If your rank change during the campaign, you must contact the campaign manager,  in a bitcointalk PM.
7.If you does not meet the minimum amount of posts (for twitter and facebook), you will not receive any Tokens. But you will not be removed from the campaign.
8.Using multi-accounts, cheating and spamming are not allowed. It will results getting all of your accounts permanently banned from all my campaigns.[/li][/list]



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Campaign 2: Twitter campaign  (Will announce after end 1st round)
Campaign 3: Facebook campaign (Will announce after end 1st round)
Campaign 4: Article  campaign (Will announce after end 1st round)