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What is Upfiring?

Upfiring is a P2P file-sharing application that encrypts and distributes files between peers over a decentralized network. Upfiring operates similarly to services like uTorrent but with several key upgrades and inherent advantages. All transactions are linked to the Ethereum blockchain - allowing transactions to run securely and for proof-of-transfer protocols to be carried out between peers. The movement of files across the network requires Upfire tokens (UFR). When a user downloads a file from a seeder, the user pays for the transaction with UFR - which covers the cost of gas and compensates the seeder for offering the file to the network. This allows users to earn passive income by seeding files and allows users download large quantities of files at an extremely low cost. Upfiring supports the exchange of many different file types on the network, including .torrent and magnet files.

After downloading a file, users can immediately seed it to earn back the UFR and then continue earning for as long as they seed. This creates a healthier and more balanced P2P sharing environment in which there are many more users seeding files relative to the number of downloaders. This results in faster download speeds and a higher file availability compared to traditional, non-blockchain P2P file-sharing applications.

Bounty Sign-Up and Content Submission forms: 

Bounty Campaign Sign Ups:
Bounty Campaign Signs Up Spreadsheet:
Content Submission Form:

Period 1: October 15th 2017 - October 20th 2017
Period 2: October 21st 2017 - October 25th 2017
Period 3: October 26th 2017 - October 31st 2017

Bounty Campaign Final Payout Date: 
November 5th, 2017
All earned UFR will be dispersed on or before the payout date to your provided Ethereum address.


How To Participate 

1 - Fill out the Bounty Campaign Sign Up Form
2 - Partake in the Twitter, Facebook, and/or Reddit bounty campaigns as detailed below
3 - Fill out the Content Submission Form, providing links to tweets/posts/screenshots when prompted

Twitter Campaign

Post a tweet about the Upfiring project. The tweet can be anything - related to the ICO, the whitepaper, or the project itself. We highly recommend linking to the site, a press release, or a video related to the project but this is not required. You can tweet a maximum of 2 times per day, up to a maximum of 6 times per period (see the schedule above). 

You must have 500 minimum twitter followers to participate. 
The tweet may not be deleted anytime within the Bounty Campaign, or it will not count. 
Your tweet can only be a reply if you are replying to a relevant tweet by another user that is asking about ICOs, projects, or blockchain in general. A maximum of 3 tweets can be replies during each period.
You must provide a direct link to your tweets when submitting them for review to us.

Facebook Campaign

Post in a Facebook group about the Upfiring project in a relevant Ethereum, Bitcoin, ICO, or general cryptocurrency group. The post MUST include a link to the Upfiring home page ( or link to the introductory youtube video ( The post must follow that Facebook group's rules. The post can be about anything related to Upfiring, but including a short description of the project is recommended. 

You must post in a relevant Ethereum, Bitcoin, ICO, or general cryptocurrency group for your post to be eligible. Any posts in unrelated group posts will not be counted.
The post must not break that Facebook groups rules. Please read the group's rules before posting.
You must provide a screenshot or equivalent proof of your Facebook post.
The post must not be removed by a group administrator in order to be eligible.

Reddit Campaign

Post a topic on reddit in a relevant Ethereum, Bitcoin, ICO, or general cryptocurrency subreddit. The post can link to the Upfiring website (, the introductory youtube video (, the Whitepaper (, any news article or press release (there are many), or be a text post discussing the project. 

You must post in on a relevant Ethereum, Bitcoin, ICO, or general cryptocurrency subreddit for your post to be eligible. 
You must follow all subreddit rules. 
Your post must not be removed by a moderator in order to be eligible. 

UFR Token Rewards

Facebook submission: 100 UFR per group post
Twitter submission: 100 UFR per tweet
Reddit submission: 200 UFR per topic submission

Maximum Submissions
Facebook - 6 group posts per period
Twitter - 6 tweets per period, 2 per day maximum
Reddit - 3 posts per period, must be on different subreddits

Taking into account the maximums, you can earn up to 600 UFR in each of the 3 campaigns for a total of 1800 UFR per Period. Your UFR earned is then multiplied by your stake to determine your total amount earned for each period. 

Stakes are a multiplier for the total amount of UFR you can earn, based on your forum member rank:
Newbie/Jr Member - 1 stake
Member - 1.25 stakes
Full Member - 1.5 stakes
Senior/Hero Member - 1.75 stakes
Legendary Member - 2 stakes

Campaign General Terms

We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign at any time if we think you are spamming or not being honest.
In case we remove you from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right to delete your stakes.
We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign without explanation.
If your rank changes during the campaign, please contact CoinFarmer via PM or post in this thread.
If you use multiple accounts or game the system in any way, you will be reported and removed from the campaign.


Contribution Period v1.0.
Start Time: October 3rd, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST
End Time: October 31st, 2017 at 11:59 AM EST
Cryptocurrencies Accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC
If the hard cap is not reached: UFR is never generated, so total supply will be less

How does Upfiring ensure seeders are compensated?
Files seeded on the Upfiring network will be encrypted so that other P2P services cannot access them without using the Upfiring Desktop application. Smart contracts written in Solidity govern the process and ensure the successful transfer of tokens and files in each transaction. This allows anyone to earn tokens passively and trustlessly by simply seeding files in the Upfiring Desktop or mobile client.

In order to confirm your participation, please post in this thread which campaigns you are/will be participating in.