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Bounty Campaigns

Bitcointalk Signatures & Avatars






Starts: October 15th, 2017 at 00:00:01 UTC+0
Ends: At the end of the main token sale (TBD)

Bounty Rewards

Three and a half percent (3.5%) of the total CHI supply is available for the Bounty Campaign. Rewards are from this 3.5% of the total CHI supply, and not shares in a company.

As we surpass $15,000,000 during the token sale, with the allocated bounty of 3.5% (~15 million CHI), this is valued at over $1,700,000 at the token base rate (2,000 satoshis/CHI).

Should the CAP be reached during the token exchange period, total bounties will exceed $11,000,000.

Whoever participates in the campaign will share in that potential $11,000,000.

As most campaigns only have around 200 or so participants, that’d be $55,000 in CHI!

Help us Help You!

General Information and Rules

Bounty portal updates are not real time, but are updated every few hours

No spamming or accounts that have been used for spam

All activity must be in good faith

Violation of any rule may lead to a reduction in stakes/tokens or total ban

Removal from a specific campaign may entail a reduction or complete removal of all stakes/tokens

One appeal is possible, but Chimaera decisions are final

Plagiarism or claiming someone else’s work as your own will result in a complete ban without appeal

Members with negative trust here in the Bitcointalk forums are not eligible to join any campaign

Each bounty campaign has further specific rules and requirements

Stakes/tokens will be recorded and that information made available in the bounty portal for the Twitter and Signature/Avatar campaigns. Complete information for all campaigns will be available shortly after the close of the campaign.

Stakes/tokens will be redeemable shortly after release

tl;dr Play nice.

Please note that the most important rule is that people participate in GOOD FAITH. If you’re showing good faith, and we see that you’ve not “strictly” met a requirement, we’ll very likely overlook that. That doesn’t mean ignore the requirements, because that wouldn’t be in good faith. But, it does mean that if you slip up a bit, we’re not going to pull out the banhammer and start screeching about rules.

How to Participate

Copy and paste the below template into a new post in this thread and fill it in.

	Bitcointalk user name: (username) 
Twitter handle: (@username or NONE)
Translation: <name of language or NONE>
Articles: <Yes/No>
Telegram ID: (username or NONE)
Reddit: (username or NONE)

The bounty portal maintains campaign data, and you must also register there in order to receive your bounty shares. It is located at:

Next, follow the directions for each campaign that you wish to participate in as detailed below.

Bitcointalk Signatures & Avatars

This campaign is open to all Junior Members and above.

How to Participate

Follow the campaign rules at the top of this page and the Signature campaign rules below

Go to the bounty portal and sign up for the Signature campaign there


BBcode for signatures is in the bounty portal

To receive avatar rewards, change your avatar to the CHI logo from here for a bonus (see rewards below). You must participate in the signature campaign to participate in the avatar campaign.

Post at least 10 qualifying posts per week

No more than 20 posts per week will be counted towards the campaign

No more than 5 posts per day will be counted towards the campaign

Do not spam or you will be removed from the campaign

Posts must be constructive

Posts must not be abusive of other Bitcointalk members

Posts in this bounty thread will not be counted

The following boards are off limits for this campaign: Politics & Society, Off-Topic, Archival, Auctions, Lending, Beginners & Help

Signature Campaign Rewards

Bitcointalk members that complete the campaign in good faith will share in the total available bounty. The list below details how many shares members earn for each valid post and for using the Chimaera avatar.

Signature rewards (per post):

Junior member: 1 shares

Member: 2 shares

Full member: 3 shares

Senior member: 4 shares

Hero member: 5 shares

Legendary member: 6 shares

Avatar rewards (per week):

Full member: 6 shares

Senior member: 8 shares

Hero member: 10 shares

Legendary member: 12 shares


The Twitter campaign requires tweets or retweets (and preferably some nice comments). People with large or influential Twitter followings are encouraged to contact us directly.

Account Requirements

At least 4 months old

100 or more genuine, active followers (this will be checked using status people)

How to Participate

Meet all the account requirements

Post here in the bounty thread as detailed at the top of this post

Go to the bounty portal and enter your Twitter user ID

Follow @Chimaera_Tech

Include these hashtags in tweets:


#ICO or #TokenSale (1 or both is fine)


Tweets and retweets must remain on Twitter for at least 1 month after the end of the main token sale campaign

Post your tweet links here in the Bounty thread at the end of each week starting 00:01 on October 15th. Please do this once a week so we can verify effectively.

Provide a link to your account with so we can more easily verify your followers

Twitter Campaign Rewards

Rewards are calculated per tweet/retweet with a cap of 4 tweets per day. Of course you may tweet more than 4 times per day, but the reward will be the same.

100 to 500 followers: 1 shares

501 to 1,000 followers: 2 shares

1,001 to 3,000 followers: 3 shares

3,001 to 5,000 followers: 5 shares

5,001 to 10,000 followers: 7 shares

10,001+ : 9 shares


This campaign is for translating the Announcement thread and maintaining it, e.g. answering questions in the thread, etc.

For our white paper and website, professional translators that have translated technical documents, marketing materials, websites, and/or white papers are invited to post in here as well.

The Announcement thread only needs to be maintained until the end of the token sale.

In your post in this thread, please include some reference links to your translation portfolio.

We will assign shares based on the amount and quality of work. Our aim is to ensure that your efforts are very well rewarded.  


The article campaign includes blog posts, news articles, YouTube videos, and other media. This is a very wide open category where you can be creative and publish almost anywhere, such as on LinkedIn, Steemit, Medium, YouTube, your blog or news site, or just about anywhere that people will see it.

All submissions will be graded for quality, message, and reach.

Industry professionals may contact us in confidence.


Quality is for the quality of the submission. For example, blog posts must be reasonably free of grammar and spelling errors, while videos must have decent production value, e.g. good audio quality. Submissions that fall below acceptable quality criteria will be rejected.


Message means that you’ve created a positive image for Chimaera. The Chimaera Project has substantial technological advancements and innovations, and isn’t just another “me too” project.

That being said, there are some natural consequences to using a blockchain:

Payment gateway

Asset store

Chimaera includes these, but is much more than just those simple benefits. Some points in your message that you may want to include are:

Human Mining

Provably Fair Gameplay

Possible to offload portions of games onto the blockchain entirely

Possible to create fully decentralised games, such as Huntercoin

Chimaera will evolve as a complete ecosystem

Game Channels

Decentralised Autonomous Universes

And more...

The white paper covers many more topics that you may wish to include in your message. You don’t need to cover technical details, but your message needs to be positive.


Reach is graded according to how many people you can reach. For example, a YouTube channel with 100 subscribers will not receive as high a grade for Reach as one with 100,000 subscribers, etc. To increase your reach score, you may wish to promote your article or video on Twitter, Facebook, various forums, etc. Don’t spam to promote your article though. Use good judgement. Also, when submitting your finished article, include links where you have promoted it so that we can give you a higher score.

Reach is probably the most important criteria.

Professional journalists, bloggers, YouTubers, and other new media professionals are encouraged to participate. Feel free to contact us directly.

Articles Campaign Rewards

The rewards will vary, but will be based on the following general guidelines. Chimaera staff judgements will be considered final. Rest assured, that we will be more than fair.

Low quality/reach: 5 to 10 shares

Average reward: 50 shares

Excellent: 400 shares

Professional-level and/or high reach: Varies widely, but could receive upwards of 1,000 shares

Articles must remain published at the time bounties are awarded.

Please watermark your work by inserting a link to your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel, or another resource where we can contact you to verify in case someone else attempts to steal your work.

If you are an industry professional, feel free to contact us in confidence. Article submissions do not need to be posted in the Bounty thread, but feel free to post your hard work here for others to see.


Join and participate in our Telegram channel to earn additional shares.

Join our Telegram here.

We’ll be posting contests and events for additional rewards in our Telegram channel, so hang around, chat with us, and get rewarded for having some fun!

Please note that rewards for contests and events will be balanced so as not to unfairly disadvantage efforts in other campaigns.


Avoid profanity and attacking other users

No spamming ads or promotion of other products/services

Good faith discussion is encouraged

We have no issue with comparisons to other projects as long as the discussion is in good faith

Only 1 account per person

Have 30 posts in the Bitcoin Talk forums

Being active in the channel is expected

Telegram Rewards

The first 50 in our Telegram will receive 20 shares each << This has been reached.

Active members will be additionally rewarded in the channel for good questions and discussions, and especially for helping others << This is still available.

For any questions or clarifications, feel free to post in here. Also, try getting in touch with us in Telegram and we may be able to answer you more quickly there.


Chimaera will be using Reddit for its forums and general communications suited to forum formats. We’d like to encourage Redditors to join us, ask questions, and discuss Chimaera and blockchain gaming.

You can find /r/Chimaera at:

We’ll be posting contests and events for additional rewards in /r/Chimaera, so hang around, chat with us, and get rewarded for having some fun!

Please note that rewards for contests and events will be balanced so as not to unfairly disadvantage efforts in other campaigns.


The sub’s rules are in addition to our bounty campaign rules. See the sidebar and announcement for those.

Follow Reddit’s rules, e.g. no brigading, etc.

Don’t downvote threads or posts unless they don’t contribute to a good discussion

Post here in the bounty thread as detailed at the top of this post

Subscribe to /r/Chimaera

Post good discussions

Don’t spam. All spam will be mercilessly removed.

Be nice to other Redditors

Don’t feed the trolls, but let us know. We’ll ban them.

Tell us about yourself or interests in the “Introduce yourself” thread here

Reddit Rewards

Our aim is to foster good discussions and reward participants. Just as with the Telegram campaign, positive posts and contributions will be rewarded fairly.

The first 50 people to subscribe to /r/Chimaera will receive 20 shares each

Active Redditors will be additionally rewarded in the sub for good questions and discussions, and especially for helping others

NOTE: Please post links and updates for your participation in this thread so that we can verify information against the bounty portal. This will assist us in catching any potential bugs, should there be any. Our goal is to ensure that everyone gets fully credited for their efforts. Also, further bounties may be added, so please check back here often. Further, we will try to ensure that the campaigns are balanced. This may require adjustments, so we reserve that right. We will make every effort to ensure that the campaigns are fair to everyone.