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22 Nov - 26 Jan 2018


1% (2,100,000 eBit)




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

[BOUNTY] eBit Payment  ~  2,016,000$ to Share ! [Token Sale - Nov.24,2017]

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ANN Thread –

Website -

Whitepaper  -

Twitter -

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We allocate 1% (2,100,000 eBit) of the maximum supply of coins to the bounty program, the equivalent of $2,016,000. 

The campaign starts today, November 24th, 2017 and ends on December 15th, 2017.

Note:The program will run until the end of the Token Sale. The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the Token Sale.

The funds will be split into different campaigns in such a format:  
Signature Campaign: 525,000 ebit     25%

Blogs Campaign: 420,000 ebit   20%

Youtube Campaign: 420,000 ebit   20%

Twitter Campaign: 210,000 ebit   10%

Facebook Campaign: 210,000 ebit   10%

Translation Campaign: 210,000 ebit   10%

Telegram Campaign: 105,000 ebit   5%

General Terms
If you do not meet the minimum requirements for a specific campaign, you will not receive any stake for the current week.
We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign at any time, without explanation, if we think you are not honest, or are spamming.
Using multi-accounts, cheating and spamming is not allowed. You will be banned from all campaigns.
You must post your stats till every friday 16:00 CET


25%  Bitcointalk signature and avatar campaign - 525,000 ebit  ≈ 504,000$

Must make 10 posts at least a week.
Posts must be at least 70 characters long.
Accounts with negative trust from DT-2 or DT-1 are not allowed to enroll.
Posts in off-topic, games and rounds, micro earnings and politics and society will not be counted.
Every participant must wear the avatar.(except for members as they can't)
Alternate accounts are not allowed and will lead to a ban on participation in our campaign.

Jr. Members: 60 ebit/week. 
Members: 85 ebit/week. 
Full Members: 95 ebit/week. 
Senior Members: 140 ebit/week. 
Hero Members: 160 ebit/week. 
Legendary Members: 250 ebit/week.

How to Apply
Fill out the google form here (LINK eBIt)

Check your stats here

We offer a great reward for high quality posts and articles on your personal blogs. Write quality Reviews, Articles About the eBit Project, and the ICO crowdsale.

Follow these simple steps to receive a reward :
1: Write your article or reviews.
2: All the texts must be published online and accessible by everyone.
3: Low quality articles are not accepted.
4: Article must be genuine. Copying other’s content, articles or ripping off stuff is not allowed. (You can use official images, logos, graphics posted in the eBit website, ANN thread, facebook and twitter).
5. Articles should be more than 1000 characters, texts with fewer characters will not be counted;
6: Article must have 2 links of official website : 
7: Medium, Steemit, Newbium, and other general/free blogging platforms are allowed but only one ost of a person will be accepted in those platforms. 
Media Campaign Bounty :
High Quality: 270 eBit
Good Quality: 170 eBit
Normal Quality: 100 eBit

How to join eBit Blogs/News bounty campaign:
Once you have written your blog post, submit the form:

                                                                                   Check your stats here

Follow these simple steps to receive a reward :
1: Translations must be original, using any kind of tools such as Google are not allowed. If found the translator will be blacklisted.
2: ANN thread translator will be responsible for the moderation as well (we have additional rewards for moderation). The translator must keep the thread active by translation of official announcements, news, posts.
3: There will be only ONE translation per person. Applications for multiple translations/ languages will not be accepted.
4: Increasing the moderation post count by spam posts, posting false posts or paying other to ask questions in your thread is not allowed.
5: Newbies i.e. users with no previous experience of translation will not be accepted. Always ask before beginning translation and post your previous translation work.
6: Translation without reserving is not allowed, we are not responsible to pay to those translations which are done without asking first and approval.

Translation campaign bounties :
Ann Thread : 580 ebit + 100 ebit for moderation
ICO Website + White Paper : 1380 ebit

How to apply :
If your language is not mentioned in this document, post to work for us on a permanent basis, in this format.

After acceptance, you have 7 days to translate the entire translation.

Check your stats here

YouTube bounty will be distributed between the creators of the YouTube videos about eBit and eBit Payment
• Record and post a video about eBit Payment on your YouTube channel.
• Links to our website should be added to the video description (
• You must have at least 500 subscribers on youtube.
• Video must be at least 01:30 minutes long
• Videos that do not have human voice over will only receive 50% of the total bounty.


>500 Subs + >200 Views = 100 ebit
>1.000 Subs + >400 Views = 250 ebit
>5.000 Subs + > 2.000 Views = 750 ebit
>10.000 Subs + > 3.000 Views = 1500 ebit
>25.000 Subs + > 8.000 Views = 3750 ebit
>50.000 Subs + > 15.000 Views = 7500 ebit
>100.000 Subs + >30.000 Views = 15000 ebit
>500.000 Subs + >150.000 Views = 100000 ebit

Check your stats here

Follow these simple steps to receive a reward :
1: Your Facebook account must have at least 200 real friends. Facebook accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
2: Follow our official Facebook page.
3: Then, until the end of the campaign you must like and share the eBit Payment fanpage’s content at least once a week. 
4: In addition every participant may prepare post with own content and @ebitpayment
5:  Share 5 publications per week.  (+likes)

Weekly bounties for the participants :
Friends - ebit
200-500 = 90 ebit
500-800 = 120 ebit
800-1200 = 140 ebit
1200–2000 = 190 ebit
2000- 5000 = 260 ebit
5000–10000 = 440 ebit
10000+ = 760 ebit

Check your stats here 

-   Account must be at least 3 months old.
-   Must follow this page. 
-   Must have at least 500 real followers. 
-   You must have at least 80% of real followers

Weekly bounties for the participants :
Followers - eBit
500-800 = 90 ebit
800-1200 = 120 ebit
1200–2000 = 140 ebit
2000- 5000 = 190 ebit
5000–10000 = 260 ebit
10000+ = 500 ebit


Check your stats here

Follow these simple steps to receive a reward :
1: Join our Telegram group.
2: Join our Telegram Channel
3: Stay in the group until the end of the ICO.

Telegram Campaign Bounty :
70 ebit

Check your stats here

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