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24 Nov- 28 Feb






  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

Presale runs from now until January 31, 14:00 UTC

ICO from January 31, 2018 14:00 UTC until February 28, 2018 14:00 UTC


Wysker is starting it´s Bounty Campaign, rewarding every supporter with WYS Token!

1% Of the total token raised in the Token Sale will be allocated to the Bounty Campaign.

The Bounty Campagin will be up and running till the end of the Token Sale. Bounty Rewards will be distributed within 60 days afer the Token sale ends.

Because this Bounty Campaign is only dedicated to the bitcointalk signature campaign and publications on social media, every participant has the chance to be awarded a significant amount of WYS Token.

The stakes will be count in total, not separately for both campaigns. Both campaigns are funded from the same pool.

The weekly updated bounty status of all participants can be checked 

Signature Bounty

Stakes will be awarded based on the participants rank.

Jr. Member : 1 stake per day
Member: 2 stakes per day
Full Member: 3 stakes per day
Sr. Member: 4 stakes per day
Hero/Legendary: 6 stakes per day

1. Add your respective Signature, Avatar and personal text
2. Fill and submit this form


1. Signature, avatar and personal text must remain until the rewards have been calculated (1-2 weeks after the crowdsale ended). An official statement regarding that will be published in this thread and the Telegram Channel.
2. Participants are required to make at least 75 meaningful posts until the crowdsale ends. Users with less posts will not be considered. Spamming and off-topic posting will lead to disqualification.
3. Only posts with at least 80 characters will be considered towards the post-count.
4. Participants must have at least Jr. Member rank in the forum.
5. Accounts must be registered before 1st of September


Personal text: wysker | Blockchain-powered mobile shopping

Social Media Publications

This bounty will be awarded for creating and publishing content on YouTube, blogs, steemit and forums.

Stakes will be awarded depending on the quality of the published content:

High : 50 stakes
Medium: 30 stakes 
Low: 10 stakes
Disqualified: 0 stakes

Fill and submit this form

1. Published content must be focused on WYSKER/WYS Token or any of it´s aspects, such as the technology, Whitepaper, Token Sale, the app, data brokerage and so on.
2. Blog and forum posts must have a minimum of 300 words.
3. Publications of any kind must be in English or German language. 
4. Every submission will be manually checked for originality and length. Only parts of WYSKER publications may be used for content production, most of the content must be in your own words.
5. Spamming/posting in wrong subforums will not be tolerated. Posts deleted or closed by the forum’s administration will not count. 
6. Content that is reported or deleted will not be considered.
7. Publications must be posted in relevant subforums.
8. Up to 3 submissions per user allowed.

General Rules 

1. Payment address submissions are final and can NOT be changed.
2. Any kind of offensive or inadequate behaviour when promoting WYSKER will result in immediate disqualification from the bounty campaign.
3. Behaviour deemed offensive or inappropriate will lead to immediate disqualification from the Bounty Campaign. All accumulated rewards will be forfeit in this case.
4. Contact us if there are questions or remarks via bitcointalk or in the Telegram Channel
5. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms at any moment.