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Official Bounty Thread for GoNetwork - Winner of ETHWaterloo - World's Largest Ethereum Hackathon!


NEW: Airdrop
The GOT you will receive will be equal to the ETH you have, details below
GOT Shares:
  • Scout               0.01 ETH  0.01%~3,000 GOT     1-24h Delivery
  • Dealer              0.1 ETH    0.02%~6000 GOT     1-12h Delivery
  • Expert              1 ETH       0.03%~9,000 GOT     1-6h Delivery
  • Broker              10 ETH     0.05%~ 15,000 GOT    1-3h Delivery
  • Entrepreneur    100 ETH    0.1%~30,000 GOT    0-2h Delivery
  • Tycoon             200 ETH    0.2%~60,000 GOT     0-1h Delivery

Join Airdrop Now! -->

On all questions you can contact the telegram @Candoyo

Watch Our Winning Presentation at ETHWaterloo!

Announcement thread:

GoNetwork is creating, a unique cryptocurrency that is highly scalable to serve a virtual goods commerce platform and more!

We have a strong team – we recently won Worlds' Largest Ethereum Hackathon called ETHWaterloo. The hackathon brought together crypto’s smartest minds - over 400 participant from 32 countries participated. The judges included notable names in the blockchain community including; Vitalik Buterin, Jeff Coleman, Brian Bondy, Joseph Lubin, Dmitry Buterin to name a few.

Our Advisors are involved deeply with the team and are among the leaders in industry. With a history of delivering products at scale, a team rooted in industry leaders across Google, Amazon and Tinder, strong ties to academic circles including the University of Waterloo.

Our vision is to build a secure decentralized e-commerce engine unifying mobile to desktop app economies. GoNetwork provides a platform that unifies app economies across Mobile, Web and Desktop platforms. GoToken by GoNetwork is a unique virtual currency designed to solve virtual coin liquidity problem for users. We also give developers a way to increase engagement and revenue per user.  Tthe app economy will grow to $6.3 trillion and 10% is attributed to virtual goods.  With GoNetworks transactional model and token economics, at critical mass $3 billion dollars in transaction fees will be generated on primary sales alone, with a 2x return on if a virtual asset is resold just once. Our alpha is currently available at

Our cryptocurrency will be used by mass mobile, desktop and web app consumers. The technology today, although revolutionary, has some important challenges that needs to be resolved in order to serve the mass consumer market. The number of transaction that most popular crypto currency can handle is minuscule compared to what's needed for the technology to be effectively used at scale. Our goal is to solve these issues by creating a strong team and investing heavily in research and development while considering a strong business use case.

Read on to share in our success - please join our communities and sign up for our social bounty campaign!

GoNetwork Token Sale - November 20, 2017

Social Bounty Campaign - October 18, 2017 -  November 14, 2017

Bounty Program Explanation

GoNetwork is creating a fixed supply of one hundred million (100M) GO tokens (GOTS). We are making 50% of these tokens available in our upcoming token sale (50M tokens).  Our target token sale cap is $30M

GoNetwork is offering an attractive bounty program for early adopters and believers of our technology. Our aggressive bounty program offers lucrative rewards which will be calculated based on the effort of your participation. Our aim is to build a strong and lasting community which we believe is key to the success of our project.

Please read the following carefully: Our bounty program is segregated into four different Pools. These pools will be awarded to the community based on achieving particular goals and may be increased if certain milestones are hit.  

The GOT bounty allocated to each pool will be distributed using a weighted average point system. For example, if the total points earned by participants in the pool is 100, and you earned 10 points, you will be rewarded with 10% of the allocated GOT bounty for that pool. In addition, have a elite bounty program called GoWarrior which can increase your individual bounty reward by 100%. Please read below for details.

 You may register for each pool once and GoNetwork reserves the absolute right to withdraw bounty payments. GoNetwork has a zero tolerance policy towards cheaters, exploiters, and spammers, in order to maintain the integrity of the bounty program.

Please continue reading below for details of each pool!

Pool 1: Social Bounty Pool - 3 BTC and 50,000 GOT

This campaign will run for 4 weeks, starting Wednesday, October 18. For each week the campaign is active, we are awarding 1/4 of the total GOT pool.

IMPORTANT: If we reach the following social goals, we will increase our bounty pool by 50% to 100,000 GOT! Please help us get this additional reach and you will all reap the rewards. If we can hit these goals mid-campaign, we may have time to increase our bounty pool again!

We need:
** 5,000 Twitter followers
** 2,000 Slack members
** 2,000 Medium followers
** 2,000 Telegram members

Members will be rewarded with points based on their interaction with our social platforms.
To be considered eligible, you must follow our Twitter, Join our Telegram and submit the following form:

IMPORTANT: you will receive a 100% point bonus on top of the below amounts if you become a member of GoWarrior, our elite social bounty group. Please read on to learn the requirements.

Like and retweet 10 Gonetwork_co tweets: 10 points
Like and retweet 20 Gonetwork_co tweets: 25 points
Like and retweet 30 Gonetwork_co tweets: 40 points
Like and retweet 50 Gonetwork_co tweets: 75 points

All liked and retweeted tweets must have originated during the bounty campaign period.

You must have at least 100 followers to be eligible. If you have at least 1000 followers, you will receive an additional 25% points. If you have at least 5000 followers, you will receive an additional 50% points. No fake or spam accounts tolerated. We will also validate your accounts using TwitterAudit.

Follow us: 5 points
Recommend 5 posts: 10 points
Recommend 10 posts: 30 points

Subscribe: 5 points
Like 5 videos: 10 pointsa
Share 10 videos: 30 points

Join Discord: 10 points
Be promoted to moderator: 50 points
We promote regular members to moderators if they consistently contribute high quality content and encourage frequent discussion. This is in the discretion of the GoNetwork team.

Telegram: Join here
Join the Telegram: 10 points

How to join the GoWarrior Club

Up to a 100% point bonus is available for members of GoWarrior, our elite social bounty group. Please read on to learn the requirements.

To become a GoWarrior and receive a 100% point bonus, you must join our Discord and contact our community manager directly (his username is @Kyrie). GoWarrior club is invite-only - our community manager will provide instructions on how to join. GoWarriors help promote GoNetwork on other forums, Facebook groups, Telegram groups, and other sources. You must remain active as a GoWarriors throughout the social bounty campaign. If you do this successfully, you will receive the 100% point bonus. We look forward to your participation!

If you are interested in joining but have trouble using discord, please email and explain why you should still be considered a GoWarrior. Thanks for your interest.

Pool 2: Content Creation Pool - Up to 100,000 GOT

Produce quality Articles, Blogs, Youtube videos regarding the GoNetwork and our vision. We frequently post relevant content on our blog (, which you can use as inspiration for your own blog post. You may also use our website ( and announcement thread ( as inspiration.

If you are interested in creating HIGH-QUALITY blog or video content or providing media coverage, please contact the GoNetwork team using this form:

All produced content will be rated by the GoNetwork team and the bounty will be distributed based on quality, effort, and measurable results such as views, likes and comments. There are no restrictions to the number of content an individual can create.

We understand content creation is time intensive, which is why this pool is substantial. We intend to award the entire pool.

Pool 3: Translation and Foreign Community Management Pool - Up to 50,000 GOT

Upon winning the largest Ethereum hackathon in the world, there has been tremendous interest in GoNetwork from the international communities. We are looking for a few high quality translators to help with the translation of our website, articles, whitepaper, announcements, and e-mails into other languages. We also look for international moderators for our slack and discord channels. This task requires you to be active throughout the bounty period and possibly until after the ICO is over.

To apply, please fill out the following form:

A spreadsheet will be posted detailing the payouts for each language and content type.
E-mail and announcement translation tasks will be posted on an ad-hoc basis into the slack/dicord channel.

Pool 4: Referrals & Genius Group Pool - Up to 75,000 GOT

Referrals: Bounties from this pool will be distributed to those who link us to top youtuber, medium bloggers, users and other content creators and get them to promote the GoNetwork. Please contact a moderator on our slack or discord channel to validate your referral. Every time you get a response from the individual submit this form: 

Genius Group: This is a special bounty which challenges participants to think outside the box and come up with an unique idea which promotes the growth of any aspect of the GoNetwork. Up to three submissions will be selected for the reward. Outstanding participants may be considered to become a part of the GoNetwork team. Please contact a moderator on our slack or discord channel in order to deliver your submission.

Once you have registered on the GoNetwork you will be able to create your personal referral link to the GoNetwork subscription page. For each unique user who signs up through your referral link, you will receive a reward of  GOT.

Signature Campaign - 20% of Bounty Pool

Join our Signature Campaign to help spreading the word about GoNetwork on Bitcointalk.

The signature should be kept until the end of the token sale, removing the signature before that time will result in a disqualification.
During this time you must make a minimum of 20 posts per week in order to be considered eligible for getting paid.
Only posts that are useful and constructive will be eligible towards the 5 posts goal. Posts that are off-topic, or simply made for the intention of raising post count will be disqualified.
Posts such as "hello", "good luck", "love this project", or any other unsubstantial posts will not be counted as valid
Keep your signature on until the spreadsheet updated with your final post count, for at least one more week, removing it before post count will not be accepted.
Red trust and bad reputation accounts will be disqualified.
Multiple accounts are not allowed and will result in banning you from our campaign

Payment (based on weekly stakes)
Newbie - 5 GOT/Week
Member - 15 GOT/Week
Full Member - 30 GOT/Week
Senior Member - 50 GOT/Week
Hero and Legendary - 80 GOT/Week